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Exercise 4. Make up some questions which will embrace the content of the text.

Exercise 5. Abridge, paraphrase and rearrange the following sentences as if you are going to retell the text.

1. Penalties must be significant because otherwise fines are treated as a normal expense of running business.

2. Remediation technologies are many and varied but can be categorised into ex-situ and in-situ methods.

3. Ceiling dust, topsoil, surface and groundwater of nearby properties should also be tested, both before and after any remediation.

4. In-situ methods seek to treat the contamination without removing the soils.

5. Monitoring for compliance against standards is necessary to ensure that exceedances are detected and reported both to authorities and the local community.

6. Often nearby sites owned by the same company and have been reclaimed, levelled or filled, are also contaminated.

7. Once a site is suspected of being contaminated there is a need to assess the contamination.

8. Ex-situ methods involve excavation of effected soils and subsequent treatment at the surface.

9. Standards are set for the levels of dust, noise, odour, emissions to air and groundwater, and discharge to sewers or waterways of all chemicals of concern.

10. The historical use of the site will guide the assessment strategy and type of sampling and chemical analysis to be done.

11. Enforcement is necessary to ensure that continued or significant breeches result in fines or even a jail sentence for the polluter.

12. Environmental remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water for the general protection of human health.

13. In the US there has been a mechanism for taxing polluting industries to form a Superfund to remediate abandoned sites.

Exercise 6. Find pairs of synonyms.

involve dirty
special value
phase cure
allow decision
provide land
cost specific
permanent use
solution let
utilize constant
soil supply
treat stage
contaminated include


Exercise 7. Find pairs of antonyms.

liquid stand
effective poison
contaminated buy
ground take
allow increase
slowly past
absorb rarely
low easy
reduce forbid
difficult high
remedy useless
often release
move solid
present quickly
give water
sell clean

Exercise 8. Read and translate the words with the same root.

General, generally, generate, generation; remediate, remediation, remedy; mean; meaning; meaningless, meaningful; provide, provision, provider; contaminate, contaminant, contaminative, contaminator; regulate, regulation, regulatory, regulative; ecologist, ecology, ecological; comprehend, comprehensive, comprehensively, comprehension; nation, national, nationalism, nationality, nationalize; individual, individually, individuality; guide, guidance; prepare, preparation; history, historian, historical; chemical, chemist, chemistry.


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