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I. KEY VOCABULARY (SB: page 14) Learn and render


When a company needs to recruit or employ new people, it may decide to advertise the job or position in the appointments section of a newspaper. People who are interested can then apply for the job by sending it in a letter of application or covering letter (US cover letter) and a curriculum vitae or CV (US resume) containing details of their education and experience. A company may also ask candidates to complete a standard application form. The company’s Human Resources department will then select the most suitable applications and prepare a short list of candidates or applicants, who are invited to attend an interview. Another way for a company to hire, is by using the services of a recruitment agency (US search firm / head hunters) who will provide them with the list of suitable candidates.


To apply – application – applicant – application form

To recruit – recruiter – recruitment

Io interview – job interview interviewer – interviewee



2. VOCABULARY TO LEARN : (SB: text’ Fit for Hiring and Job Ads’ page16 )

White-collar testing is growing in popularity nowadays. The applicants for the white-collar positions are submitted to a series of the paper-and - pencil tests, role-playing exercises, simulated decision-making exercises and brainstorms. Human-resource specialists evaluate professional skills of the interviewees and give importance to their personal (intangible) qualities.

Fringe benefits / perks / that go with the position may include different material incentives – such as annual bonus, company car, pension plan and health insurance. Salaries may be fixed ornegotiable and correspond to the qualification and position.

The candidate for the managerial position should meet / /face / satisfy / the following requirements:


Educational requirements Qualifications demanded Patterns of professional behavior Personality traits (Intangible qualities)
  •Educational standards are obviously important. • A certain level of degree (BD –Bachelor degree, •Mistreat degree, •PhD –Doctorate degree, •MBA degree •Expert competence   •Level of experience, •Qualifications •Achievement in the corporate hierarchy, •Ability to co-ordinate the team.   •Ability to communicate and motivate the subordinates, •Analytical aptitude, •Attention to detail, •Decision making skills, •Ability to function under pressure in a critical situation •Fit the corporate culture.   •Display leadership skills and creativity, •Possess entrepreneurial spirit, •Be flexible and versatile, •Be capable of learning, •Must be able to manage changes

3. INTERVIEW ASSESSMENT (SB page 20) Put the verbs in the correct form, fill in the gaps and learn:


Articulate and well presented Paul Sutherland is an excellent candidate for the post of Director of Software Department. He ______(want) to leave his present employer, a small computer company, because he ______(feel) that he _______ (not use) his knowledge of software engineering to the full. He ______(look for) a more challenging position where his field of specialization can be exploited in a more stimulating environment. He _______(realize) that our company ____ (grow) rapidly, and that he would be expected to contribute to that growth. He is familiar with our existing range of software and regularly______(read) our publications.

Although at present he _____(live) in the south, he _____(say) that he is willing to go wherever we ____(decide) to send him. He occasionally ______(travel) to various European countries for trade fairs and exhibitions and ____(enjoy) meeting people of different nationalities. At the moment he _______(attend) a training course at the Goethe Institute in order to perfect his German.


4. THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A JOB INTERVIEW. (SB: Listening ex.1 p.23) Learn


The most important thing when interviewing a candidate for a managerial position is his character, his ability to react, his intelligence and his suitability for the job for which he is being interviewed. ▪ Before inviting the job seeker for the interview the recruiters study his or her CV, their previous employment performance, and sometimes do backgrounds checks looking for unacceptable behavior: signs of drug use, violence or harassment. ▪ The interviewer expects the applicant to know the profile of the company, its performance in the market and even its history. One should have a good understanding of the three very important items: 1) what the company does, 2) what he/she is going to be expected to do and 3) who he is going to report to.

▪ The major way a candidate goes wrong is basically becoming a ‘yes-man’ or a ‘yes-woman’ and agreeing with everything you say. Sometimes the interviewer may ask dummy questions in which he wants a ‘no’ answer and if the applicant continues to say ‘yes’ then he goes down.

▪ It’s very important to create the right relationship between the interviewer and the interviewee and to show that you have a spark about you, that you are going to contribute. You will be good at expressing yourself if you have clear goals in mind.

▪ The person’s appearance does not influence the decision, but it does have some bearing on the decision. It is important that the person is well presented, is neat and tidy, that he has a good manner, because it shows a lot about the personality.




This is an example of LETTER OF APPLICATION sent by post mail which contains about 200 words.

Insert the phrases:

• to apply for • to believe in • to collaborate with • to result in • to report to • to benefit from • to work out • to be responsible for • to be involved in •to succeed in


Alex Patrick

56 Bloom Street


Phone: 023 345 5678

E-mail: patral@sinor.net


Dec. 22, 2002

Mary Crawford

Herald House

Cherry St, 50

5677 Liverpool



Dear Ms Crawford


• I am writing to (1) ____________the position of Senior Computer Programmer, which was advertised in the ‘Careers’


• As you can see in my enclosed CV, I already hold the position of Team Manager where I (2) ________ three programmers who (3) _________ me directly. As an additional part of my job I have to (4) _________ other Team Managers from different divisions of the company. I have recently (5) _________ a major research and development project where my team was asked to (6) __________ a new network application for the company’s accounts department. During this project we (7) _________ solving a number of complex technical problems. This program is now in the final stages and once complete will (8) _______ considerable savings in both cost and time.


• While I am happy in my present position, I would welcome the challenge of managing a bigger team. I firmly (9) _________ the value of teamwork and power sharing which I know are important elements in the working environment of your company. ( à see next page )


• Moreover, I feel sure that on both a personal and professional level I would be able to (10) __________ the opportunity of working for a company with such a well-established international reputation. I strongly hope I will be able to contribute to the job with my own professional and leadership skills.


• In the meantime, should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely

Alex Patrick

6. WRITE your own letter of application to apply for the position of a Public Affairs Associate in Patagonia, a Californian company which designs and distributes functional outdoor clothing.


As a model use the letter of application from Unit 1,.information and vocabulary from Unit 2.



You can be useful to the company in developing strong customer base in the countries of EU

You are quite experienced in increasing international sales.

You might be helpful in the issues of…

You do not mind: changing of residence / business trips

You would enjoy working with a multinational team

You possess leadership skills

You are proficient in outdoor sports (which ones), have outdoor experience. Confirm the employer that your previous experience and skills will be relevant in the context of the job.



UNIT 3. Retailing

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