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Creating national and pan-European covert networks


Creating covert networks with like minded individuals (cultural conservatives) in your countries and in other Western European countries is essential.



The networks objectives


Mapping of potential members or sympathisers (individuals considered as loyal to the conservative network).


Mapping of potential security risks (individuals considered as loyal to the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist government)


Creating a thorough overview of exactly which senior/junior officers are likely to be loyal to the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist government.


Expand network but restrict distribution of sensitive data to a minimum of individuals (by f example using ranking system).


Acquire intelligence from foreign networks, in regards to potential cooperation, or acquiring information related to the objectives and agendas (f example: if the Belgian network plan to execute a ”breakthrough coup d'état in exactly 18 months, you will like to know).



Security measures


Creating covert groups by using ”covers” can be a good idea. F example through facebook groups involving Historical military memorabilia/artefacts etc. NATO training campaigns can be a good way of meeting face to face to avoid the possibility of electronic or telephonic monitoring. There should be ”initiations” which require the individual to be screened and background checked thoroughly and perhaps given ”recruit” status for as long as up to 4 years. Creating 10 levels/ranks of ”clearance” can be a good idea (it would then take 10 years for a recruit to get access to the most sensitive data. Rank 5 members cannot share rank 5 data with rank 4 members etc.



Potential dangers


Avoid telephonic, electronic or written correspondence at all costs as this can be monitored by National or foreign intelligence.


Keep in mind that your cultural Marxist/multiculturalist government (of senior officers loyal to your regime) at any point can attempt to ”plant” intelligence agents in order to try to uncover ”illegal” networks. Make sure that you are taking all precautions necessary and simulate potential scenarios (have backup plans available for any potential situation).



Phase 2 suggestions


Cooperation with cultural conservative militias/military orders


During phase 2 you should consider establishing and/or maintaining contact with conservative/nationalist militias or other ”military orders”.



Cooperation with Russia


At one point in time the national conservative network leader will have to consider establishing contact and attempt to cooperate with the Russian Ministry of Defence, Russian Ground Forces or Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) through FSB (Federal Security Service)


We must assume that any future attempt of Coup d'état against your cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime will result in a NATO response. As such, you will need the assistance of Russia to counter this response.



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