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I dedicate this work in memory of my ancestral spirits & to the spirits of the dead unnamed & forgotten whom' have been my guides in the world of the spirit. And in honor of the spirits of those ancient sorcerers & witches that kept these sacred traditions alive despite the unbelievable odds that they faced from religious persecutors.















What your about to read within these pages, is the culmination of my personal work & experience within the realms of Hoodoo & Voodoo practice, please note that there are strong differences between the two systems as I shall now explain. First and foremost "Hoodoo" is an Afro-American tradition of sorcery, that also includes elements of European magical traditions, as well as a strong amount of Native American botanical lore. Mainly the Euro influence in the art can be seen in the use of altar candles & in the way the magical powders are used on the altar in spell work, for example in European witchcraft the sorcerers will make certain diagrams or forms with the powers in their candle spells. Where as in African sorcery the powders are usually sprinkled liberally on the altar & into the flame of the candle being used in a spell. The strong vein of African sorcery can be seen in the use of foot print & foot track sorcery, this is where the sorcerer uses a person's footprint to do conjure work on them. It is believed that the person's footprint carries their essence much like having their signature does. And the foot track is where the sorcerer buries a charm in the path where the victim will walk over it & absorb the power of the charm & thus effect them. Another example of African sorcery is in the use of sacred purifying baths, also in the practice of leaving completed spells at the crossroads; the place where man & spirit meet. However what is to be noted is that at one point in the history of the American South is that, the already existing Hoodoo sorcerers began to mix their magic's with the religion that the Haitian Voodoo priests & priestess brought into the south, when they fled from Haiti. This is evident in many of the classic Hoodoo potions such names like: Voodoo Blessing oil, or Wanga Oil, these potions are classic examples of the mixing of the two

systems of Occult knowledge. Hence the blur between what Voodoo & Hoodoo is all about has existed from it's earlier beginnings till now.

It is true that in Haiti the tradition of sorcery has a strong current with the Voodoo's & this is most evident with the "Bokor" or the Sorcerer. Which believe it or not is not a part of the Orthodox Voodoo clergy, but rather is a person that has learnt to befriend the Loa & spirits of the dead & gained these forces as their allies. The Bokor and the Conjure worker or "Hoodoo worker" of the South have this thread in common they are distant cousins of a similar tradition of belief, this is what made the Voodoo practice assimilate so well with Hoodoo in the Southern United States. Hence what you will read about is a blend of Hoodoo mixed with magic of the LOA from the Voodoo religion. And the most important part about, working with spirits of the dead which is integral to African folk magic & religion, so let us begin this journey into the world of Hoodoo sorcery & the world of the spirits & the LOA. Hail Esu/Legba!

The Ancestral Altar

The Ancestral altar is your first step to making a real connection with the spiritual realms & not only with your ancestors but, with the spirits of the dead in general. And once you have made this altar to your ancestors, your altar will become like an antenna for other spirits who will take notice that you honor & wish to work with spirits. This is a very important step in this form of sorcery, & thus you start by honoring your ancestors. They were your family that loved & cared for you in their life & being that spirits of the dead were once alive like you & I, this makes them the closest to us on this material plane.

To make an ancestral altar is a simple matter, the first thing you will have to do is find some pictures of your deceased relatives i.e. aunts uncles or grand parents or great grand parents. A word of warning is required here concerning whom among your ancestors you choose to place on your altar. Don't place a relative who you may have had problems with while alive that you never reconciled with, they would only be angry at you & cause great mischief the sort that is unwanted. And make sure that they all had similar religious beliefs meaning if they were Catholic place a crucifix on the ancestor altar, or if they were other form of Christian place a regular cross on the altar. Another

thing to keep in mind is that you will not be doing any other rituals on this altar except to

honor the ancestors. And thus making this a separate altar from your working altar, this

also means that you may construct this altar anywhere such as a dresser top is adequate.

Although the best place for you to have an ancestral altar is your living room since the idea is for you to include your ancestors in your daily life, though a closet in a separate room from your bedroom is also a good place to create your ancestor shrine. You must first wash down the table top with an uncrossing floor wash then you will place a white table cloth on the altar top, then you will place the religious symbol at the back of the ancestral altar i.e. the cross or crucifix. It is also a good idea to rub "Van-Van oil" on the cross or crucifix as this will help keep away negative spirits posing as your ancestors. Now you arrange the pictures of your deceased relatives on the altar, then you place clear glasses of water as many as you have relatives on your altar. It is also a good idea that you keep it to a minimum of nine ancestors on the altar, if you actually have that many pictured ancestors of course. Now you will need a ceramic or glass white plate to have on your altar & a smaller bowl also a small espresso cup. You need these to make food offerings to your ancestors, you will also place a vase on the altar to put fresh flowers as an offering.

The plate & bowl do not always have to be on the altar just keep them in a separate place than your regular eating plates & bowls, what will always be on the altar are the clear glasses of water also the vase. You must change the water weekly as well as any flowers that you have placed on the altar, the best way to do this is to always place the fresh water on Mondays & replace with new water the following Monday. This way you always pray to your ancestors every Monday, what you do is approach the altar knock three times & tell them who you are. Then offer them the fresh water & say a prayer to the Supreme Being on their behalf, ask to bless them & help them grow in spirit. Talk to them for a while tell them how you miss them & have not forgot them, ask your ancestors for their

blessing in your daily life & ask them to help you have good health, love & prosperity. Then light a white candle for them dressed with Van-Van oil & leave it there to bum for them, offer your ancestors the light, heat, & energy of the candle. To close the ceremony clap three times this is the signal to end the session, in time as you develop a stronger connection with your ancestors you can start to give them food offerings, such as bread fruits & candies. Never salt the food that you offer the dead this makes it nearly impossible for the ancestors to draw energy from the food offerings.

