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G. Add one job to each letter below. Use the pictures to help you.

A is for architect and …. B is for barman and ….
C is for civil servant and …. D is for doctor and …
F is for farmer and …. J is for journalist and …
L is for lawyer and … N is for nurse and …
P is for psychologist and … S is for shop assistant and …
T is for taxi driver and… W is for writer and …

H. Think of the job, but don’t say what it is. Describe the job by saying about the responsibilities and routine. Let other students guess what job you’re describing.



A. Read the email and answer these questions:

1) What is Gaby describing?

2) What is Gaby doing?

3) Where is Gaby flat?

4) What does Gaby ask Enrico?



Hi Mike, I’ve got so much to tell you. Things are different for me now. Last September we moved to Canada. Before we had lived in France for 6 months. We’re here for a year. James changed a lot of jobs. He was working in a shop, for an IT company, but now he is working for a bank in Vancouver and I’m studying at the film school. We’re staying in a lovely flat in the centre of the town. There are a lot of things to do in the city, but every weekend we go the countryside. It’s really beautiful! Last summer we couldn’t have a rest, but next summer we’re going to visit my parents and to have a trip around Europe. What about you? I’d love to know what you’re doing these days. Send me an e-mail soon. Love, Gaby xxx


B. Write an e-mail to a friend you haven’t talked to for long time. Tell him/her about the way you have spent your summer holidays. Mind past tenses (past simple, past continuous, past perfect).


Unit 1 Module 2
daily routine ready meals takeaways refectory to brush one’s teeth to come around for a chat to do shopping to do sport to eat out to fall asleep = to get asleep it takes me (2 hours) to make notes to hold seminars to take exams to pass exams to have tests to do home assignments to be keen on smth   to go out to hang out with friends to have a late night to have a lie-in to have a lunch break to have a nap to have a shave to have a shower (a bath) to have a snack to have a wash to have an early night to leave home to lie in bed to live alone (on one’s own; by oneself) to oversleep to participate in smth to set aside to socialize to stay in to stay up   to surf the net to work full-time to work long hours responsibility = duty complaint holiday pay income income tax nine-to-five job salary sick pay to advise (clients) to attend (meetings) to be in charge of to deal with to do paperwork to do shiftwork to earn to have flexi-time to involve = to include to run (a restaurant) to work overtime

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