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Authors:The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, China, France, Angola, Chad, Jordan, Spain (7).


The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 1261(1999),1267 (1999), 1368 (2001), 1373 (2001), 1460 (2003), 1618 (2005), 1624 (2005), 1882 (2009), 2083 (2012), 2129 (2013), 2133 (2014), 2161 (2014), 2170 (2014), 2178 (2014), 2143 (2014), 2195 (2014), 2199 (2015), 2214 (2015), 2249 (2015),


Sticking to the main principles of the United Nations Organization and United Nations Charter, especially the Chapter VII,


Operating in accordance with the Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights and Convention on the Rights of Child and the Geneva Convention of 1949 and the Additional Protocols of 1977,


Taking into account the leading role of the United Nations Security Council in maintaining international peace, stability and prosperity,


Reaffirming that terrorism in all forms is one of the most dangerous threats to international peace and security,

Stressing that any acts of terrorism are criminal and illegal, whenever and by whomsoever committed,

Reaffirming the respect to the basic principles of sovereign equality and territorial integrity of all Member States of the United Nations,


Reaffirming once again the respect to political independence of each State,


Recognizing the cooperation with regional and subregional organizations in the field of maintaining of peace and security,


Underlining the importance of taking measures aimed at terrorist acts prevention and solving the problem of international terrorism,

Underscoring the fact that terrorism can only be defeated in the means of active participation and cooperation of all Member States of the United Nations,

Emphasizing the role of regional organizations in the process of peacebuilding and cooperation, but also in the post-conflict peacebuilding,

Once again recalling the fact that such terrorist organizations as ISIS, Al-Qaida, Taliban, Dzhabhat-An-Nusra, Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, Jamaat-Ash-Sabbad and others violate the principles of United Nations and threaten the whole system of world security and integrity,

Emphasizing the importance of counter-terrorist activities being conducted in a manner of prevention of the future conflicts,

Recalling that those who are responsible for abuses and violations of Human Rights and violations of international humanitarian law must be held accountable and brought to justice,

Strongly condemning all financial contacts and cooperation with terrorist organizations,

Welcoming the further innovations, initiatives or decisions on the issue of the whole mechanism of combating terrorism,

1. Calls upon all States to create an economic blockade or other types of economic limitations of all terrorist organizations in the Middle East and Northern Africa region,

2. Provides additional humanitarian help to the region of Middle East and Northern Africa within the framework of cooperation with international organizations, such the International Committee of the Red Cross and others,

3. Follows the implementation of the following system of terrorism threat levels, which indicate the probability of a terrorist attack in a particular country in order to prevent terrorist acts and maintain security:

- Low - the probability of terrorist attacks is unlikely

- Moderate - the probability of terrorist attacks is possible, but not likely

- Substantial - the probability of terrorist attacks is strong

- Severe - the probability of terrorist attacks is highly expected

- Critical - the probability of terrorist attacks is expected imminently,

4. Increases the role of regional organizations (e.g. OSCE, NATO, the African Union, and others) in combating terrorist organizations in order to observe the peace in the particular region,

5. Implements special programs of youth and teenagers social activity in order to reduce the risk of them being recruited,

6. Implements special measures of cyber counter-terrorism in all its forms,

7. Continues the process of negotiation on the topic of creation of a criminal tribunal on the sponsors and assisters of terrorism within the United Nations and bilateral contacts of Member States,

8. Implements special programs of multilateral cooperation between intelligence agencies of the Member States in order to prevent future terrorist attacks and eliminate the threat of terrorist organizations,

9. Implements the program of special Terrorist Data Base(TDB) in order to enlarge the amount of accessible information about the terrorist and extremist formations in order to prevent possibility of future terrorist acts. And develop the TDB using the information given by the intelligence agencies and governments of the Member States,

10. Increases the level of preparation of State's counter-terrorist forces and provide assistance in raising the efficiency of these forces in order to maintain state security,

11. Increases the level of control and ensure safety of the potential resources of terrorism, such as missile bases and installations, mobile ground systems and especially nuclear power plants and other strategic bases, which are somehow connected with the weapons of mass-destruction,

12. Creates special programs of experience exchange in order to eliminate the threat of terrorism activity,

13. Enlarges the created by the United Nations Security Council ISIS sanctions list,

14. Starts the process of counter-terrorism political and social transformation of the region of Middle East and Northern Africa within the framework of United Nations and multilateral contacts between States,

15. Condemns any engagement in direct or indirect trade, in particular of oil and oil products with the representatives of terrorist organizations,

16. Reaffirms that States are required to freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic resources of terrorist organizations.

17. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.

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