Try to offer foods that you knew they favored in life, this keeps them happy. As in time you may be surprised to find that as you develop this positive relationship with your ancestors, that your life will gain a certain tranquility & peace as they will help you in your life to resolve those problems that concern the family. As an example from my personal experience with my ancestors, we were having many problems in the family specifically with a certain relative of mine. We had a bad falling out due to a betrayal on their part, the person in question was really into alcohol & one day disgraced me in front of some friends & family. Needless to say I would not speak to this person for months & my ancestors picked on the family tension & suddenly the person started to straighten up their act.

Then the day came when this person approached me of their own accord to apologize for their actions & wished to be at peace with the family. Also it was as if they were being reminded of their wrongs, & one time I went to approach the ancestor altar & my ancestors were telling me that they helped resolve the family conflict. And so I made

them a small feast of their favorite foods & thanked them for their blessings. As a side note I would like to add that you can use seven day white candles, tapers or even the 50 hour glass encased candles to offer your ancestors.

As well as burning incense for them such as copal incense is good incense to offer your ancestors, also offer them tobacco, cigars & black coffee never sugared. However it is wise that you only give your ancestors these treats when they have indeed been communicating with you regularly & note that there will be times when a negative spirit of the dead will pose as your ancestor. And most likely you will be able to notice this if all of the sudden you are getting lots of advice from one of your would be ancestors. Be careful here this is most likely a negative spirit that is trying to either gain something from you or seek to control you, the simplest method to discover if they're an imposter is to ask them something only your "true" ancestor could know.

If it so occurs that you discover that indeed the spirit is an imposter I suggest that you warn them to leave & not desecrate you ancestral shrine. Then proceed to burn banishing incense around the shrine & light a white candle & pray for your ancestors to be blessed. I would also recommend that you anoint the cross at your altar with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil & infuse into this cross a command that it protect the shrine, even imagine

a radiant white light emanating from the cross as it banishes all negative spirits from your


shrine. This is really all that you can do & usually this will suffice to rid your shrine of negative spirits. In time as you pray & communicate with your ancestors you will note

many positive changes in your life. Remembering your ancestors can bring a person a

calm inner peace, you will gain a respect for death & no longer fear death.

In conclusion I wish you the best of luck in honoring your ancestors may they bless you


Basic Altar Set-up

The most important foundation to any system of magical practice will always have this basic setting. Your altar is the place where you work your sorcery & more importantly your altar acts as an interface to the spirit realms & how you connect with the spirits you choose to work with.

It is also a battery that stores energy & the more time you work on your altar the more it becomes a part of you in the magical sense. The altar is therefore a very personal possession & you must never allow others to touch it, unless they are your spouse or magical partner & participate in your rituals.

Your altar for this system of Voodoo Sorcery should be simple & no altar cloth will be used so if it is a wood top that is good & a marble altar top is even better because it is fire proof.

The reason you will not employ an altar cloth is because there will be times that you will be drawing veves on your altar usually they will be traced with a powder. An altar cloth would only make things complicated for this. It could get messy & complicated to have an altar cloth when tracing veves on the altar. If this will be your first altar then I will give you a simple method to cleanse & dedicate it to the workings of the spirits. If it is not your first altar then you will refine your already existing altar to fit the design of this Voodoo altar.

The altar set-up. 1 @ 1

2 [3]

4 5.

I will describe what this signifies the number Ones are your white altar candles these are always dressed with Van-Van or another Holy Oil which go at the back of your altar. In between you see this @ symbol represents a Skull that you need to have on your altar it need not be a real skull as a plastic or ceramic material skull will suffice. You must have this skull motif on your altar because in Voodoo Magical practice the spirits of the dead play an important part that can not be overstressed. I will talk about working with the dead in depth in the following chapter, for now lets us move on to the next symbol & what it means. Number two on the altar is a clear glass of water that goes in front of the skull on you altar this is an offering to the spirits.

More on that later, Number Three on the altar is the KJV Bible or "King James Version" from which you can read the Psalms when casting your spells, note this is a traditional Voodoo practice. However if you do not read Psalms & are more comfortable with those incantations that you have created, you can always substitute a bible with your personal Book of Shadows. That will be just fine, as magic is a very personal art & we all do what feels right & that's what counts.

You would do well to take note of this, your intuition is a good guide to working magic & you will know what is good for you this way. Of course that also corresponds with taking any sudden idea you might have & question it to know how you can make that work for you. It does you no justice to just do something on impulse because of "sudden inspiration" always take that inspirational idea & study it before you act upon it. Number Four is a piece of a horn or a spike from an antler of a Deer, Goat, or a Bull this is used in certain rituals to knock on the altar to call spirits. Next to this you also place a Machete place the Machete to the left of the horn on the altar.

If you do not have access to a horn of any sort then you can use a stick that you can shape to resemble a horn,. It is preferable that you use the horn as it carries the vibration of a creature in the wild & lends symbolism of the spirits of nature. I tend to use the horn & machete on my altar because the horn is the symbol of the wild & spirits of nature & the machete is man made & show's mans authority over the elements of nature. Number Five is your incense-burner, which is important to these practices; as you will soon find out. Note: the incense burner it is placed on the right of the altar for positive works & if dark then on the left side you put your incense burner. Of course do not forget that you will need to have a candle-snuffer & this can be located near your book on

the altar & a small book of matches which can be located at the left lower corner of your altar. That is the basic Altar Layout very simple yet very effective, although I have not mentioned it candleholders are required. But you will be placing your spell candles in different positions & zones of the altar & this will be discussed later on. Now, if its your first altar then you would do well to cleanse all the magical items that make up your altar & cleanse the altar itself.

