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A: I have two books. Which book do you want?

B: That one.

2.A: What did you buy when you went shopping?

B: A book.

3.A: Could I borrow your pen for a minute?

B: Sure. I have two. ________________________

A: That one. (I would like that one).

4.A: ______________________________________

B: A pen. (Chris borrowed a pen from me).

5. A: Do you like this tie?

B: Yes.

A: Do you like that tie?

B: Itís okay.

A: _____________________________________

B: This one. (Iím going to buy this one).

6. A: _______________________________________

B: A tie. (Tony got a tie when he went shopping).

7. A: These shoes are comfortable, but so are those shoes. ___________

_________ I canít decide.

B: These. (You should buy these shoes).

8. A: There are flights to Atlanta at 7:30 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. __________

B: The 7:30 flight. (Iím going to take the 7:30 flight).

9. A: _________________________________________

B: Fast. (The meaning of rapid is fast).

10. A: _________________________________________

B: Very big. (Huge means very big).

11.A: Would you please hand me a sharp knife?

B: Iíd be happy to. _________________ ________

A: That one.

12. A: Are you a student in the English program?

B: Yes, I am.

A: ________________________________________

B: The beginning class. (Iím in the beginning class).

13. A: Did you enjoy your trip to Europe?

B: Yes, I did. Very much.

A: _________________________________________

B: I visited France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

A: __________________________________________

B: Spain, (I enjoyed visiting Spain the most).




How did you get here? I drove./ by car I took a taxi/ by taxi I took a bus/ by bus I flew/ by plane I took a train/ by train I walked/ on foot
How old are you? Twenty-one How tall is he? About 6 feet How big is your apartment? It has three rooms How sleepy are you? Very sleepy How hungry are you? Iím starving How soon will you be ready to leave? In five minutes How well does she speak English? Very well How quickly can you get here? I can get here in thirty minutes


Exercise 9: Make sentences with how.

1.A: How old is your daughter?

B: Ten. (She is ten years old).

2.A: _________________________

B: Very important. (Education is very important).

3. A: __________________________

B: By bus. (I get to school by bus).

4. A: __________________________

B: Very deep. (The ocean is very deep).

5.A: ___________________________

B: Very heavy. (My suitcase is very heavy). I can hardly lift it.

6. A: _____________________________

B: By plane. (Iím going to get to Denver by plane).

7. A: _____________________________

B: Very well. (Roberto speaks English very well).

8. A: _____________________________

B: Iím starving! Whenís dinner?

9. A: _____________________________

B: I walked. (I walked to school today).

10. A: _____________________________

B: By airmail. (You should send that letter by airmail).

11. A: _____________________________

B: Itís not very safe at all. (That neighborhood isnít very safe at night).

12. A: ______________________________

B: Not very. (The test wasnít very difficult).




How often do you go shopping? Every day Once a week About twice a week Every other day or so Three times a month
How many times a day do you eat? Three or four How many times a month do you go to the bank? Once How many times a year do you take a vacation? Once or twice   FREQUENCY EXPRESSIONS A lot, occasionally, once in a while, not very often, hardly ever, almost never




How far is it from New York to Chicago? It is ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ. How far do you live from school? Four blocks
How many miles is it from N to B? How many kilometers is it from M to St.Pete? How many blocks is it to the post office?


Exercise 10: Make questions.

1. A: ______________________________________________

B: 237 miles. (Itís 237 miles from New York City to Washington, DC).

2. A: ______________________________________________

B: Six blocks. (Itís six blocks to the post office).

3. A: ______________________________________________

B: Two and half blocks. (Itís two and half blocks to the bookstore from here).

4. A: ______________________________________________

B: About three miles. (I live about three miles from school).

5. A: ________________________________________________

B: Karen is really in physical fitness these days. She jogs every day.

A: Oh? _________________________________________________

B: Five miles. (She jogs five miles every day).

A: Thatís great. I usually donít even walk five miles a day.

6. A: I had a terrible day yesterday.

B: What happened?

A: I ran out of gas while I was driving to work.

B: ________________________ before you ran out of gas?


A: To the junction of I-90 and 480. Luckily, there was a gas station about half a

mile down the road.




