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Favourite Subjects. Complete.

School Subjects

Physical Education education in the care and development of the human body, systematic instructions in sports, exercises and hygiene

Biologythe science that studies living organisms including their structure, functioning, etc

Geographythe study of the natural features of the earth's surface, plants and animals that live in different regions of the world

Computer Science the study of computer technology

Chemistry the branch of physical science of composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter (mainly of atomic and molecular systems)

Mathematics / Math / Maths a group of related sciences, including algebra, geometry and calculus. It is concerned with the study of numbers, quantity, shape and space

Physicsthe science of matter and energy and their interactions

History it is a chronicle of past events, like the history of Polish, England, France

Musicthe art of study of music

Foreign Language any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific country

Order the words and number the pictures.


1)S H A M T

2) M A A R D

3) S C U I M

4) C S C N I E E

5) Y O E H G R G P A

6) I Y H T S O R

7)H I E G N S L

8) I R O A N F M O I T H C O Y O L E G T N

9)H S C L A P I Y - U D E A O I T N C

Look at the chart and complete the sentences (see below).


Peter has got _________. Mandy has got _________. Tony has got _________ and Carol has got _________.



Carol has got _________. Tony has got _________. Mandy has got _________ and Peter has got _________.


Carol has got _________. Peter has got _________. Tony has got _________. Mandy hasn't got Spanish. She has got _________.



Tony has got _________ and Mandy has got _________. Peter has got _________ and Carol has got _________.



Carol has got _________. Mandy has got _________. Tony and Peter have got _________.




True or False.

Tony has got English class on Thursday true false

Mandy has got music on Monday and Wednesday true false

Peter hasn't got English class on Tuesday true false

It's Friday. Mandy has got true false

Carol has got English on Tuesday and Thursday true false

Peter and Tony have got I.T. on Friday true false


Favourite Subjects. Complete.

1) Tony's favourite subject is science. What's his favourite day?

His favourite day is _________

2) Mandy loves geography. What's her favourite day?

Her favourite day is _________

3) Carol hates geography but she likes history. What's her favourite day?

Her favourite day is _________

4) Peter's favourite subject is music. What's his favourite day?

His favourite day is _________



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