You do this by anointing every corner of the altar with uncrossing oil or better still scrub down the altar with an uncrossing wash. Then anoint each magical item with uncrossing oil before you put it on your altar. Once you have done this arrange all the items on your altar as the layout describes & then you simply make a statement of intention to the spirits.

Something like this will be good "I dedicate this sacred altar to, working with the spirits of Voodoo & may they teach me their secrets; may I grow in power as I work with the spirits". Then you can if you like pour some fresh water into your clear glass on the altar & light a white candle dressed with Van-Van Oil in honor of the spirits & to bless your altar.

Blessing & Protective Evocation

This rite is to banish negative entities from your ritual chamber & it is a bit more different than casting a circle simply because you do not cast a circle. In traditional Hoodoo practice protective circles were not used, there were and still are protective prayers used at the start of a working. However I must say that also a great many Hoodoo workers prefer to cast a circle & that is fine we all have our personal likes & dislikes. This is the method that I have used with much success in my magical practices & without further lecture let's get to it shall we.

You start by facing the North & with your power hand using your index finger draw an equal armed cross in the air & either visualize it glowing as a blue radiant energy or red, both are traditional protective energy colors. And once you have drawn this cross in the air you say this prayer: Holy spirits of the Northern Cross Of Light, Bless & Protect this Ritual Chamber & keep all Negative & evil influences away from this work! Approach the South drawing the cross in the air again & saying Holy Spirits of the Southern Cross of light, Bless & Protect this Ritual Chamber & keep all negative & evil influences away from this work! Next approach the West & do the same procedure as with the other corners of the compass, then finally approach the East with this same procedure of drawing the cross in the air & using the prayer addressing the spirits of that direction of the compass.

Summed up the order is as follows: North, South, West, East, I should like to explain a bit on this. The North has always been viewed as the land of the dead & thus in Voodoo the dead are very important, then we follow with South & then go West, & finally we face the East where the sun rises. Making a symbolic gesture that the dead are alive because the sun rises in the East & the dead themselves rise to help the Voodoo worker

To close the ritual you clap three times as a signal that the rite is over & the spirits may go back to their realms after you are done with the working at hand. This is the general evocation used for your general work, however if it were a cursing ritual the prayer changes after addressing the spirit of each cardinal point, you'd say it like this. Draw the Cross in the North & say "holy spirits of the northern cross of light, Fortify & Protect this Ritual Chamber & keep all opposing influences Away from this work! You do this for each cardinal point, this is done because it is well known that

cursing rituals attract dark spirits. And they are the ones that attack your enemy & if you bless the chamber as opposed to shielding it you offend & banish the dark entities that seek to aid you in attacking your enemies.

Of course the remedy is that after each cursing ritual you burn banishing incense like "Satan Be Gone" is excellent for this. And then pass the fumes over you & anoint your third eye & temples with uncrossing oil, this keeps your aura clean after dark rituals. This is a HIGHLY advised practice after all cursing rituals a person would do well to remember this simple yet protective practice.

Another thing I wanted to comment on is that, there is no special manner in which to dress for these practices. You see the emphasis of Sorcery is to influence or affect the world around you.

And what better represents your surrounding world than your every day clothes that you wear in every day life? A few comments on what the cross represents in Voodoo practice;

The cross itself is an ancient symbol that predates the Christian religion & this symbol has existed in many parts of the world. Many people are under the impression that the cross is used in Voodoo because of the Christian influence, of the missionaries teaching Catholicism to the African slaves. Many believe that is how it was fused with African Magico-Religious practice. The truth is that the cross is the symbol of perhaps the most sacred of places "the crossroads". The crossroads is the place where man & spirit meet, a place where powerful spells can be performed. In its original form the cross was equal armed, and with the advent of the missionaries forcing their religion upon the African Slaves. The African Slaves merely saw the cross as their own symbol of the crossroads,

this is why Saints are seen in some Voodoo practices. Because they were associated with the ancient Loa or Orishas, but we will not discuss this area of Voodoo in the context of this book. I merely wanted to share the symbolism of the cross in Voodoo so that people can see that it is non-Christian in its function.

The use of the Bible in Voodoo practice is part of the European magical influence mainly because the Psalms are used in spell work. And the Psalms are of Kabalistic practice once again showing the influence of European magic on ancient Hoodoo conjure practices.

This is because in old African sorcery chants & incantations were used & the Bible with its Psalms fills the gaps of that particular knowledge that was lost when African slaves were brought to the New World. I am reminded of an old saying in Hoodoo & other sorcery practices "what ever works ". These practices of using Psalms & crosses in Voodoo & Hoodoo Conjure have been effective for centuries now. So try these workings. Who knows? You might find that they are highly effective! Hundreds of Sorcerers from centuries past used with them with great success & still keep doing so. SIDE NOTES: It is very useful & congruent to employ the Machete on your altar when drawing the protective crosses at every corner of the compass. This is specifically true of working hexing rites this is because your Machete shows that you as a sorcerer mean, business the spirits respect this attitude. Also it is wise that from time to time you dress your spirit calling horn with Voodoo Power oil to keep it charmed. You see this horn is a beacon of power that helps you pull in certain spirits that will be discussed in the next chapter. This horn is not something that you blow into but rather used to make rapping sounds on the altar when calling spirits.

I would also like to add some information concerning the use of the glass encased 7-day candles. It appears that many practitioners have had trouble in dressing 7-day glass encased candles of course unlike the regular taper of figure candles one applies oils directly to the candle.

