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Storage: available storage; buffer storage; computer storage; data storage; magnetic disk storage; magnetic tape storage; input storage; intermediate storage; internal storage; laser storage; main storage; primary storage; secondary storage; sequential-access storage; variable storage; virtual storage.

Value: absolute value; acceptable value; additional value; binary value; byte value; character value; constant value; correct value; data value; digit value; discrete values; invalid value; negative value; numerical value; output value; valid value.

Digit: binary digit; binary-coded digit; check digit; information digit; input digit; nonsignificant digit; significant digit; digit-by-digit.

Sequence: out of sequence; alphabetic sequence; arithmetic sequence; binary sequence; character sequence; code sequence; instruction sequence;data sequence; digital sequence; historical sequence; increasing sequence; program sequence; string sequence.

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Memory; element; information; command; examination; character; quantity; number; place; computer architect; likeness.

To apply; to form; to move; to hold; to demand; to connect; to supply; to place; to name; to start; to examine.

Continuous; significant; consecutive; usual; enough; main; initial; general.

89 Unit 7. Storage

7. , Perfect Participle
Active Perfect Participle Passive.

1. Having finished the research the scientists made the analysis of the data obtained. 2. The designer left the office having looked through all the documents. 3. Having discussed the functions of storage units we passed on to the consideration of control processing unit. 4. Having limited the information capacity of a single bit to two alternatives the computer designers expressed data by a combination of bits. 5. Having translated the program into machine language the computer architect put the program into the machine. 6. Having been coded the instruction was transmitted to the central processing unit. 7. Having been transmitted to the central processing unit the instruction made arithmetic-logical unit perform some computations. 8. Having been regulated by the operator the equipment operated well. 9. Data having been entered correctly into the computer component of a data processing system, the need for further manipulation by humans is eliminated. 10. Having been well prepared for the examination the pupils could answer all the questions the teacher asked them.

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