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Subject: New heating and cooling system for warehouse


My conclusion is that the venture which offers us the least risk and the best prospects of a good return is PoshRide. I therefore recommend that we invest funds in this business.


Progress test 3 Answer Key

Listening (10 marks)

1 b

2 a

3 b

4 c

5 c

6 a

7 c

8 b

9 b

10 a


Reading (15 marks)

11 iii

12 v

13 vi

14 ii

15 iv

16 vii

17 i

18 F

19 T

20 T

21 F

22 F

23 F

24 T

25 F



Language (15 marks)

26 Ralph Schlosstein

27 president (of BlackRock)

28 Ralph Schlosstein

29 Larry Fink

30 Ralph Schlosstein and Larry Fink

31 would

32 needn’t

33 can’t

34 must

35 should

36 of

37 to

38 to

39 about

40 in



Vocabulary (10 marks)

41 Ian

42 Stella

43 Matt

44 Susan

45 a

46 c

47 b

48 c

49 b

50 b



Skills (15 marks)

51 d

52 a

53 e

54 b

55 c

56 My main concern

57 I know

58 I don’t think

59 How do you think

60 One thing you could do

61 Why do you

62 Do you have

63 Let’s look at

64 I’m sorry

65 Let’s see


Writing (15 marks)

See examiner’s guidelines


Model answer to Writing task


A comparative study of teamwork in Poland and Sweden



(As given)


The purpose of the study was to identify areas of difference which could lead to friction, and to make recommendations for facilitating better cooperation between the teams.


The study was conducted over a period of two weeks, during which time our consultants closely followed each team and made observations on patterns of communication and decision-making.


It was observed that the Polish team work as individuals and each engineer is highly specialised. They rarely hold meetings but communicate mainly through the team leader, who coordinates and directs the work. Much of the communication is by e-mail.

The Swedish team, on the other hand, work as a group, hold frequent meetings and communicate face-to-face. Engineers are more generalised and ideas are created through brainstorming and cooperation. Decisions are reached by consensus within the team.


It is clear that the two teams have very different working patterns. This could lead to serious problems and the success of the joint venture could be at risk as a result. It will be important, therefore, to establish a common approach. We strongly recommend that, before the project starts up, the teams are brought together to discuss their differences and to agree on the ground rules for future cooperation. In addition, a programme of team-building activities could be set up to facilitate better cooperation between the teams.


Progress test 4 Answer key

Listening (10 marks)

1 home

2 new

3 caused

4 happened

5 doesn’t work

6 clarify

7 schedule another visit

8 shows

9 understands

10 will


Vocabulary (10 marks)

11 buck

12 straw

13 mile

14 bottom

15 press

16 damage

17 action

18 bid

19 venture

20 stake


Reading (15 marks)

21 a

22 c

23 b

24 a

25 c

26 b

27 b

28 c

29 a

30 b

31 b

32 a

33 a

34 c

35 c


Skills (15 marks)

36 c

37 h

38 i

39 g

40 b

41 f

42 a

43 e

44 d

45 b

46 e

47 a

48 d

49 f

50 c


Language (15 marks)

51 producing

52 to speak

53 telling

54 watching

55 to switch off

56 have

57 they’ll

58 gave

59 wouldn’t have gone

60 were

61 may work

62 be working

63 going to work

64 will work

65 the work


Writing (15 marks)

See examiner’s guidelines

Model answer to Writing task


Explosion and fire at paint factory under control


At about four o’clock on Tuesday 5 July, there was an explosion and fire at Acomb Chemicals Hawley factory. The factory produces paint. Workers at the plant activated the fire alarm, and the fire brigade arrived within ten minutes. The firemen put the fire out by five o’clock. Two workers from the factory were taken to hospital with difficulty breathing. There were no other injuries.


There are no houses near the fire but roads in the area have been closed while the company tests the air quality in the area. All of the workers who were in the factory at the time have been checked by doctors and sent home. No problems have been found among the workers. Employees who would have started their shift at nine o’clock this morning have been told to stay home today while the factory is made safe.


The cause of the fire is being investigated, but at this point it is not considered suspicious. Further, it does not appear as though any dangerous chemicals were involved in the accident.


When the fire broke out, the workers followed the correct procedures to the letter. The fire brigade confirmed that the workers’ quick response stopped the fire from spreading, avoiding a much bigger problem.


For additional information on the company, visit our website: acombchem.com

or contact Rita Mercer on +44 (0)190-788-322.


Date: 5 July

Title: Explosion and fire at paint factory under control

Addressed to: the press

Author: (Student’s name)


Exit test Answer key

Listening (10 marks)

1 b

2 c

3 a

4 b

5 c

6 b

7 a

8 b

9 c

10 a


Skills (10 marks)

11 g

12 c

13 h

14 a

15 i

16 b

17 j

18 e

19 f

20 d



Vocabulary (10 marks)

21 persuasive

22 customer

23 disrupted

24 brand

25 severance payment

26 significantly

27 considerate

28 debtors

29 refunds

30 joint venture



Reading (10 marks)

31 c

32 e

33 j

34 d

35 h

36 i

37 g

38 f

39 a

40 b



Language (10 marks)

41 surprised

42 exceptionally

43 gone up

44 caused

45 than

46 were

47 goes

48 about

49 sales

50 to rise


Writing (15 marks)

See examiner’s guidelines.


Model answer to writing task



From: Facilities Management

To: Purchasing manager

Subject: New heating and cooling system for warehouse


We need to purchase a new heating and cooling system for the warehouse and I have investigated three systems, all of which would suit our purposes from a technical point of view.

As can be seen in the attached table, System A has the lowest purchase cost. However, the running costs for this system are high at €4,100 a year. In addition, the guarantee for this system is only one year, which means we would have to pay a further €850 per year for a service contract after this guarantee has expired.

System Bhas a higher purchase cost than System A and also a higher running cost. This would be the most expensive option for us.

System Chas the highest purchase cost. However, it is a new system which offers a high level of energy efficiency. The running cost for a year is only €2,900, which would compensate for the higher purchase cost after four years. Moreover, this system has a five-year guarantee, which means we would not have to pay for a service contract during the first five years after purchase. The overall cost over five years is €6,000 cheaper for this system than for System A.

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