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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You will hear a part of a radio discussion about marriage in Britain. Decide if the following statements (1-5) are TRUE or FALSE.


1. According to Julie, she and Peter got married because it seemed an appropriate course of action to take.

2. Julie says that Peterís initial attitude towards the wedding was to organize a small-scale event.

3. Bryan and Chrissie both felt that their relationship did not meet with their parentsí approval.

4. Julie and her husband argue more than before, but they do not have long-lasting effects.

5. For marriage to survive, Julie believes that couples need to be honest.






Criterion B (Reading)

You are going to read a newspaper article containing book reviews. For questions, 1-5 choose the reviews (A-D). You may use one letter more than once.

Books for children

Reviews of the best childrenís books published this year

In which review are the following mentioned?

1. particular fine illustrations

2. a successful fusion of words and graphics

3. the potential danger of having a powerful imagination

4. doubts about who the book intend for

5. an unexpected ending





A. Lost and Foundby Peter Osgood

Ages 10+


Anje was abandoned by her mother as a baby and has grown up with foster parents, but now she resolves to track down the mother who deserted her. Osgood avoids all the traps inherent in a tale of family life, refusing to describe events in such a way as to justify the adultsí actions. Instead, he portrays the situation as Anje herself experiences it, with stunning insight and accuracy, producing a moving and hard-hitting story. What is more, there is plenty of action to keep you turning the pages, and the breathtaking finale comes right out of the blue. Sensitive youngsters may find the subject emotionally haunting, but by this age children should be able to cope with the issues handled here. Highly recommended.


B. Bird Fly Awayby Helen Hunter-smith

Ages 8-11

Children may well be natural conservationists, enchanted by floppy bunnies and cute doggies, but rather than simply exploit this yearning for anthropomorphic animals, Hunter-Smith has decided to tackle head-on the whole problem of how we treat animals in western society. The story revolves around a farm where Cal lives with his parents, who are desperately trying to get away from the countryside and move to the big city. The haunting pictures from the dilapidated farm buildings and scruffy animals are just one of the outstanding features in this first novel, but perhaps the major attraction of Bird Fly Away is that it refuses to compromise in its portrayal of poverty-stricken farmers and neglected animals. This enables young readers to understand fully the awkward issues facing the grown-ups in this world, though there is a tribute to the genre of fairy tales in the shape of a happy ending. A fine work with serious undertones.


C. Cuddleby Seth Ashton


Everyone likes a cuddle; thatís the premise of this charming, chunky book for the very young. Even toddlers who show no interest in the usual baby bathtime books will be entranced by the delightful narrative. In fact, this book could hardly be bettered as an introduction to the world of stories. As Eddy the Baby Elephant wanders sadly through the jungle in search of his parents, he encounters all sort of adorable creatures, from Harold the Hippo to Tim the Toothy Tiger,

and each of them sends him on his way with nice cuddle. All Eddy has to learn to do is asking for a cuddle Ė and be prepared to return the favour and give someone else a cuddle when asked to do so. The sparse text is cleverly interwoven with the line drawings in such a way as to encourage reading without being to overtly didactic.


D. Step -Asideby Diana Courtland

Ages 8-11

Having grown up in an orphanage, Bob can only imagine that normal family life is like, and he indulges in these fantasies whenever his drab reality becomes too depressing. Problems begin to emerge when he discovers he is slipping in and out of his imaginary world without realising it- and then he finds he canít control which world he is living in. This powerful and original tale demonstrates with stunning clarity how strongly we can be drawn into our fantasies and what an uncomfortable (and ultimately terrifying) experience it can be. While Courtland clearly has talent as a writer, the younger members of the target market for this work may find the subject matter to unsetting. After all, she is really hinting at the psychological basis of wide range of mental problems, not to mention abuse of alcohol and narcotics. If this marketing mismatch could be addressed, the book would deserve unreserved praise.


Criterion C (Writing)

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

A magazine for young people has invited you to write a review of the last film you saw or the book you read. Give your opinion on the story, the characters and actors, and whether you would recommend the film / book to a friend.

Write a review. You should write at least 120-180 words.





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