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Unit 7. Business and Environment


  1. KEY VOCABULARY (SB: page 65) Learn


It is often said that we live in a consumer society. This means that consumption of products and services is constantly increasing. Companies need to be aware of the impact of business activities on the environment, the natural world around us.

The best way to reduce the environmental impact of business operations is by helping companies to take greater responsibility for managing the resources. Research reveals, that consumers would like to see companies making a genuine commitment to protecting environment. Consumers’ awareness of the environmental issues makes many companies turn to manufacturing environmentally friendly products and using packaging, which can be recycled or reused. This helps to reduce the amount of domestic waste. Households are encouraged to sort out certain waste products and prepare them for further recycle and reuse. Taking to special waste treatment plans and following the concept of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) are important aspects in managing the natural recourses and sustainability (âîñïðîèçâîäñòâî) of the planet.



2. VOCABULARY. (SB: ex 1 page 68) Fill in and learn. Complete the passage below using the following words:

• sustainability • product descriptions • catalogs •empower • commitment •organic • strategies


Patagonia is an outdoor clothing firm with a strong (1) __________ to environmental causes. It sells its products through retail; outlets and by mail order .Patagonia is renowned for its spectacular (2) __________ which are filled with unusual and dramatic photos (all taken by customers) displaying the clothing in exciting ways. They also contain detailed (3) _______ _________, which include definitions of materials and explanations of manufacturing processes.

The company makes jackets from recycles plastic bottles and other recycled and reused substances. It produces clothes from (4) ________ materials. It also donates money to environmental groups and generally supports efforts that (5) __________ customers to take action. Patagonia’s strategy is to pioneer new, long-term practices of (6) ___________ in business, prove their economic viability and persuade other businesses to follow.

When purchasing clothes from Patagonia customers also buy into a commitment to environmental restoration. Patagonia’s example demonstrates good green-marketing (7) ___________.




3. WRITING a Request letter (SB: page 73)

Write a letter of 100 – 150words to a company in a semi-formal style, asking them to consider your request for sponsorship of a project:


• Dear…

Tell that you are writing on behalf of the group, working on ...

Why you turn to this very company (compliments): We are contacting you because… Notify them of the aim of your letter. Ask them if they would consider sponsoring the project. What we require is…

Introduce the idea of the humanitarian value of the project. Mention, what has already been done by the group specifying data, dates, and activities.

Give reasons why the project might be of interest for the company commercially, including possible media coverage, customer appeal, etc.You may appreciate the opportunity to…

• Close with: We would be most grateful if your company could contribute to the success of the project.

• Invite them to contact you for further detail: If you require any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us on (tel. #).

• Formal cliché

• Signature


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