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Proverb: To work the left hand.

-Do you usually work hard or left hand?

-Dont you mind working hours?

-Which work do you prefer: mental or physical? Why?

-How many hours a day do you spend on doing your homework?

III. Look at the active board and pronounce some words ( 3)


[æ] [i]


Actor Singer

Actress Shift



[ai] [۸]

Driver Judge

Pilot Publisher

Miner Government

Writer (minister



Architect Nurse







IV.-Listen to the description of some jobs and guess the names of them. If you guess it correctly, youll see its picture on the active board.

A) You examine an ill patient. Then you make the patients diagnosis and write a prescription. The patient takes it and goes to a chemist. Whats the name of the job? ( a doctor) ( 4).

B) You look after ill people. You take their temperature, pulses, and blood pressure, give them some medicine. You work in shifts.( nurse) ( 5)

C) You designs and draws plans for new buildings and cities. Your work is creative and interesting.( architect) ( 6).

D)- You teach pupils, students. Your job is difficult, but you have a long holidays.( teacher) ( 7).

E) You dont walk in your cabin. You dont talk to the people in your cabin. You are in the air. The job is dangerous but interesting. (pilot) ( 8).

F)- You decide cases in a court law. You must know the laws of your country very well. ( judge) ( 9).

G) You find coal. Your work is very difficult , its under the ground. The work is dirty, but it is well-paid. ( minor) ( 10)

H) You like to sing songs. The audience likes to listen to you. You are popular and loved by your fans.( singer) ( 11) ( ).

V.-Can you name some jobs, which need peoples talent?

( an actor, an actress, an artist, a poet, a writer, a designer, a sculpture)

- Who is your favorite singer, actor, actress, writer, poet, artist? Why?

-Now lets read an interesting story The king and the artist ( 12)


The King and the Artist

A king liked to draw pictures, which he thought were very good. The people to whom he showed them were afraid to criticize them. They said that his pictures were very good.

One day he showed some of them to a well-known artist, who said that his pictures were bad. The king got angry and sent the artist to the prison. After some time, the king pardoned the artist ,and then invited him to his palace to dinner. Again the king showed him his pictures and again asked him what he thought of them.

The artist turned to the soldiers who were standing behind him and said: Take me back to the prison.


-Was the king really good at painting? What about you? What are you good at? Would you like to be a dancer, actor, singer?

VI.- Do you know that? ( 13)


In Japan teachers earn less than factory workers.

In Denmark teachers are the best-paid.

A dustman in New York earns more money than an army general in India.

In China university professors earn as much as government ministers.

Chinese journalists are the worse-paid in the world.

In Britain a nurse in a hospital is a highly paid job.



VII .Make three columns of some jobs in Kazakhstan: ( 14)


a. Which of the following jobs are well-paid?

b. Which ones are with average wages?

c. Which ones are low-paid?

a bus-driver, a dustman, a judge, a teacher, a company director, a government minister, a doctor, a primary-school teacher, army general, a nurse, a pilot.


8 .What job will you choose? ( 15)

1. Will you choose the job if its not well-paid?

2. Will you choose the job if its interesting but low-paid?

3. Will you choose the job if it is boring but it is well- paid?

4. Will you choose the job which is useful to society?

5 Will you choose the job if you work extra hours and well-paid?


IX. -What skills and qualities should people of different jobs have? Make up your own sentences. Look at the words in the chart: ( 16)


A doctor communication skills Cooperation
A teacher Computer skills creativity
A lawyer driving Cultural awareness
An ambassador Language skills flexibility
a journalist Organization abilities initiative
an interpreter typing motivation
A singer Well-educated responsible
A mechanic artistic patient
a cook   polite
A taxi driver   strong
a miner   Physically developed
a realtor    


X.-How do you think? Can people find a good job nowadays? Why not? Whats the problem? Lets read the article Life on the dole ( ex.6 p.170) of your textbook.

XI. Home task: Do Quiz (ex.8.p.176). Find your perfect job. Answer the questions to the Quiz. Your answers will tell you the sort of the job that is best for you.

XII. .


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