The way to dress a 7-day candle in my experience what has been most effective is to take a large steel rod like a welding rod & slightly heat it, so that you can make a hole along the side of the candle all the way to it's bottom. And then what you do is put drops of your spell oil in this hole. Then carefully carve at the top of the candle your statement of intention & proceed to anoint the top of the candle, rub the oil clock wise if to draw or counter clock- wise to banish or hex.

Write on a brown piece of paper your intent & anoint paper's edges with same oil & set candle on top of this paper.

Throwing the bones: Divination with the "Holy Astragals"

Astragalomantics is a form of divination that can be classified as "Sortilege" a technique where a person casts lots to obtain an oracle. In fact sortilege is one of the more ancient methods of divination that has long been used by various "Magico-Religious" traditions. Examples of such traditions can include; Santeria where there are two primary

forms of sortilege utilized mainly the four coconut rinds & the sixteen cowry shells. Also in Palo Mayombe there are similar techniques to those found in Santeria's use of the Coconut Rinds. If we go further back into the Dark Continent of Africa one finds various methods of Sortilege. This is mentioned in the Ray Buckland & Kathleen Binger's book titled "The Book of African Divination" where the authors mention at least two other methods apart from the Yoruba seashell divination. Mainly the Venda tribe's use of knucklebones cast upon a sacred divining tray & the Zulu tribe's use of the bones cast upon the earth.

The practice of sortilege is not limited to African traditions of sorcery there also exist techniques of sortilege in the Euro magical traditions such as the Ogham sticks used by the Druids. Even the Hebrews practiced divination by sortilege. The KJV Holy Bible talks of & even supports the practice of divination, in Leviticus 16:8 is quoted "And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the Lord, and the other lot for the scapegoat". Here is being spoken of using sortilege to know which goat shall be sacrificed to God & which belongs to Azazel. In those ancient times animal sacrifice was a commonly accepted practice, not to worry though we won't be casting lots to perform animal sacrifices. We will use sortilege to help us in our sorcery & to better know the

answer to things in life & their proper magical solution.


In the passage of Leviticus we read that they are casting lots to divine & in Ezekiel 21:21 we're given more of an idea of what was used for sortilege these were the Holy Arrows. The passage reads: " For the King of Babylon stood at the parting of the way, at the head

of the two ways, to use divination: he made his arrows bright, he consulted with images, he looked in the liver".

The passage does mention two other forms of divination besides the use of the holy arrows, mainly that of consulting idols & reading a liver which was a common form of divination in biblical times. Several arrows were used & colored differently then shaken from a container & cast upon the ground then the oracle was interpreted by the diviner according to the patterns in which the Arrows fell. I mention this to illustrate the antiquity of casting lots or the use of Sortilege in magical & religious practices, but I think it's time we move on to discuss the Holy Astragals & how to use them.

The Holy Astragals

The Holy Astragals are the particular tools that you will be using to cast lots & divine the nature of things. Astragals were used by the ancient Egyptians in fact the word "astragal" means ankle bone & particularly they used the ankle bones of sheep, which were shaped to have four distinguishable sides and were marked with various patterns. These anklebones of sheep were taken only after a holy ritual in which usually the Egyptian priests would sacrifice the sheep.

What is important to know is that the astragals once prepared very much resembled modern day Dice, and the good news is that you will not have to kill any sheep in order to have your Holy Astragals. In fact we will be using modern day Dice as your Astragals & that is really the only thing that changes, the ancient numerical patterns that were used to interpret the oracle are still used in this modern method. Sometimes a person can obtain a pair of dice that are made of bone & that is ok to use if you feel the need to use actual

bones. However in my personal practices I use the plain plastic dice sold in stores where the Playing cards are usually found.

You will be using only a pair of dice as your Holy Astragals & there is a ritual that we will be using to consecrate the dice that will make them your Holy Astragals, understand that you must first make this step before using these dice as your Astragals.

Consecration Ritual

For this ritual you will need your pair of dice, a cigar, a bowl to put the dice into, a white candle taper or household & a sacred oil such as Van-Van is good or Trinity Oil is also good to use. Put the bowl in the center of your working Altar & put the dice into it then take each of the dice & anoint each side of them with the Van-Van. Then replace the dice back into the bowl then light your cigar & blow smoke onto the dice inside the bowl, blowing three puffs of smoke.


Then say this simple prayer over the dice "In the name of my ancestors & spiritual guides, I breath life into these Holy Astragals, that they may always answer me truly & never give a cold reading". Now carve on the white candle "Bless these Astragals" now dress the candle with the sacred oil you used to anoint the dices, then simply light the

candle. And while the candle is lit visualize a white light pouring into the dice inside the

bowl & then let the candle burn out on it's own. Once this is done you might want to

store the Astragals inside a blue or a white flannel drawstring bag.

You will also need to find either a blue or white handkerchief & draw in its center area a circle that measures 12 inches across in diameter. You can use a black permanent marker to draw this circle onto the handkerchief, however sometimes one can find bandanas that have a design on them & that appear to have a circle formation this is also acceptable to use as your circle. This is because you will be casting the dice into this circle when you are consulting the Astragals.

On using the dice to divine: I advise that you have a psychic oil handy such as "Tiger oil" or "Five Circles" all are available through the Society. I myself use Holy Spirit oil when working with the Astragals, also you should burn a divination incense if you cant obtain any, then grind up & burn Flax Seeds when you consult the oracle. Lay the cloth with it's marked circle upon your altar & burn some divination incense & anoint your temples & your center or "third eye" with your psychic oil. Then rub some of this oil on your Astragals & cup them in your hands saying a simple prayer such as "Holy Spirit Guides talk to me through the Holy Astragals & help me to know the answer to my question". Then say out loud what is that you wish to know about & concentrate a bit on that question, then shake the dices in a clockwise motion while concentrating on your question & cast the dice into the circle. You will only interpret the dice that falls inside the circle if one falls outside the circle it is not interpreted, only the dice inside the circle is interpreted. Obviously if both dice fall inside the circle you will interpret the total number that they add up to, of which I will shortly give you the numbers & their meanings. Remember when you are casting the dice cast 3 times per question to determine the outcome.

