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Traditions and holidays in Kz

Traditions and customs are observed by the countries which respect their history. A country without traditions seems to be a big tree without any roots. Kzs try to follow their traditions. People in Kz are very hospitable. The traditions of the Kazakh national hospitality is closely connected with warm attitude to the man. The following public holidays are observed in Kz: Jan 1-2 New Year, Jan 7 Russian Orthodox Christmas, Match 8 International Woman’s, March 22 Nauryz, May 1 Kz People’s Unity, May 9 Victory, August 30 Constitution, October 25 Republic December 16 Independence. Nuryz which means “new days” is Kz’s biggest public holiday. People celebrate the coming of spring. It is the most ancient festivity of Oriental nations. In fact, it is a New Year’s Eve according to the ancient Oriental calendar. Kurban Bayram is a religious holiday among Muslims, Traditionally they choose the best ship and cook different tasty meals During this holiday people visit each other, tables are fool of food, everyone is welcome this day. International Women’s Day Kzs set a special day to show how much they appreciate women and the work they do. The day of the Republic commemorates Kz’s decision to declare its independence in October 1991 and Independence day mark the day on which Kz officially became independent. Kzs celebrate the New Year on the 31 of December with a decorated tree and presents followed by late-night parties.


Welcome to Almaty

Almaty is one of the biggest cities in Kz with population about 1,5 mln people. It was founded in 1854 on the left bank of the small river Malaya Almatinka. Almaty became a capital in 1929. In 1998 the capital was removed to Astana, the city in Central Kz. Every day a great number of tourists visit our city. They are admire the modern architecture, the green parks, its theaters and museums. Almaty is a cultural centre. There are many theaters: Abai Opera and Ballet, the Auezov Drama. Today Almaty is one of the biggest industrial centre and the greenest city. Medeu is a pride of the city. The citizens and guest of our city like to spend their time here. New economic trends have greatly affected business activities in Almaty. A lot of beautiful apartment complexes are being constructed everywhere.


Almaty is the southern capital of Kazakhstan. It has a long history. It was called “Verny”. The town was founded in 1853. Almaty is situated at the foot of the Alatau mountains. For a long time its name was “Alma-Ata” – “the father of apples”. Almaty is the modern city of the Republic of Kazakhstan and one of the most important cities in the central Asia. The city occupies the territory of 16,2 thousand hectares. The population of Almaty is over 1,5 million people. Today Almaty is a major cultural center of our Republic. It has many theatres, cinemas, parks, museums, shops and other places of culture. The most famous theatres are the Opera and Ballet. Theatre named after Abai Kunanbaev, a Drama theatre named after the Kazakh writer Mukhtar Auezov and also Russian, Uigur and Korean theatres. The well-known museums are the Central Republican museum, the Museum of Kazakh Folk Instruments, the State Art Museum and others. As Almaty is an educational centre. There are many kinds of general education, gymnasiums, colleges and other Higher Educational Establishments including the Academy of Sciences. Every year many tourists come to our Republic to enioy a marvelous view of mountains and to go sightseeing of Almaty. They can visit many famous places of interest such as: the Koktobe, Shimbulak. the Medeo Ice Rink. The visitors can spend their leisure time in different entertainment places. For example, at the Circus. Park “Fantasy World”, summer parks, night clubs and restaurants. The guests can put up at the famous hotels as Rahat Palace” , “Ankara” - the five-star Hotel. "Kazakhstan” and others.


Ecological problem

Nowadays ecological problems have become one of the most important and the most urgent ones for the mankind. The pollution of the environment is one of the factors which determines the health of pollution. Today industrial enterprises pollute the atmosphere with million tons of dust and other harmful emission. Many cities suffer from smog. Traffic in cities in getting worse and worse and it results in an increase of air pollution. In this respect Almaty is one of the most polluted cities in Kz. Water pollution has become a very serious problem as well. Contamination of soil and agricultural products with pesticides is also a very serious problem. Ecologically poor regions include the Aral Sea, Semipalatinsk and others. So it is necessary to develop an international program to study ecological data. Joint efforts of scientists and special public organizations can deal with the problem. Scientific knowledge and technological advance, good will end large investments can make it possible to eliminate the pollution. It is a big job and much remains to be done.


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