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2.1. Coursework structure

A coursework paper normally includes:

* title page;

* table of contents;

* introduction;

* text main body;

* conclusions/recommendations;

* endnotes;

* bibliography;

* appendices.

2.3. Table of Contents

The coursework should be well structured according to the logic of the research and its major target. The structure is represented in the table of contents.

All the structural parts of the coursework should be titled. The titles play a very important role in a project writing. They should give the idea of the topic and support the thesis statement.

A typical mistake students make is to give the following titles:


Ch.2.Case study.

Ch.3.Practical implementation.

An effective title should “work” for the topic and show how the topic is developed in the course of research.

Let us consider the examples of the effective chapter titles and their correspondence to the topic and the coursework statement.

Topic: Motivation policy in Company X.

Coursework statement: To increase the personnel involvement pecuniary methods of motivation should be supported by the nonpecuniary incentives as well.




Introduction 3


1. Human Relations Policy as an Integral Part

of Corporate Management at Company X. 5

1.1. Effective HR policy as a factor of high

productivity and company competitiveness

on the world market. 5

1.2. Personnel involvement concept. 7


2. Labour Motivation at Company X. 10

2.1. Labour motivation concept. 10

2.2. Forms and methods of labour motivation. 13

2.3. The advantages and drawbacks of

the pecuniary methods of motivation. 16


3. Nonpecuniary incentives - key to real

employees loyalty to the company. 18

3.1. Nonpecuniary forms and methods of motivation. 18

3.2. The effectiveness of the nonpecuniary incentives. 21

Conclusion 23


Endnotes 24


Bibliography 25


Appendices 26



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