The Oracle

1. Yes.

2. No.

3. Be careful, this portends a warning in relation to what you have asked.


4. Be wise this is basically saying "think it over".

5. Good luck.

6. Of course, which is a yes answer.

7. Be strong in faith.

8. Be patient, this portends that what you have asked will occur in time.

9. Quite sure, which is an emphatic yes answer.

10. Is doubtful or basically a no answer.

11. None sense, this is inconclusive reading, which means you'll have to cast

12. A stroke of Luck, this is a very good omen indeed.

As you can see using the Astragals is a very practical & straightforward method of divination. Which truly gives straight answers & has no gray areas, "gray areas" are not very practical in sorcery practices. Here are some ways that you can use the Astragals to help you out in your magical practices. Let's say that your interested in a certain job &

you know that you have the qualifications for this job, but you are worried because there

are many other qualified people applying for this job. So you go & consult the oracle to

know if you will get this job or not?

Let's say for the sake of this demonstration that the oracle reads a negative answer, then your next step would be to ask if this could be changed via ritual work? If it says yes then you can proceed to ask just what candles to use, a first step might be to ask if a "Job" candle is needed & record what the oracle says; if it reads a yes, Good Luck, & Quite sure, then that is the only candle you need. Other times it might say; Yes, Be careful, Be wise, in such a case it means you will need more than one candle to make this happen, perhaps it will need an uncrossing candle or a lucky candle. And maybe a bend over or domination candle to influence the one that has interviewed you, so they pick you for the job.

Then you ask what oils to use in dressing your candles this is simple, take a few squares of paper & write down the names of oils that you regularly use in your spell work. Now simply put one of these squares inside the circle & cast the dice to see what it has to say, as an example of the above fictional reading. You are asking what oil to use on your job candle & you have Crown of Success in the circle & you get a positive reading. Then that's what you'd use on that candle, then proceed to ask what other oils to use with the other candles. The next step might be to ask if you need help from the spirits of the dead, or the Loa, to work on this spell, record what this says & plan out the ritual accordingly. This might seem like a long process but in practice but it really isn't.

Other times as you cast the Astragals you might get a reading that says you don't need a ritual to get the desired result, so again you can see the benefits of consulting the "bones" so to speak.

In such a case you've just saved yourself valuable time that can be spent on other magical projects that may require your special attention. Other times as you cast the Astragals you will find that they both jump out of the circle if this continued for the three times you cast the astragals. This is a sign that means it's either a bad time to ask or this is an impossible goal.

Other examples of using the Astragals can be when your planning a long trip some where & you want to know if it is safe or portends danger, again you can deal with the situation very effectively by casting the Astragals & knowing if this can be fixed or not.

Another example is if your interested in a certain somebody & you need to know if they like you or if they already are either; married, engaged, or just seeing someone. It's better that you know ahead of time how to deal with a situation rather than just starting a ritual upon the slightest impulse. As you think about it like that, a person can really see the value of working with & consulting the oracle before getting into a ritual.

When viewed from this perspective, a person can realize the benefits of working with a practical form of divination such as Sortilege or the casting of the lots. This in itself can bring you an understanding of how to become more effective at working your rituals, & it can help you to better trust your intuition. Many things come from practicing the discipline of divination, you also learn proper focus and how to best connect with the potions you use & the candles etc.

Another great benefit is that it truly helps you to connect with your fellow human beings & gives you the ability to best understand a person's individual traits & behaviors.

With this comes also the self- realization of your personal strengths & weaknesses, your limitations & how to gain insight from your faults. Remember failures are not always a mere failure, many times these are the greatest lessons that can help you rise to greater achievements in your chosen path in this lifetime.

In closing this chapter on divination I'd like to wish you the best of luck in working with this method of divination & it may it bring you great success as it has done for me.

Working With The Dead a Voodoo method of Necromantic Sorcery How can I begin to discuss a profound topic such as working with the spirits of the deceased? I shall try to do my best at assisting my fellow sorcerers of the world to know of some practical methods of working with the dead. First of all I must emphasize that this is a hybrid form of Voodoo conjure. I have tried my best to keep the most effective of the ancient methods along with the more updated Hoodoo practices. Much research & experimentation has gone into my practices & what you get here is a result of what I know to be effective & practical.

By now you can see why it is so important to develop a rapport with your ancestors, they are your introduction to having that first contact with the spirits of the dead. Of course your ancestors are never asked to help you cast spells that is not their function. The spirits of the dead that you will be asking to help you in your magical workings are known as "those unnamed & forgotten".

These are very powerful spirits of the dead who form a chain to the most ancient beginnings of mankind. As such they carry very raw & primordial energies that can be used to cast powerful spells. Of course it should be well known that these spirits were people that lived once & such as there are bad people in the living world so there are bad spirits of people in the spirit world.

Both good or bad spirits can be persuaded to work for the Sorcerer & I will describe methods that are used to control spirits should they get unruly.

How does one attract these spirits to their altar? Simple the skull on your altar is meant to represent the spirits of the dead unnamed & forgotten & the glass of water that goes in front of this skull if an offering to these spirits. This skull that is nameless is therefore the best symbol to attract these spirits. You must place a fresh glass of water every week on the altar in front of the skull, you might want to pick a day for this I do this on Mondays myself. Once you have placed the fresh glass of water on the altar you then make this statement: " I offer this fresh glass of water to those spirits among the dead that are unnamed & forgotten, you are welcome at my altar". The tradition of honoring the unnamed dead is an old Voodoo practice which is also existent in my cultural background of the Mexican Day Of The Dead celebration.

