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Task 6

Group any words which go together.

1. supplement 1. stoker
2. satisfactory 2. mixture
3. pulverized 3. combustion
4. combustible 4. mixing
5. room 5. gases
6. ignition 6. coal
7. principal 7. ignition
8. effective 8. temperature
9. violent 9. function
10. fuel-air 10. equipment
11. cyclone 11. furnace
12. spreader  


Task 7

Find in the text the English equivalents to the following phrases.

Значительно зависит от, с другой стороны, также, несмотря на, поэтому, таким образом, благодаря утечке, так как, такой как.


Task 8

Give the Russian equivalents of the phrases below.

the supplement equipment, satisfactory ignition, heat release, gas-tight, fuel-burning equipment, pulverized coal, the excess air, chimney-gas temperature, fossil fuel, ignition temperature, if combustion is to be complete, combustible gases, to shorten the flame, instantaneous, fuel-air mixture, steam generation.


Task 9

Which words in this box are not connected with the theme of the text.


combustion rubbish turbulence
matter boiler foot ignition
ball stoker technology waste
mixture oxygen dust environment


Task 10

Tick the statements which are true.

1. The design of the furnace doesn't depend upon the fuel to be burned.

2. A furnace is a gas-tight and well-insulated space, in which gas, oil, or pulverized coal may be burnt.

3. The design of a satisfactory furnace is based upon the "three T's of combustion": temperature, turbulence, and time.

4. For each particular fossil fuel, there is a maximum temperature, known as the ignition temperature, below which the combustion of that fuel in the correct amount of air will not take place.

6. If the combustible gases are cooled below the ignition temperature, they will burn.

7. Violent mixing of oxygen with the combustible gases in a furnace increases the rate of combustion.

8. The shape of the furnace depends upon the kind of fuel burnt, the method of burning the fuel, the quantity of excess air in the furnace.




Task 11

Work in pairs. Discuss some common features of industrial furnaces.


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