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Mr. Craven Comes Home


I. While listening fill in the gaps to finish the sentences.


1. But slowly – slowly – as he walked among beautiful mountains and wandered by blue lakes ________________________________.

2. The lake near the house was ________________________________ that he walked down and sat on a seat near the water.

3. When he woke, it was morning, and a servant _________________________.

4. And he went back to the house and told the servants __________________________________________________.

5. Colin’s eyes were so like his wife’s happy eyes, and yet so different from them, ___________________________________.

6. When Mr. Craven arrived back at Misselthwaite Mannor, ______________________________________________.

7. And then, suddenly the door in the wall flew open, ___________________________, straight into Mr. Craven’s arm.

8. He had come running out of the garden because _____________________________________________.

9. The garden was full of autumn colour – gold and purple and red – and late autumn ____________________________________________________.

10. A few minutes later, Mrs. Medlock was looking out of the kitchen window ___________________________________________.


II. Study the following words and word combinations.


1. Give their explanation in English (use English-English dictionary).

2. Translate them into Russian

3. Recall the situation they were used in.

4. Make sentences of your own.


1. terrible 2. to wander 3. to go away travelling 4. to arrive at 5. amazed 6. to door flew open


III. Mark the following sentences as TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). If a sentence is false, write the right variant.


1. Mr. Craven travelled to the USA to forget his problems.    
2. Mr. Craven fell asleep near the lake and dreamt about his wife.    
3. In the morning Mr. Craven got a letter from Mrs. Medlock.    
4. Mr. Carven made a decision to come back to his house.    
5. Mr. Craven was not going to open the secret garden as he didn’t remember where it was.  
6. Mr. Craven couldn’t believe his ears when he heard some noise from behind the door to the secret garden.  
7. When the door opened Mary ran out directly into Mr. Craven’s arms.    
8. Mr. Craven was surprised to see the garden alive.    
9. As the garden was not a secret the children told Mr. Craven everything about it.  
10. Mrs. Medlock and the servants were not surprised at all to see Master Colin walking together with his father.  


IV. Answer the following questions.


1. Why was Mr. Craven travelling far away from home?

2. What did Mr. Craven think about while travelling?

3. What did he dream about one night?

4. Why did he decide to come back home?

5. Did he decide to open the secret garden?

6. Where did he go when he arrived home?

7. Whom did Colin see when he ran out from the secret garden?

8. Could Mr. Craven say anything when he saw his son healthy?

9. Did the children tell him everything about the garden?

10. What sight did Mr. Medlock see through the window?


V. Change the sentences from active voice into passive (all possible variants that make sense).


1. Mr. Craven saw a very strange dream.

2. Martha’s mother wrote a letter to Mr. Craven.

3. Mr. Crave made a decision to come back.

4. Colin met his father at the door to the secret garden.

5. The children told the whole story to Mr. Craven.


VI. Make up several dialogues.

1. Mr. Craven is talking to Mary about all the events.

2. Mr. Craven is talking to Colin and asking how he has got better.

3. Colin and Mary are discussing all the events happened from the moment they met.

4. Dickon is telling everything to Mr. Craven.


VII. Retell the text using new words and word combinations.


VIII. Watch the film and compare it with the book. What do you like more? (Activity organized by the teacher.)

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