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week History of Kazakhstan 3 credits
Themes hours The SIW tasks
1 Module Ancient and medieval history of Kazakhstan
1 Lecture Introduction. Ancient history of Kazakhstan 1 Seminar The Stone and Bronze age in Kazakhstan territory ¹1. The Kazakhstan in the Stone and bronze ages. Draw up a table) 2 point
2 Lecture The ancient tribes in Kazakhstan territory (III B.C. – V A.C.) 2 Seminar Kazakhstan during the early states
3 Lecture The Turk states in Kazakhstan 3 Seminar Turks culture in V-XII centuries ¹2. Work with Contour map à) the territory of ancient tribes b) Silk Road tracks 2 point
4 Lecture Kazakhstan as a part of the Mongol Empire and Genghis Khan ulus 4 Seminar Kazakhstan in XIII-XV centuries  
II Module Kazakh Khanate period
5 Lecture States on the territory of Kazakhstan in the 14- 15 centuries The ethno genesis of the Kazakhs 5 Seminar The history of the Kazakh Khanate in the XV-XVIII centuries ¹3. Analyze Gumilev’s book «Ancient turks» 2 point
6 Lecture The formation of the Kazakh Khanate Kazakh Khanate in the 18th century 6 Seminar Accession of Kazakhstan to Russia  
III Module The Kazakhstan composed of Russian Empire
Intermediate control (1 IC) 7 Lecture Kazakh rulers and Russian conquest 7 Seminar The colonial policy of the Russian Empire in Kazakhstan in XVIII - XIX centuries ¹4. Synthesis of arab-turk culture. Scientists and thinkers of the Turkic period. Abu Nasr al-Farabi, M.Kashgari, Hodge A.Yassavi, Yusup Balasaguni etc. 2 point
8 Lecture The national liberation struggle of the Kazakh people against the colonial policy of tsarism in XVIII-XIX centuries 8 Seminar Implementing reforms of 1867-1868. in the approval of the colonial governance in Kazakhstan  
9 Lecture Spiritual culture of Kazakh nation and social idea in XIX century 9 Seminar Culture of Kazakhstan in the second half of the XIX century ¹5. Make table: Mongol conquest and formation ulus 2 point
10 Lecture The Kazakhstan during the World War I 10 Seminar History of Alash movement  
IV Module The Kazakhstan composed of USSR
11 Lecture The Kazakhstan after the victory of the February Revolution 11 Seminar Social and political life in 1920-1940 ¹6. Read and compare M.H. Dulaty’s “Tarihi Rashidi” and KKHM (ÌÈÊÕ). In written form 2 point
12 Lecture Economic reforms of the government in 20-30th of XX century 12 Seminar Social, political and cultural life in Kazakhstan (1946 1964)  
13 Lecture The Kazakhstan during World War II and the postwar period 1939 – 1953 13 Seminar The Kazakhstan during the crisis "developed socialism." (the 70th-80th of XX century )   ¹7. The colonial policy of the Russian Empire in Kazakhstan in XVIII - XIX centuries. Analize in written form: Rule of Siberia and Orenburg Kazakhs (1822-1824.), reforms of 1867 – 1868. 2 point
IV Module The Independent Kazakhstan
14 Lecture The Kazakhstan during the crisis years of the socialist system 14 Seminar Kazakhstan during the adjustment period (1985-1991) ¹8. Development of independent Kazakhstan Get to know president’s development strategy “Kazakhstan 2030” . In written form. 2 point
15 Lecture The Political, social-economical and cultural development of the modern independent Kazakhstan 15 SeminarThe Kazakhstan Republic’s achievements during the independence  
    45 hours  

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