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ќпределите, какое утверждение соответствует содержанию текста.


  In Great Britain health care is supported by the government.

The more electricity you use, ________ your bill will be.



It is more shameful to distrust oneТs friends than to be deceived by Е



I slipped away while the others Е



He is clever enough _______ the crossword.



Ten miles ________ a long way to ride.



The forecast says itТll rain. You _________ take your umbrella.



Her secret was given _______ by her friend by mistake.



Few people like him _______ of his bad manners.



Though the report lasted for a long time, the speaker _______ to with great attention.



Though the report lasted for a long time, the speaker _______ to with great attention.



He was ________ and wore decent clothes.



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Mixed economies
1. A mixed economy contains elements of both market and planned economies. At one extreme we have a command economy, which does not allow individuals to make economic decisions, at the other extreme we have a free market, where individuals exercise considerable economic freedom of choice without any government restrictions. Between these two extremes lies a mixed economy.
2. In mixed economies some resources are controlled by the government whilst others are used in response to the demands of consumers. Technically, all the economies of the world are mixed. Some countries are nearer to command economies, while others are closer to free market economies.
3. The aim of mixed economies is to avoid the disadvantages of both systems while enjoying the benefits that they both offer. So, in a mixed economy the government and the private sector interact in solving economic problems. The state controls the share of the output through taxation and transfer payments and intervenes to supply essential items such as health, education and defence, while private firms produce cars, furniture, electrical items and similar, less essential products.
4. The UK is a country with mixed economy. Some services are provided by the state (for example, health care and defence) whilst a range of privately owned businesses offer other goods and services.

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