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Young people’s attitude to work

Work is a very important aspect of our everyday lives that has a big impact on us. I believe that work is as natural as play or rest – that means we should pay the same attention to our working conditions as we pay it to what we eat and how much we sleep. If working conditions satisfies a person for the most part, suits his biorhythms, his free time necessities, his family’s timetable, his talents and skills, work will bring a great satisfaction. But if a person suffers from the mismatch of the conditions he works on and his personal needs, he will consider work a necessary evil. Some people believe that we are all naturally lazy and avoid work if we can. It is a controversial point indeed: on the one hand, we really try to get rid of work (and this is the reason of progress – all great inventions were designed to avoid excess work!); on the other hand, work raises human esprit and advances us.

Young people’s attitude towards work has changed a lot since the end of the last century. These changes are partly caused by the development of modern technologies and by the globalization of industry, culture and society. These days, youngsters have requirements and criterions connected with work that differ a lot from their parents’ ones.

The work problem of today is the disparity of young people’s opinion of working opportunities and the reality – the economical crisis, employers’ requirements and lack of vacancies. For example, young people in Russia have seen their parents living in prosperity and even luxury. The reason of such wealthy way of life is the opportunities of earning unthinkable money in short time and gaining high posts that are accessible during the turbulent time of 1990s. Nowadays such chances are quite hard to receive for ordinary people, but youngsters still believe that companies which employ them should pay them practically the same amount of money as their parents earn. They can’t put up with small salaries and refuse working on such conditions.

Young people’s attitude to some concrete aspects of work has also altered. As a result of today’s spread of globalization, which allows relocating without great efforts, many want to work abroad, mostly to gain some extraordinary experience. On the contrary, some young people want to work from home – that seems to be the most comfortable way which excludes stress. The problem of today is, undoubtedly, commuting – migration from suburbs of the city to its center and back because of work offices, which tend to be concentrated in centres. This means that everybody tries to find work not far from home. Now, when women work as much as men do, members of young families, who have to look after their small children, seek for a job with flexible working hours. And, of course, aims which will always be the same are: a big salary, reduced stress, ability to work fewer hours, fringe benefits and opportunities for promotion.

In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of work is comfortable working conditions. Even if all other criterions absolutely fit the person, he wouldn’t get any satisfaction from work if the atmosphere in the office is strained or the boss is unfair and unreasonable. The psychological side of the question is as important as the biological one. So a person should choose a job according to his own character and social needs. Everyone should also decide what he is able to sacrifice before being employed – sleeping hours, eating hours, free time, family life, etc. We usually overestimate our strength or don’t give a fair answer about sacrifices to ourselves. And this is the origin of most disappointments and stress.

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