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Unit 8. Famous chemists. (Назад на главную)

D. I. Mendeleyev, the great Russian chemist, was born in Siberia on February 8,

1834. When seven years old he went to gymnasium in Tobolsk. He studied very hard,

he especially liked mathematics, physics and history. At the age of 16 he entered the

Pedagogical Institute in St. Petersburg, physicomathematical department. He

graduated from the Ins-.itute in 1855 and began to teach chemistry at the

Technological Institute and then at the University In 1865 Mendeleyev was granted

the Doctor of Science degree for the thesis on the combination of alcohol with water.

This work was both of great theoretical and practical significance. Soon after that

D.I.Mendeleyev was appointed Professor of General Chemistry of St. Petersburg

Jniversity. Despite lectures and supervision of the laboratory, D. I. Mendeleyev

carried on great research work.

Mendeleyev's greatest discovery was the Period c Law. The Periodic Law suggested

by Mendeleyev stated that the properties of the elements were a periodic

function of their atomic masses. He presented this work to the Russian Chernical Society.

Mendeleyev's Periodic Law opened a new era in the history of chemistry.

Mendeleyev was interested in many branches of science, indeed there is hardly

any field of science that was not enriched by his contribution. His numerous works

dealt with many subjects: properties of liquids, theories of solutions, the development

of the gas law, the use of oil and many others,

D. I. Mendeleyev was a great patriot. He did everything for the development and

progress of his country.

D. I. Mendeleyev continued his research work to the very last day of his life. He died

in 1907.

The world is thankful to Mendeleyev for his great contribution to the world science.

At present there is hardly anybody who doesn't know this Russian scientist and his

Periodic Law. D I Mendeleyev did very much for his country, for the development of

the world science.

Notes to the text:

1. great

2. hard

3. especially

4. to enter the Institute

5. society

6. significance

7. to be appointed

8. despite

9. to die

10. to be interested in

11. hardly

12. contribution

13. to suggest liquid

14. degree

15. thesis

I. Answer the following questions:

1. When was D. I. Mendeleyev born? 2. Where was he born'? 3. When did he go

to gymnasium'? 4. What subjects did he like'? 5. What Institute did he enter? 6.

Where did he work after the graduation from the Institute. 7. When was he granted

the Doctor of Science degree? 8. What was he granted this degree for? 9. What was

Mendeleyev's greatest discovery'? 10. What did he present to the Russian Chemical

Society? ll. What other problems was Mendeleyev interested in? 12. What subjects

did his numerous works deal with? 13. When did he die?

II. Retell the text according to the following plan:

1. D. I. Mendeleyev's childhood.

2. The gymnasium and the Pedagogical Institute.

3. D. I. Mendeleyev's work at the Technological Institute and at the Uniiversity.

4. His research work.

5. D. I. Mendeleyev's greatest discovery.

6. D. I. Mendeleyev's greatest contribution in science.

7. D. I. Mendeleyev is a great chemist and patriot.

III. Task:

Read the texts

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