In the Mexican tradition of honoring the dead they too use a skull symbolic of the unnamed dead, however Mexican traditions stem from the Aztec & Maya & related lines & as such will not be discussed here. Needless to say one can find parallels in other cultures. That is what helped me with my research into Voodoo conjure, having the ability to see past cultural barriers & find common link.

Onto specifics for this practice, what keeps this style of working with the dead uniquely Voodoo in it's flavor, is the potion that is used to attract these powerful spirits. This formula that I speak of I learnt through my training in the IGOS Basic Sorcery/Witchcraft: course, the majority of that course on Sorcery is based heavily on Southern Hoodoo/Voodoo tradition, with many potions being of Old New Orleans fame. The great thing about the Society is that all that is written in their Sorcery Course has been researched to be the most effective, with many of the formulas taught in that course

being Hoodoo/Voodoo classic potions that have been proven effective for centuries now. The potion used for this procedure in calling the dead to your altar is a powder used in Hoodoo/Voodoo practices, it is known as Voodoo Powder!

Voodoo Powder is a powerful drawer of spirits of the dead & these spirits are viewed as being very powerful in the astral sense. As I said before they have very primordial energies & there are basically two methods for working with these spirits which I will discuss in a bit. For now I want to talk about this powder, "Voodoo Powder" contains the following: 80% Cemetery Dirt to which is added small amounts of the following powdered herbs, Myrrh, Patchouli, Mullein, Vetivert, Pine, Clove & Lime. Personally for the lime I use lime peels when making this recipe & I will admit this is a tricky powder to make. You can purchase this powder through IGOS they have trained Alchemists that can make it for you, or if you are experienced enough in making formulas then by all means make up the powder yourself. This formula when made properly will give off a very magnetic effect to the touch, you can literally feel the spirits that it pulls in when it is used. It is also important in these necromantic practices that you have a powerful banishing incense on hand such as Satan Be Gone incense. Also you will need commanding oil on hand that can be used to command unruly spirits that may go awry. The exact techniques for controlling these spirits will be discussed as we go along in the workings with the dead.

Technique number one of working with the dead

This is by far the technique many will favor in most of their practical workings with the spirits of the dead. The concept behind this method I formulated during my research into spiritualism, but the actual technique is my own method. However the idea came to me when I learnt that many spiritualists known as "mediums" are known to channel spirit energies to help heal people & do other similar tasks. Thus in this first technique I will teach a method of tapping into the energies that these powerful spirits of the dead have to offer & these energies can be used in all practical spell work. With that said let us get into the technique for tapping into these energies.

I will use a healing spell as my example for this technique, of drawing on spirit energies for spell work. Let us assume that you have opened your ritual chamber as you have been taught in the previous chapter on the altar set up. Your friend Suzy is ill with arthritis & her poor back is always in pain because she fell off a ladder & you want to help her, so you take a white seven-knob candle & a good healing oil. Now you take a small square of brown paper & write on it with a pencil "heal Suzy's back pains". Now rub some of the healing oil on that paper & place this paper underneath the skull on your altar. Now what you do is carve Suzy's name on the candle & what you want to happen in this spell then dress the candle with the healing oil.

Now here's where you bring the dead into this spell; take some Voodoo Powder & sprinkle it over the skull on the altar & recite this prayer with your power hand on top of the skull.

Medium of Holy Spirits of the waters below & beneath all worlds, the Holy Spirits of the Dead & the Seas your help is needed here. Then sprinkle the Voodoo Powder at every corner of your altar & knock three times on the altar with your spirit calling horn. Then say "I call upon the help of the spirits of those dead unnamed & forgotten to help me in this work, your strength is needed here. I promise you spirits that help me here that after this work is done that I will give you some fresh fruits & burn a white candle in your name, if you help me everyday that this work goes on.

Now you visualize energy building up through the skull on your altar & imagine the color of the candle you are using in the spell. In this case you are healing so you imagine that the skull is radiating a brilliant white bubble of energy, picture this energy joining with the energy of the candle & then send it out to the target of your spell. In this case your sending the energy to help heal Suzy's back pains, as soon as the knob has burnt down you dismiss the spirits.

Draw a cross over your altar & tell the spirits "I thank you for having helped me in this working, your help is no longer needed today; you may return to your respective realms until I call you again".

Should any of these spirits decide to stick around burn Satan Be Gone incense & carve on a purple candle "be gone negative spirit" & anoint it with a Commanding Oil in a

twisting motion you anoint this candle. This candle will compel the spirit to leave your home when burned in conjunction with the Banishment Incense. Make sure you fumigate every room in your home if need be to keep this entity away from your ritual room.

In this technique of spell work with the dead it is a rare occurrence that the spirits will behave in this manner. This will more often occur when you employ these spirits in Hexing & Cursing Rites.

And since this ritual will last for seven days you change the glass of water with fresh water every day that you do the working. The reason this is done is so your spirits will have the strength to keep helping you in your spell work. The water you offer these spirits gives them strength they need to channel their energies in your spell. Now, in this instance you will give your spirits as promised their fresh fruits & burn a white candle dressed with either Van-Van or Voodoo Power oil. Let your intuition guide on what oil you will dress the praise candle with.