How long does it take to drive to Chicago from here? Two days How long did you study last night? Four hours How long will you stay in Chicago? Ten days
How many days will you be in Florida? Ten days
  IT + TAKE + (SOMEONE) + TIME EXPRESSION + INFINITIVE   Make sentences using it + take to express length of time   1.I drove to Los Angeles. (Length of time: three days) It took me three days to drive to Los Angeles. 2.I walk to class. (Length of time: twenty minutes) It takes me twenty minutes to walk to class. 3.George finished the test. (Length of time: forty-five minutes) _________________________________________________ 4. We will drive to the airport. (Length of time: six hours)            



5.Ann made a dress. (Length of time: two days)


6. Alan hitchhiked to Alaska. (Length of time: two weeks)


7. Mary puts on her makeup. (Length of time: five minutes)


8. I wash my clothes at the laundromat. (Length of time: two hours)



Exercise 11: Make questions using how long.

1. A: How long did it take you to drive to New York?

B: Five days. It took me 5 days to drive to New York.

2. A: ___________________________________________

B: Twenty minutes. It takes me twenty minutes to walk to class.

3. A: ___________________________________________

B: Two hours. It took Bob two hours to finish his composition.

4. A: ____________________________________________

B: Thirty minutes. It will take us thirty minutes to drive to the stadium.

5. A: ______________________________________________

B: For a week. Mr. McNally is going to be in hospital for a week.

6. A: _______________________________________________

B: Four years. Iíll be at the University of Maryland for four years.

7. A: ________________________________________________

B: About an hour. It takes about an hour to bake a cake.

A: How about cookies? _______________________________

B: Oh, it depends. Maybe forty minutes. It takes maybe forty minutes to

bake cookies.

8. A: _________________________________________________

B: Five days. I was out of town for five days.

A: How about Mary? __________________________________

B: A week. She was out of town for a week.

9. A: _________________________________________________

B: About fifteen minutes. It takes me about fifteen minutes to change a

flat tire.

A: How about a spark plug? _________________________________

B: Not long at all. Maybe three minutes.

10. A: _____________________________________________________

B: A long time. It takes a long time to learn a second language.

A: How about a computer language? __________________________

B: It takes a long time, too.


Exercise 12: Make questions. Use any appropriate question words.

1. A: What are you going to do this weekend?

B: Iím going to go to a baseball game.

A: There are two games this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.



B: The one on Sunday.

2. A: ________________________________________________________

B: No I didnít. I didnít go to the game yesterday.

3. A: __________________________________________________________

B: Sarah and Jim. Sarah and Jim went to the game yesterday.

4. A: __________________________________________________________

B: About once a month. I go to a baseball game once a month.

5. A: ___________________________________________________________

B: At the corner of Fifth and Grand. The stadium is at the corner of Fifth

and Grand.

6. A: _____________________________________________________________

B: Six miles. Itís six miles to the stadium from here.

7. A: ______________________________________________________________

B: Twenty minutes. It takes twenty minutes to get there.

8. A: ______________________________________________________________

B: One oíclock. The game starts at one oíclock.

9. A: _______________________________________________________________

B: Because I have fun. I like to go to baseball games because I have fun.

10. A: ______________________________________________________________

B: I yell, enjoy the sunshine, eat peanuts, and drink beer.




How do you spell ďcomingĒ? How do you say ďyesĒ in Japanese?   c-o-m-i-n-g Hai
How are you getting along? How are you doing? How is it going? Great Fine Okay So-so
How do you feel? How are you feeling? Terrific! Okay Not so good Wonderful A bit under the weather Great Terrible!

Exercise 13: PREPOSITIONS. Complete the sentences with prepositions.

1. Whatís the matter ______ you? Whatís wrong?

2.We can go out for dinner or we can eat at home. It doesnít matter ___ me.

3. To make this recipe you have to separate the egg whites ____ the yolks.

4. I donít know anything ______astrology.

5. Iím looking forward ___ my vacation next month.

6. Dennis dreamed ____ his girlfriend last night.

7. Right now Iím doing an exercise. Iím looking ___ my book.

8. Jim canít find his book. Heís looking ____ it.

9. Jim is searching ____ his book.

10. I asked the waitress ____ another cup of coffee.

11. I asked Mary ____ her trip to Japan.

12. Does this pen belong ____ you?

13. We had mice in the house, so we set some traps to get rid ____ them.

14.What happened ____ your finger? Did you cut it?


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