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December 28, 2015
Geneva (Switzerland)

“Geneva theoretical and practical forum

of free topics”

Key Forum questions:

1. summing up of the expiring years’ results

2. a report on the goals achieved

3. generation of new ideas for 2016. A brainstorm from young scientists.

We remind that we are always open for your ideas and suggestions and ready to realize them in collaboration

4. making plans for 2016

5. discussion of “The Unity of Scienñe” journal modernization and widening

6. creation of collaboration with the University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budejovice

7. EAPP “Science” 2016 monograph

8. “home task” for the organization members.


An “Open topic” is the motto of the forthcoming forum. It means this forum participants are not to be limited to the topics framework. We wish to give the possibility to raise all the questions interesting for you and us. We pay attention that the forum items are widened.


If you work in a direction lacking in the items list given below, please, contact the forum organizing committee concerning to your acceptance to the event operation.


We remind of the item “Intellectual research”. The item is represented within the forum framework. We are welcoming all those wishing (especially young scientists) to participate in the item operation. The most topical work of the key directions is to be published in "The unity of science" November journal issue!

The main details of_forum

1.Event Format: Correspondence.

2. Working languages: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Bolgarian, French, Italian.
3. The proceedings arereviewed by the Commission.
4. Participants are assigned the personal certificates.

Association members are exempt from paying fees.
5. Congress proceedings will bepublishedin the publication (RSCI).
6. The publication will be assigned ISBN; has the status of a specialized scientific publication.
7. Dead-line for submissions is 26 of December 2015. 21.00.

9. Deadlines for sending of proceedings s: the electronic version will be sent within

12 days. Printed - 12-20 days.
10. The proceedings of the congress are permanently positioned on the site (available for downloading, viewing, and demonstrating of the work). The proceedings form the internal electronic library of organization.
11. The shipping of proceedings is free and is guaranteed to each participant. To prevent the loss of publications, the proceedings are sent only by registered letter. To ensure that you receive the proceedings, the organizing committee will send to the participants a postal receipt for tracking the shipping.

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