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Common Pipbuck Attachments

For the 3000 and later models, there were a number of upgrades and attachments released that enabled additional functionality. Many of these attachments can also be used without a pipbuck, but may suffer reduced functionality and/or induce unpleasant side effects.

Table XIV: Pipbuck Attachments    
Name Wt. Value
Broadcaster (Corrupted)
Ear Bloom -
EqueMapper Recording Module
PRA (Personal Research Assistant)
Stealthbuck v2.0

Broadcaster –The broadcaster was the first portable communications equipment ever made commercially available in Equestria. These devices functioned as portable radio transmitters capable of transmitting on more than a hundred different frequencies and even encrypting the data sent using one of more than 50 different stored encryption protocols. Due to their expense, very few of these were ever actually sold to those ponies outside of elite social circles or the military.

The broadcaster model can be used as a standalone radio transmitter (as long as it has a power source) to send messages, in which case it has a limited range of only 2 miles. Attaching it to a terminal or pipbuck more than quadruples this range, allowing it to send signals up to 10 miles without significant signal degradation. Won’t do much good unless someone else is out there listening, though…


Broadcaster (corrupted) –Corrupted broadcastersare nearly identical in appearance to a standard pipbuck broadcaster attachment. The difference is that their internal spell matrix has become heavily corrupted by the influence of zebra necromantic energies, specifically those of the Canterlot Pink Cloud. These devices are no longer capable of serving their original purpose, and no longer require an external power source to operate; instead, when activate, their corrupted spell matrix causes them to emit a high-pitched static that causes creatures within 35 feet of the device to start bleeding both internally and out of every orifice. Only Canterlot Ghouls are immune to these effects.

These devices deal increased damage the closer to you they are. At point blank range (within five feet), they deal 6 wounds to both the head and torso every combat round (that’s 1 wound per second). Every five feet away from the device lowers the number of wounds dealt per round by 1, to a minimum of 1 wound per combat round between 30 and 35 feet.

The effects of a corrupted broadcaster are doubled if a victim is wearing audio listening equipment such as headphones or ear-buds, or is in the immediate vicinity of audio-playback devices like speakers (or pipbucks).


Ear Bloom –These devices allow a pony to listen to the audio-playback of a pipbuck (or other spell-matrix device, like radios or holotapes) discreetly. They clip onto a pony’s ear. Earlier models require a wire that runs from the bloom to the device, which ensures consistent quality. Later models may be wireless, enabling the wearer total freedom of movement at the cost of audio clarity. Many Alpha Pipbuck and Pipbuck 3000 Models have one of these built in on a retractable wire leash. While originally specifically designed for pipbucks, ear blooms can be jury rigged to interface with nearly any spell-matrix device, including (but not limited to) terminals, robots, and just about any device that has an audio-output.

EqueMapper Recording Module– Originally developed for use by EQCECA (the Equestrian Civil Engineers and Cartographer’s Association)to map out new rail lines and plant the markers used for paving the inter-city hoofway system, this module was actually one of the first commercially available upgrade modules for the Pipbuck, and the only module still in wide circulation that is designed to be backwards compatible (i.e. it functions with the Pipbuck 2000 as well as later models). For the Pipbuck 2000, it provides an auto-magical mapping software spell suite akin to the basic set-up seen in all models that followed it. For models that already have an auto-mapping spell suite, it provides a reproducible and removable record of locations and routes travelled that hikers, park rangers, and trail blazers in any profession can use to navigate. Unlike the basic auto mapping spell, this module will record the order in which destinations were reached as a series of date and time codes.

PIP-PRA –The Personal Information Processor – Personal Research Assistant is an extremely rare and valuable device that is designed to augment a pipbuck’s core functions. Commissioned by Twilight Sparkle for use by her top research assistants and high ranking ministry staff, only about 500 of these delicate machines were ever actually made. They’re easily the most powerful spell processing matrices ever made portable, and are capable of performing advanced calculations, translating more than 10 different languages, and even of automagically engaging SATS if the built-in detection systems sense that the wearer (or current holder) is in a combat situation.

Even without attachment to a pipbuck, these devices synchronize with a single user’s unique magical signature and enable audio recording, auto-translation and SATS access via a text-overlay HUD. The HUD also allows access to an automagical inventory sorter (though the PRA must be contained within the same container as the sorted inventory). These devices even contains one of the first-ever portable AI designs, a personal assistant construct that can communicate with the user in text on the HUD and respond rapidly to telepathic (as the spell) and/or audio input. When first registered or re-registered, the user may name this AI, who will function as a sort of assisted guide. She normally remains hidden, though when engaging SATS or accessing functions from the HUD she will offer to guide you through the process as a sprite on your HUD (it can thankfully be turned off, and will never make noise – neither Stable-Tec nor the Ministry of Arcane Sciences is a division of Microsoft), usually taking the form of a purple unicorn with darker purple hair. In the default settings, the AI will automagically record any noteworthy current objectives and any progress made towards them as part of an auto-list generation spell.

