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The purpose of discipline

Self-study student under the guidance of a teacher (SSUT) - 3 (hours)

Self-study student (SSS) - 10 (hours)

Form of control: examination

Total: 19 hours

Almaty, 2012




Work program
Guidelines for practical training  
  Guidelines for self-study student under the guidance of a teacher (SSUT)  
Guidelines for self-study student (SSS)
Gauging means for final assessment knowledge and skills  



Vice-rector of

training - educational work

Professor K. A. Tulebaev
The "____" ____________2012



Elective discipline: "Pharmaceutical Terminology"

Specialty: 051103 - "Pharmacy"
Module: The pharmacist-manager
Course: 2nd Semester: 4th
Form of control: examination

Almaty, 2012

The working program on discipline "Pharmaceutical Terminology" is considered at module meeting from the ____ _______________ 2012, the No. protocol ____.


The head of the module "The pharmacist-manager," Associate Professor A. R. Shopabayeva



The working program is discussed in Committee of educational programs of pharmaceutical disciplines from the ____ _______________ 2012, the No. protocol ____.


Chairman of Committee of educational programs, Associate Professor G. M. Sayakova


It is approved by Methodical Council _____________________ from the ____ _______________ 2012, the No. protocol ____.


Chairman of Methodical Council, Professor K. A.Tulebayev




Name of high school -Kazakh National Medical University

named after S. D. Asfendiyarov

Module -the pharmacist - manager

Discipline "Pharmaceutical Terminology"

Specialty -051103 "Pharmacy"

The volume of hours 0.5 credit (19 h)
The course and the semester
- the 2nd year, 4th semester



Pharmaceutical terminology - a set of terms associated with a corresponding system of concepts. Formation of the terminology is due to social, scientific and technical development of pharmacy as well as any new concept in the field of pharmacology must be marked by the term. Terminological system corresponds to the modern development of the pharmaceutical industry. Many basic pharmaceutical terminology borrowed from Greek and Latin languages, chemistry, biology, medicine, or created on a national basis by engaging terms from other sources. The problem of ordering and unification of terminology routinely engaged in pharmaceutical nomenclature committee of the State Pharmacological Center and the Pharmacopoeia Committee of the Ministry of Health of the RK. In the process of streamlining and standardization of terminology specific terms are formalized in the form of state standards (standardization of terms). However, the essence of the scientific concept of the term may reveal only a specialist. Terminology for the organization, management and economics of pharmacy includes the terms on the fundamentals of state regulation in the field of pharmacy, the organization of the distribution network of the pharmaceutical market, medical and pharmaceutical merchandising, basic economics of pharmaceutical trade organization, planning, accounting, analysis, theory and practice of pharmaceutical management and marketing. Pharmacist in the study of disciplines necessary to know the terms used in the pharmaceutical legislation of the RK, SPh of RK, industry standards and regulatory documents.

The purpose of discipline

Form the students knowledge of the terms and the notion of the importance of streamlining and harmonization of general and specialized pharmaceutical terms to refer to various techniques and operations used in the profession of pharmacy.

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