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Text Two Questions 81-87

· Read an extract from an autobiography.

· For questions 81-87, choose the correct answer (A, B, C, or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Don’t worry in silence!


When we are young, sometimes the hardest thing about feelings is actually sharing them with others, though, I realize now, it is certainly worth making the effort to do so. Sharing with others helps us to share the load, as it were.


It was not until much later, looking back over my childhood, that I realized that the first step in sharing was to identify what feelings I actually had! Making a list of them seemed to help. Was I happy or was I sad? Was it an emotion experienced only at that particular time or did I tend to feel like that all the time?


My problem was that I had not realized that some fears are quite acceptable and even helpful at times, while others can actually get in the way of enjoying everyday things such as learning, playing with a friend or experiencing for the first time the change from Primary to Secondary level. This is when I really should have had a chat with my parents instead of holding it all inside, as they would have been able to lessen my anxiety about moving up.


There were times when my anxiety would also be accompanied by a headache, a stomachache or dizziness. My grandmother used to tell me that there is a certain part of the brain that controls that fight or flight feeling. Not that I had any idea what she was talking about as I must have been only about knee-high at the time!


I recall a small group of us feeling uncomfortable at the idea of meeting new teachers or moving up to the ‘big’ school. That kind of discomfort at such an age is natural when faced with something new. Better late than never, I realized that being shy is not such a bad thing. Nobody actually sets out to be like that, it just happens naturally. I understood quite quickly that the key to shyness is just to be yourself. No matter the age, it’s healthy to get things off your chest! In fact, I quickly found that some of my friends had the same things and became quite happy to share their secrets. Sometimes, just inviting a shy child to join in a game a couple of times helped them to get over their feelings of shyness.


There were other times when I felt sad about leaving Primary school, but even then, it was one of the many normal emotions or moods we have all experienced during that period of change. Unhappiness was the emotion I felt when I had to say goodbye to certain dear friends. It made me feel like crying, though even crying made me feel better as tears slowly washed away the negative emotions. When the sadness started to disappear, it felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders.


I now realize at the tender age of twenty-eight that, even though, there might sometimes seem to be no reason to look on the bright side of life, foe every bad there is a good. Also, having friends who think optimistically can help you get on your feet again and move forward onto a more positive path.



  1. What do youngsters find most difficult to do?

A. make an effort C. accept help from others

B. realize that life is hard D. tell others how they feel


  1. What was the writer’s first move towards sharing her feelings?

A. to look back over the years

B. to finish writing her lists of feelings

C. to decide which particular feelings she had

D. to ask people questions about her feelings


  1. What the writer finally realized about fears is that

A they all get in the way.

B they can happen every day.

C it is better to hold them inside.

D some are more helpful than others.


  1. What does the writer mean by ‘knee-high’?

A. too short B. too young C. too high D. too tall


  1. According to the writer, what is the best way to handle shyness?
    1. to be your usual self
    2. to realize that age matters
    3. to understand that it is unhealthy
    4. to realize that it is uncomfortable


  1. When the writer’s sadness began to disappear she felt

A. she had lost weight C. more emotional about life

B. she was heavier D. more positive about life


87. The writer realizes now for the first time that

A. it’s difficult to tell good from bad.

B. she had optimistic friends.

C. you can get on your feet again yourself.

D. there is always a reason to look on the bright side.


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