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And Northern ireland


1. What is the official name of the country whose language you study?

a. Great Britain b. England

c. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


2. How many countries does the United Kingdom consist of?

a. four b. three c. two


3. What is the capital of Scotland?

a. Manchester b. Edinburgh c. Cardiff


4. What is the capital of Wales?

a. Edinburgh b. Cardiff c. Liverpool


5. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

a. Cardiff b. Dublin c. Belfast


6. What is the state system of the United Kingdom?

a. a constitutional monarchy

b. a parliamentary republic

c. a limited monarchy


7. What is the name of the British national flag?

a. the Union Jack b. the Saint Andrew's Cross

c. the Saint David's Cross


8. What chambers does the British Parliament consist of?

a. the Senat and the House of Representatives

b. the House of Lords and the House of Commons

c. the Cabinet of Ministers and the Shadow Cabinet

9. Who presides in the House of Lords?

a. the Lord Chancellor b. the Speaker

c. the Prime-Minister


10. Who presides in the House of Commons?

a. the Lord Chancellor b. the Speaker

c. the Chancellor of the Exchequer


11. Where does the British Premier live and work?

a. at 10 Downing Street

b. in the Houses of Parliament

c. in Buckingham Palace


12. What is the most important airport in Great Britain?

a. Heathrow Airport b. Gatwick Airport c. Stansted Airport


13. What is the main cathedral of the Anglican Church?

a. St. Paul's Cathedral b. Canterbury Cathedral

c. Salisbury Cathedral


14. What is the official religion in the United Kingdom?

a. Catholicism b. Orthodoxy c. Protestantism


15. What is the school-leaving age in the United Kingdom?

a. 16 b. 13 c. 18


16. Further education comprises....

a. comprehensive schools

b. universities and colleges of higher education

c. work-related courses and colleges that do not provide higher education


17. What universities have the highest academic reputation in the United Kingdom?

a. Oxford University and Cambridge University

b. London University and Bristol University

c. Red-brick universities


18. What is the first degree awarded by universities?

a. a doctor's degree b. a bachelor's degree

c. a master's degree


19. At a British university or college a tutor is....

a. a person who examines students and gives them marks

b. a person who has the highest rank of the teachers in a department and delivers lectures

c. a member of a staff who teaches small groups of students and gives them help and advice


20. What are the best English resorts?

a. Bristol and Southampton b. Brighton and Bath

c. Leeds and Bradford


21. What is the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II?

a. the Tower of London b. Windsor Castle

c. Buckingham Palace


22. Where is Nelson's Column situated?

a. in Parliament Square b. in Trafalgar Square

c. in Piccadilly Circus


23. Where are British kings crowned?

a. in St. Paul's Cathedral b. in Westminster Abbey

c. in Canterbury Cathedral

24. Who was the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral in London?

a. Sir Christopher Wren b. Edward Bailey

c. Henry Tate


25. The ravens are a famous sight of....

a. the Tower of London b. London Zoo

c. Covent Garden


26. Scottish surnames begin with....

a. O' b. Mac or Mc c. de


27. What is the Scottish national costume for men?

a. the tuxedo b. the bearskin c. the kilt


28. What lake does the famous Scottish monster live in?

a. Lough Erne b. Loch Lomond c. Loch Ness


29. What is the most famous sport event in Scotland?

a. the Highland Games

b. the Commonwealth Games

c. the Wimbledon Championship


30. What country is called a land of castles and princes?

a. England

b. Northern Ireland

c. Wales

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