In this instance you give them their food because it is felt that the spirits have been working on this spell with you every day that you are lighting the spell candle. They have earned their bread so to speak, & there is a special way that you feed the spirits on your altar when the time comes to feed them. This is how you feed the spirits on your altar, take an apple chop it into four halves & put it on a small plate & then you put this plate in front of the skull on your altar. Sprinkle some Voodoo Powder around this plate & tell the spirits this is their food, their payment for having worked with you in the previous ritual. Then simply take the white taper or household candle & carve on it "praise the dead that helped me" & simply dress this candle with the previously mentioned oils of either Van-Van or Voodoo Power oil. Light this candle & let it burn to the socket. Then simply remove these offerings the next day & dispose of in a brown

paper bag throw in the trash can as usual. This is the basic method for working with the dead for this first technique & I will give a quick review of the steps in doing so.

SIDE NOTE: The previous healing ritual is meant to work on a person's etheric body "aura", and the energies of the spell help to heal the person's spiritual body & thus promote a happier healthier recovery. This is by no means meant to replace licensed medical help & it is best advised that you always visit a licensed physician when having any ailment of a physical kind.

Ritual overview:

1. Have the summoning powder ready "Voodoo Powder", the proper spell oils for your

2. Written statement of intention that is always placed underneath the skull on your altar
& dressed with the oil being used in your candle ritual.

3. Use the evocations discussed in the sample ritual & always have Banishing incense &
Commanding oils ready if they are needed to deal with unruly spirits.

4. Everyday or night of your workings you always refresh the glass of water for your
spirits to have the strength to channel their energies into your spell work.


5. Visualization is required & helps to channel the spirit energies into your spell, it is

wise that you imagine the energies being the same color of your candle. Just as you can see your candle forming a bubble of energy, you also do this with the skull on the altar at the same time. In example your doing a love spell with a red candle dressed

with the proper oils, as this is burning you see the candle becoming a ball of red energy & so imagine the skull building up red love drawing energy. Then you picture the energy from the skull joining the energy of the candle & then you project this energy to your spell target mainly the object of your desire, once you do that you can then see your final outcome imagine that it has already happened. Depending on your choice of candle you will be snuffing it & thus continuing the spell the next day.

6. If you should choose to employ a seven day glass encased candle then you will still
replace the water everyday as mentioned & you will still be doing to the evocations &
visualizations everyday that this candle burns. Simply put when it finally burns out
you clean up your altar space & give the spirits the payment you promised. So you
see it is all the same for any candle you choose to employ, & this is the general
technique when channeling spirit energies.

7. Always dismiss these spirits when your energy channeling session is completed.

8. In line with number two if you are doing a hexing ritual always after the hexing ritual
is done, take a sponge that has uncrossing wash on it & lightly wipe the Skull clean.
This is done because you have anointed the intention paper with Hexing oil in such a
case & these energies could very well attract a negative entity that may attempt to
hang around your altar. In which case it is advised that you burn the Banishing
incense after each Hexing session, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also you pay the
spirits with the same payment despite the working they always get a white candle

with their foods. Spirits of the dead gain elevation when you burn a white candle for them & so it's mutual benefit when they choose to work with you.

Helpful tip: Using Skull candles when working spells with the dead has a powerful effect in manifesting your spell into reality. After all what better can represent the powers of the dead in a candle ritual than a candle that is molded into a "skull" the universal symbol of the dead. You can mark a skull candle to be used for a few days so they are perfect for magical workings such as those previously described.

Technique number two, direct spirit influence & the spirit circle This second method of working with the dead is a bit more advanced & has its limits in the sense that influencing people's minds is what this is all about. And in general candle magic as in what the first technique is energies are projected to either draw in or disperse or tear down.

Also apart from influencing minds this method allows one to be able to have the spirits attack an enemy should that ever be needed. There is a special circle that is drawn & it is within this circle that you place your candles or other spell items. The other important aspect to remember is that when one employs this method the spirits do not get paid till

the desired result is achieved.

This can mean that at times certain spells can take longer than others to manifest the

sorcerer's desires into reality, of course as in the first technique you will refresh their water every day that they work for you.

The Spirit Circle

This is something that I learnt through both experimentation & research into the many African Diaspora traditions of magic, such as Palo Mayombe, Obeah, American Voodoo & Haitian Voodoo. What these practices have in common is that they make use of magical designs called in Voodoo "Vevers" or Veves or in Palo called a "Firma" Spanish for signature. What this all means is a marking or rather a signature that represents a spirit & acts as their doorway to our realm. It is well believed in Voodoo that the crossroads is where all spirits must cross to the earth realm or to the spirit realms. So the spirit circle makes use of the symbolism of the crossroads & is encircled so that the spirits manifest or focus their power inside this circle.

At the end of this chapter will be included the drawing of the spirit circle but now we should discuss what is used to draw the spirit circle. However before we go on I'd like to add that all the basic steps for calling the dead as in Technique number one, mainly being the use of the voodoo powder sprinkled on the skull & the prayer said over the skull. Also the use of the spirit calling horn knocking on the altar saying the evocation that calls the spirits, is still a fundamental step to drawing the spirits with the spirit circle so remember this is still relevant to this second method of calling the dead with a circle.

There are mainly three materials that are used to draw the spirit circle the first is known as "Cascarilla" or eggshell powder which can be found at some Spiritualist supply stores that cater to practitioners of the Santeria religion. If you should desire to use this Cascarilla & have access to a Botanica or Spiritual Supply house I recommend that you

purchase the compacted variety of Cascarilla as this makes it easy to draw the circle & design. This is a traditional powder used to draw spirit markings in Santeria & some Palo Mayombe practices. The next best material which will be most accessible to all is, plain powdered chalk a very excellent material to use in drawing the spirit circle just as effective as Cascarilla. Both of the two materials will be used in all your general spirit influence work such as: Love spells, Sexual spells, spells to influence people on your behalf "bend over spells", spells to make someone pay you what they owe you. These are mainly the kinds of rituals & spells that can be done with direct spirit influence of course negative spells can be worked also with spirit influence. Which brings us to the third & final material that is used to draw the spirit circle & this is only used in your cursing rituals, this is regular Coffee Grounds. The idea behind this lies in the fact the Coffee grounds are dark in color & even so when you draw the spirit circle with Coffee grounds you do so in a "counter clockwise motion" this is symbolic of tearing down or draining energies. The only other use you would have for this "dark spirit circle" is to work extreme domination rituals which go beyond the mere bending of a person's will. And one uses black candles in these rituals dressed with the proper commanding or domination oils. Not to worry I shall give a spell for doing this in the dark spirit circle.

