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Match each word on the left with the appropriate definition on the right.

1) an arsonist 2) a shop-lifter 3) a mugger 4) an offender 5) a vandal 6) a burglar 7) a murderer 8) a kidnapper 9) a pickpocket 10) an accomplice 11) a drug dealer 12) a spy 13) a terrorist 14) an assassin 15) a hooligan 16) a stowaway 17) a poacher 18) a thief 19) a hijacker 20) a forger 21) a robber 22) a smuggler 23) a traitor 24) a gangster 25) a deserter 26) a bigamist 27) a drug smuggler 28) an embezzler 29) a fraud or con man 30) a racketeer a) attacks and robs people, often in the street b) sets fire to property illegally c) is anyone who breaks the law d) breaks into houses and other buildings to steal e) steals from shops while acting as an ordinary customer f) kills someone g) pretends or claims to be what he is not h) deliberately causes damage to property i) steals things from peoples pockets in crowded places j) gets secret information from another country k) buys and sells drugs illegally l) takes away people by force and demands money for their return m) helps a criminal in a criminal act n) steals from his own company o) uses violence for political reasons p) causes damage or disturbance in public places q) hides on a ship or plane to get a free journey r) takes control of a plane by force and makes the pilot change course s) murders for political reasons or a reward t) is someone who steals u) makes money by dishonest business methods, e.g. by selling worthless goods v) makes counterfeit (false) money or signatures w) is a member of a criminal group x) steals money, etc. by force from people or places y) marries illegally, being married already z) is a soldier who runs away from the army aa) brings goods into a country illegally without paying tax bb) illegally carries drugs into another country cc) betrays his or her country to another state dd) hunts illegally on somebody elses land

2. Continue the following table with the words from Task 1 where possible. The first few are done for you. Consult the dictionary when necessary.

Crime Criminal Criminal Act
treason traitor to betray
theft thief to steal
murder murderer to murder

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Match the crimes in the box below to the descriptions (1 -10).

arson burglary forgery hijacking mugging pickpocketing robbery shoplifting smuggling vandalism
  1. I caught him just as he was taking my wallet from my back pocket. ..
  2. The gang was arrested while trying to get diamonds and drugs into the country illegally. ..
  3. Terrorists ordered the pilot to fly the plane to another country.
  4. The teenagers smashed windows and sprayed graffiti on the walls of the youth centre. ..
  5. The thieves held the bank manager at gun-point while they took the cash. ..
  6. When he broke the back window to get in, our alarm went off. ..
  7. He was found guilty of copying classic paintings and trying to sell them as

originals. ..

  1. The gang of youths was arrested for attacking the woman and taking her handbag. ..
  2. Two young girls were found guilty of taking the item from the supermarket

without paying for it. ..

  1. He had set fire to the forest just for fun. ..

/from First Certificate: Reading. Patrick McGavigan and John Reeves/

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