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Profesional qualifications and

Jobs in tourism industry

Tour operator

The tour operator works in a tourist company. He develops tours also known as tour packages.

The develop a tour package the tour operator works with transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, museums. The tour operator sells tour packages to travel agents.

Travel agent

Travel agent works in a travel company. He sells tour operator's packages to customers and gets a commission from him.

Tourism manager

Tourism manager works in a tourism company. He supervises all kinds of tourist operations and the company staff.

He plans tourist business: operating, new products, profit. He also decides an prices and discounts. He contrds the results.

Tour guide

The sightsecing guide must be familiar with the points of interest that be is showing to the visitors. He shows tourists round a city, a sight or a museum.

Tourist information clerk

The person who gives information and advice to tourists keeps in touch with local hoteliers, accommodational outlets and lesure venues.


Tourist Attractions

Attractions and entertainment is another sector of tourism industry. People travel for various reasons. Cultural events include theatrical and opera performances, concerts, ballet and art exhibitions. Shopping is also an attraction for many tourist. Big cities offer a unique atmosphere and history, architectural monuments, museums and other places of interest. Natural scenery is an attraction for travelers too. Holiday resorts usually attract tourists because of their sunny beaches, warm seas and beautiful mountains.

Another modern development is the amusement park, a carnival with a variety of games, magic shows, and other kinds of entertainment. A recent development is the theme park.

The two huge Disney enterprises, Disneyland in California and Disney world in Florida, are the most successful examples of this kind of tourist attraction.

Transportation in tourism industry

Transportation is a vital sector in the total tourism industry. In Europe, where the distance from one national board to another may be very short, automobiles are often used extensively. For long-distance travel, the plane has replaced the train and the ship. A cruise is a voyage by ship. Ships play another part in modern tourism as car ferries. In Europe, the tourism who wants to have his car with him on a trip can take advantage of car ferries. The airlines are now very prominent in the tourist industry. There are two kinds of airline operations, scheduled and nonscheduled. A scheduled airline operates on fixed routes at fixed times according to timetable.


CV. Compile your own CV

Curriculum Vital

Name: Kuz’ Oksana Ivanivna

Personal statement: Manager of travel agency ‘AtlantidaTur’. Responsible for sales promotion(accommodation, seminars)and accounting.

Personal details: 14, july 1992, Urainian

Lviv, Brothers Mikhnovskyy 28/45 street

Education:1998 – 2009 – School in Lviv, Hotinskaya street

2009 – 2013 – Lviv National University of Ivan Franko

Profesional qualifications and

work experience:July 2011 – December 2012

Manager of travel agency «Monolit»

Responsible for sales promotion(accommodation, seminars)and accounting.

Professional Skills:Project management, sales, customer care and public relations.

Computer skills: MS Office, specialist management software (HOTIX).

Languages:Ukrainian (native languages)

Russian (fluent)

English (advanced level)

Interests:Film and music

Referees:Gladka Galina

Director of travel agency «Monolit»

Lviv, Copernicus street 19/13, Ukraine.


Covering letter

When you apply for a job it is usual to include a cover letter, which should be sent with CV. The cover letter is the first and best chance to make a good impression! All cover letters should include:

-Explain why are you sending a CV

-Don’t send a CV without cover letter

-Pay attention to elements of your background-education, leadership, experience.

-Reflect your attitude, personality, motivation and communicational skills.

Ann Vikhrova

2 Naukova street

79053 Lviv, Ukraine


24th June

Travel Agency


3 J.Mudrogo Street


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with reference to the position of tourism manager as advertised in magazine.

Please find enclosed a copy of my CV outlining my qualifications for your consideration. I have experience of managing staff and dealing with guests, producing financial statistics. If given the opportunity I am confident that I could make a good work in your travel agency.

I am available for interview at a time and place of your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Ann Vikhrova

Enclosures: CV and Photograph

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