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Colin Goes into the Secret Garden


I. Intone the paragraph and learn it by heart.


Colin gasped as Mary turned the handle and opened the door. Then Dickon pushed the wheelchair through the door and into the garden. Colin covered his eyes with his hands until the wheelchair had stopped. Only then did he take them away and look round and round. Everywhere there were little patches of gold and purple and white. Little green leaves were growing on the branches and the walls. And all around them they heard birds fluttering with their winds.


II. Study the following words and word combinations.


1. Give their explanation in English (use English-English dictionary).

2. Translate them into Russian

3. Recall the situation they were used in.

4. Make sentences of your own.


1. to get upset 2. to stay away from 3. to go back to work 4. to arrange 5. patch 6. to float 7. to flutter 8. plum tree 9. to shake 10. ladder 11. to be covered in blossom 12. to open up 13. to get well 14. fist 15. how on Earth 16. to rush 17. lovely 18. master 19. to be all lies 20. to rub oneís eyes 21. trowel 22. to turn pale


III. Mark the following sentences as TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). If a sentence is false, write the right variant.


1. Colin fell ill and had tantrums because everything was not the way he wanted.  
2. When Colin announced that he wanted to go out in his wheelchair, Mrs. Medlock was extremely surprised.  
3. Colin asked all the gardeners to go and to help them when they went to the garden.  
4. Mary and Dickon were not surprised to see Colin different when the sun fell on his face.  
5. When Ben Weatherstuff saw the children in the garden he was very angry.    
6. Ben could see that Colin was a hunchback and had crooked legs.    
7. Colin was so angry with the gardenerís words that he started to cry.    
8. Ben ran to the house to tell everyone that the children were inside the secret garden.  
9. The children learnt that Ben used to come to the garden after Mrs. Cravenís death and looked after the roses.  
10. Colin dug a hole in the ground and planted an apple tree.    


IV. Complete the sentences with the words and word combinations from the text.


1. Small children ___________ easily if they donít get what they want.

2. The boat was ____________ down the river.

3. I had to find the ___________ to climb the wall.

4. There was a ___________ full of flowers behind the house.

5. In spring all the fruit trees are __________.

6. I knew that everything people said about her was _____________.

7. I was given a ____________ to make small holes to plant some seeds.

8. The baby is sleepy Ė he is ____________.


V. Match the words in the left column with their meaning in the right one.


1. to stay away 2. master 3. to turn pale 4. to flutter 5. to get upset 6. plum tree 7. to rush 8. patch 9. fist 10. to get well to be healthy again after being ill the hand when fingers are curled towards the palm to move very quickly to be somewhere a part of an area that look different a tree that gives sweet yellow or red fruit to become almost white not to come close to wave or move gently in the air to become unhappy or worried the owner


VI. Answer the following questions.


1. How did Colin behave while they were planning the trip to the garden?

2. What did Colin announce one day?

3. What was Mrs. Medlockís reaction to the events happening in the house?

4. What did Mrs. Medlock say about Mary?

5. Whom did Colin see above the wall?

6. Why was Ben Weathersuff surprised to see Colin?

7. What did Ben tell the children about the roses and the garden?

8. What did Colin do to show that he was not a hunchback?

9. Did Ben agree to help the children with the work in the garden?

10. What did Colin plant in the garden?


VII. Change the sentences from active voice into passive (all possible variants that make sense).


1. A servant carried Colin downstairs to his wheelchair.

2. Colin looked at all new flowers and new leaves.

3. Robin was carrying a worm in his beak.

4. Ben brought a rose in a pot for Colin.

5. Colin planted a rose in the garden.


VIII. Retell the text using new words and word combinations.


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