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The main stages of recruitment process.

Nowadays a lot of companies need new employees.

In the first stage the companies use their Human Resources department to hire employees. If there is a vacancy, the company prepares job description to fill it.

The next stage is to shortlist the most suitable candidates by looking through the piles of received resumes. The resume contains such information as qualification, experience, personal skills, marital status and education. Besides the company should assemble an interview panel. After that shortlisted candidates are invited to an interview. A candidate must show himself with the best side, be calm and clearly answer the questions. Human Resources department should check references and if interview panel likes an applicant it makes a job offer to him.
To sum up Iíd like to say that there are a lot of stages of recruitment process. But to my mind a company should provide a person the ability to work a probationary period. Only in this case an employer can make the correct choice of a candidate.


3. How to identify and attract the 6est candidates? Planning an ambitious business career.

There are three different methods for identifying candidates. First is advertisement in appropriate newspapers or journals. Second is asking for nominations from within our client organization. The third and most labor intensive is original research. The research includes the database, talking the to authoritative sources, search in the particular business sector. We should speak to experts on this business sector.

There are one or two things that are apparent on the careers of a lot of successful people. One is an honest understanding of the individuals own strengths and weaknesses. This helps them to plan the sort of organization in which they will work. The second they should react rapidly but appropriately to unplanned opportunities. One of the most important characteristics are curiosity and interest in their business and open-mindedness about the structure of the industry.

4. How to retain and motivate high-calibre staff? Empowerment and se1f-development.

For organization itís very important to identify, attract and retail high-performers because they can develop winning strategic and ensure competitive advantages.

High-performers are people with limitless energy and enthusiasm. They are full of ideas and get things done quickly and effectively.

The problem is that people are very attractive to rival companies and are likely to be headhunter.

The second problem is not all high-calibre are stolen, some are lost.

So organizations should regard important motivating factors. Money remain as important motivator, itís taken for granted.

Empowerment ia particularly important motivating force. They should have opportunity to be reactive. The challenge of the job is another essential motivator. Also important have a platform for self-development.




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