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Task 2. Complete the sentences

1. New Zealand consists of …

2. The country is the size of …

3. There are two main components which are …

4. The government type of New Zealand is …

5. The head of state is …

6. The government is headed by …

7. The country is divided into …

8. New Zealand is a member of …

9. The first inhabitants of New Zealand were …

10. New Zealand was explored by …

11. New Zealand was the world's first country to …

12. New Zealand fought with …


Internet resources

1. Statistics New Zealand - www.stats.govt.nz/

2. The official site for New Zealand – www.newzealand.com

3. New Zealand Government – www.newzealand.govt.nz

4. BBC News – country profile - New Zealand – www.news.bbc.co.uk

Video Materials

North Wales

Task 1. While watching the movie you can meet some of these places of interest. Can you name them and give more information about them?

Piar University Cathedral Port

Bridges Castles Bays Churches

Statues Centers Shops&Stores Clubs

Mountains Valleys Villages&Gardens Lakes

Parks&Zoo Palaces Seaside Resorts Hotels

Restaurants&Cafes Railway Stations



Task 2. Answer the questions while watching these episodes:

Part I Buckingham Palace

1. What is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

2. Where is it situated?

3. What is the centre of the city? What happens there?

4. What uniform do the guards have?

5. What is the job of the police?

6. What traditions has London got?


Part II Greenwich and St. Katharine’s Dock

1. Where is Greenwich situated in?

2. What museum can you visit there? When was it built?

3. Why is the sea important for London and G.B.?

4. What is the best way to get to Greenwich?

5. When was St. Katharine’s Dock finished? What is this place famous for?

6. When does Tower Bridge open?

Part III The Tower of London

1. Where is the Tower of London situated?

2. Who built the Tower and what was the purpose of building?

3. What happens in this place nowadays?

4. What are other important buildings there?

5. What ceremony can you see there?

6. What happens on the Royal Birthday?


Part IV St. Paul’s Cathedral

1. When was St. Paul’s Cathedral built?

2. Who did it and how long did it take him to finish St. Paul’s Cathedral? (describe this place)

3. What occasions had St. Paul’s Cathedral got?

4. Who was buried there?


Part V Westminster and Trafalgar Square

1. Where does Westminster lie?

2. Is Westminster the political or financial centre of the United Kingdom?

3. Where do Nation leaders and British people meet and debate?

4. How many Houses of Parliament do you know?

5. What happens in Westminster Abbey?

6. Can you describe Big Ben?

7. What is the best way to see London?

8. Where is Nelson Column situated in? What can you say about this column?

9. What other places of interest were there?


Part VI London’s Parks

1. What is London proud of?

2. What is the oldest park in London?

3. What memorial can you see there? Who built it?

4. What season is the best to visit London park and why?

5. What other parks can you visit?

6. What is the zoo famous for?


Part VII Shopping and Theatre

1. What are the famous shops in London?

2. What is the biggest shop in the world?

3. Would you like to visit any theatre or cinema in London?

Northern Ireland

Task 3. Answer the questions while watching these episodes:

1. What is Ireland famous for?

2. Why is it the land of contrast?

3. Why does it have two sides of their nature?

4. Are the Irish people proud of their music and dance?

5. How is it located?

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