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B. Insert the proper words and write the questions.

e.g. My favorite brand is ….

What is your favorite brand?

1) I like dealing with ….

What …?

2) We usually go to … for our holidays.

Where …?

3) She prepared the … for a newspaper.

What …?

4) I bought …

What …?

5) My boss can … really well.


6) I’m going to start driving lessons in …

When …?

7) They were late for a job ... last week.

How many times?

C. Makewho-orwhat-questions.

1) You were talking to someone.

2) Somebody gave me the credit card.

3) This report belongs to somebody.

4) I borrowed the money from somebody.

5) My boss telephoned me.

6) I am worried about my colleagues.

7) Somebody works in that office.

8) My brother sold his shares.

9) They have invited many guests to the business meeting.

10) My colleague told me about a new contract.

D. Make up tag questions.

1) You don’t like interviews.

2) She arrived yesterday.

3) This company is very famous.

4) She’s gone home.

5) He’s got no money at the moment.

6) You’re always forgetting your office password.

7) She didn’t like a new employee, when she met him.

8) We’ll go to a business trip next week.

E. Make an embedded question or a new sentence from the question in brackets.

1) (Where has Tom gone?) Do you know where Tom has gone?

2) (Where is the post office?) Could you tell me where …?

3) (What time does the conference begin?) I wonder …?

4) (What does this report mean?) I would like to know …?

5) (What time did the boss leave?) Do you know …?

6) (Is Sue busy tonight?) I don’t know ….

7) (Where does Carol work?) Have you any idea …?

8) (Where did I leave my cell phone?) I can’t remember ….

9) (Why didn’t Kay come to the business lunch?) I don’t know …

10) (How far is it to the airport?) Can you tell me …?


A. You are going to interview your partner in order to complete a similar pie-chart how he/she spends his/her time. First spend a few minutes preparing for the interview. Think about:

v the questions you will ask your partner to find out how he/she spends his/her time.

v any special vocabulary you need to describe your interests.

Work in pairs. Interview your partner and draw his/her pie-chart. You’re going to tell the rest of the class about your partner, so find out as much as you can.

B. Look at the pictures. Discuss with your partner what questions in the box below can be asked in situations a-f. Add two or three questions to each situation and role-play small dialogues.

1) What’s your date of birth? 7) Where are you from?
2) How long are you going to stay? 8) What time is it?
3) Where is the nearest (bank)? 9) Can I help you?
4) Which part of (Russia) are you from? 10) Do you speak English?
5) Sorry, could you repeat that please? 11) How do you spell …?
6) Can we have the bill, please? 12) Anything else?


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