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The political landscape in W. Europe, 2070-2080, before the initiation of Phase 3



“A revolution always seems hopeless and impossible the day before it breaks out and indeed never does break out until it seems hopeless and impossible.”


George Bernard Shaw



Description of relevant factors:


France, 2069(end of phase 2)


Population 120 million whereas 60 million Muslims. Integration and assimilation of a majority of the Muslims have failed. There are now 4 huge Muslim enclaves in different parts of France. The country went bankrupt in 2060 and unemployment rates are around 30% (60% unemployment rate among Muslims). Several Muslim militia groups have been formed along with several French Ultranationalist groups. The French control the military and all institutions of importance. There are weekly terror attacks against French civilians and other targets. Assassinations are not uncommon. There are weekly rioting, arsons which results in widespread devastation of property. Several Muslim organisations demand autonomy, and the right to implement more Sharia laws.


A specific event triggers armed conflict which escalates into widespread street battles in all 4 enclaves. Many armed Muslims are killed by the French military including several indirect casualties (among them Muslim children). The event is caught on tape and distributed across Europe. Widespread rioting starts all over Western Europe…


The leading ultranationalist group have been waiting for this opportunity for years, and have planned every detail for a coup d’état. This has been coordinated with several key military commanders.


They strike against the weak cultural Marxist/multiculturalist government with full force. They have several military contacts in the Russian Army and Russian naval strike forces has been prepared and are only 8 hours away with the purpose of intercepting any German or UK military response.


Thanks to the Russian fleet any counter coup is avoided. The first cultural conservative government in Western Europe is being established. Within 20 years from that day, there are no cultural Marxist/multiculturalist governments left in Western Europe.


Let’s pause for a second.



Historically, even though the people have been in great distress and face chaos and bloodshed many people still cling to the hope of peace through appeasement (30% of men, 70% of women). They will simply refuse to contribute to deportations or any other pragmatic/rational and effective solution, something that is simply against their nature (after decades of indoctrination of pacifistic views).


Christian Lebanon is a good example. Instead of striking when they were in majority they waited until the Muslims were in majority. Many Christian groups were sabotaging any rational (war) approach and wanted instead more appeasement. This continued until the civil war finally broke out.



It is unthinkable for these people to make the necessary tough calls (rational decisions). We will illustrate this through the following question:


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