When attached to a pipbuck or connected via cable to a terminal, this device allows a more direct text interface with which you can access its functions and talk to the AI. Attaching the device to a pipbuck is vastly more beneficial because the combination unlocks or adds on a wide array of additional spell functions, programs and options, as well as granting full MAS access up to the level of the staff member to whom it was originally issued. One of the primary effects of attaching the device to a pipbuck is that the PIP-PRA’s AI will extend a small shield around itself that increases its DT by 15 (to a total of 30) if it detects that the wearer is in a combat situation.

Other noteworthy additional options or enhanced functions include:

-A mapping annotation spell (for leaving yourself notes about locations)

-An enhanced strategic terrain and cover identification spell

-A chemical compound analysis spell

-A location identification spell that synchronizes terrain based on matching within a built-in database of pre-war high-altitude pegasi reconnaissance photographs

-Built in radio de-encryption protocols

-A pedometer

-An accelerometer

-An emergency broadcaster that allows radio communication over a select number of encrypted MASEBS channels

… And this list is not anywhere close to being exhaustive.

There’s no need to worry about enemies using any of the functions of this device to disable or hinder you in combat – the AI construct will only respond to the unique signature of the individual it’s currently registered to, and will only be able to be re-registered if it detects that its current wearer has ceased vital function. You should be concerned about taking one of these into combat without some sort of protection, though – they’re not designed to be immune to bullets, and only have a DT rating of 15 beneath the shield (or if they don’t get a chance to raise the shield).


Stealthbuck –Developed by the Ministry of Arcane Science,these single-use devices contain a specialized spell matrix designed to support an invisibility spell reverse engineered from zebra invisibility talismans. When activated, they produce a powerful 3 MFD step stealth field on the wearer that lasts for up to an hour (Meaning that even while not sneaking, the enemy must make a ¼ PER roll to notice you), as well as granting them a +100 bonus on all sneak rolls. If they maintain sneaking posture and speed, they receive the full +100 bonus; if the wearer instead chooses to move at their full speed, they are treated as sneaking automatically. Any character may roll to see them, and must make a ¼ PER roll, modified by conditions, to succeed. Penalties to sneak for the invisible character translate directly into bonuses for those making PER rolls against a stealth field Devices that generate a stealth field always render the wearer of the field invisible while the field is maintained. Unlike the Zebra Talismans they emulate, these devices only muffle sound and render the wearer invisible. They do not misdirect scent, making them far less useful against creatures who navigate by non-visual means.

This stealth field can be disrupted if overloaded; if the wearer fires a weapon, casts a spell above level 0, is lit on fire, or suffers more than one wound to any location from AOE damage while the field is active it will overload and shut down. These devices can be worn on the leg over clothes and armor, or attached to a pipbuck and activated through the SATS interface.

If worn without the use of a pipbuck, these devices have been shown to cause lasting psychological damage to their wearers, possibly due to the reduction of a buffer between the specialized matrix talisman and the wearer. Every time after the first that a character uses a stealthbuck without a pipbuck, they must make an INT roll MFD ½. Failure on this roll causes them to develop a mental hindrance of the GM’s choosing.

Characters and creatures under the effects of a magically-induced stealth field are not visible consistently on EFS; they show up as ‘ghosts’, which flicker in and out of view seemingly at random.


Stealthfilly –This device is a larger version of the stealthbuck developed by researchers working within the Steel Rangers. It functions exactly the same way as a stealthbuck, except that it lasts up to three times as long unless disrupted.

Stealthbuck v2.0 –The stealthbuck project was the Ministry of Arcane Science’s attempt at full replication of the Zebra Invisibility Talismans used in their stealth cloaks. By altering and enhancing an invisibility spell’s effects, Twilight’s scientists created the stealthbuck modules. Because these modules were single-use, this was deemed only a partial success, and research continued. In the week before the war’s end, they completed development of the Equestrian Stealth Suit Mk II– the supposed equestrian answer to Zebra stealth technology superiority. This stealth suit was an improved model of the P-34a covert reconnaissance armor that had as a central processing matrix an integrated module called the Stealthbuck v2.0. It was capable of generating an impressive stealth field that was only slightly less effective than the original model stealthbuck, and unlike its predecessor could be recharged indefinitely. This model generates a 2 MFD step stealth field and grants a +75 roll bonus to the wearer’s sneak skill, even separated from the suit, for up to one hour.

If they maintain sneaking posture and speed, they receive the full +75 bonus; if the wearer instead chooses to move at their full speed, enemies may notice them with a ½ PER roll modified by conditions. Remember, penalties to sneak for the invisible character translate directly into bonuses for those making PER rolls against a stealth field! Devices that generate a stealth field always render the wearer of the field invisible while it is maintained. Like its predecessor, it does not misdirect scent and its stealth field can be similarly disrupted, but unlike its predecessor it is not destroyed after a single use. After each 1-hour use, it will automatically recharge over the course of the next two hours.

If allowed 12 hours to charge, it can even last for an additional hour on a single use, but this will render it unable to be used again for another 6 hours.

The psychological effects of using this device without an appropriate suit interface or a pipbuck are identical to those resulting from its predecessor model.

Characters and creatures under the effects of a magically-induced stealth field are not visible consistently on EFS; they show up as ‘ghosts’, which flicker in and out of view seemingly at random.

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