Before I go on to describe in detail just how to call the spirits once you draw the circle,


I'd like to discuss some very important rules that I have learnt through experience & study when working with the dead in this method. The first rule is that you never give the spirits their payment until you have indeed obtained your desired result, which brings another interesting point that it is wise that you first consult the oracle to find out if your

task can be accomplished. Methods for working the oracle will be discussed in the divination chapter & so I shall not go into this here.

However the second rule is that payments in the form of food change in size depending on how much work these spirits have done for you. In example the basic food I have given my spirits when they have helped work a successful ritual for one of my clients is a sliced apple & slice of bread on the side topped with some candies as their treat. This I usually have given them when I have performed a successful love ritual or similar ritual that involved compelling a person to do a certain task.

Other times if it has taken great work such as in a extreme dominance ritual then my spirits will be rewarded with a greater feast in example a sliced apple and a table spoon of veggies the slice of bread the candies & some straight black coffee. Of course this type of reward is only given when it has been a serious case such as a powerful cursing ritual or the domination ritual as mentioned, or when having someone pay you a serious debt that they owe you. The final rule is never feed these spirits until they have done their part & completed their task & I say this because the spirits will try to influence you to feed them before they get the job done. So if you feel a strong urge to feed them when it's not time to feed, ignore the urge & tell them they eat when they complete their task. It's as simple as that be strong & firm with your spirits they will respect this attitude & they will learn to not attempt influencing you anymore.

Drawing the spirit circle is not that hard, basic principle is that for all general constructive workings i.e. love, spells, sexual, or as you please or Bend over spells. That you draw the circle in a clockwise fashion & much like a sand painting you are sprinkling either the

Cascarilla or Chalk powder when you draw the spirit circle. As a general rule you draw this circle in the center of your altar & you make it 12inches in width this gives sufficient space to place your spell candles or other items being used in the working. I will give sample rituals that I myself have used with success, one will involve the use of figure candles inside the spirit circle & another will be a jar spell. I want you to have examples of how this is all done so that you can eventually form ideas of how to manipulate & work with the spirit circle.

Love or Attraction Spell using Spirit Circle

We'll use a love ritual as an example of how to work with the spirit circle & I'll explain the techniques of calling the spirits as we go along. Also note that this is a spell that I myself have used to help clients who have needed help when dating someone they wanted to get closer to. The items you will need besides your Voodoo Powder & chalk dust or Cascarilla to draw the circle will be: two red image candles male & female one oil of Attraction or Magnetic & a strong love oil such as "Come to Me" which can be used by both sexes. Incense like attraction is perfect for such a spell. You still have to write your statement of intention & place this under the skull on your altar & do the same evocation as previously taught in the first method. Only thing different in this method is that you draw the spirit circle & then when you evoke the spirits as you have been taught to do. You sprinkle some Voodoo Powder inside the spirit circle & tell these spirits that they get to influence & focus their power through this circle.

Ok so assuming that you have drawn the spirit circle & have now called the spirits & asked them to focus their power through the spirit circle, then it is now time to start your spell. Carve your name on the image candle for you & dress yours with the Attraction or Magnetic oil & then carve the name of the desired one on the other candle & dress this one with the Come to Me oil. Now you put these candles in the spirit circle at the very edge of the circle so the figures are far apart.

Then tell the spirits that you want to fill X's mind with thought's of Love or Passion for Y or you. Tell the spirits that if they succeed at having X fall for you that you will reward them with a good meal & only if it so happens that you get your desire will you pay them with this food.

Now explain to the spirits that they should make X have thoughts of love or passion
whichever it is that you desire of this person & that the sooner that they make this happen
the sooner they get their treat. Now light the candles & let them burn for about 20
minutes as this will be a 7-day ritual & before you are ready to snuff them bring them
towards each other in example this is how you would do it: X -> <--Y see

your bringing the images closer to each other every day until the seventh day when you have these candles touching & you let them totally burn out.

Remember that every day that this goes on your are burning some attraction incense in your incense burner, & that after every ritual session you must dismiss the spirits & tell that you will call them again when you need them. And always remember to refresh their water every day that you do this spell work. You have to be specific in what thoughts

you want the spirits to implant into the mind of whom it is that you desire. Because they will do this for you & be ready for whatever is that you asked for because it will happen. Notice also that these particular spirits of the dead like to participate in such spells & it helps them to understand what it is that you want them to do for you.

I used this spell once for a friend & client that had basically a platonic relationship with a girl that he really liked. He wanted there to be romance with this girl & so I had this person bring me the image candles & other items & I proceeded to work this spell on behalf of my friend & client.

And seven days after the ritual was done things changed between these two people & what was initially platonic became romantic. Of course this corresponds like all sorcery that you must go forward & take charge even while the spell has been cast. In example of this spell my client was afraid to tell the girl that he liked her for more than a friend & I advised him that he should tell her what he wanted from her. And she replied by saying that she had been having thoughts of him in a more romantic way, so you see these spirits are very influential. I gave my spirits a nice treat after they helped me with this spell & they truly earned it.

Now whenever you are finis

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