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John did really well on the last exam. In fact, he ___.


Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:

1. The teacher (got no response) from the students when she asked the question.

(a) took attendance

(b) filled in the blanks

(c) drew a blank

(d) cracked a book


2. My sister was a (person who loved books) during her childhood.

(a) school of thought

(b) bookworm

(c) teacher’s pet

(d) copycat


3. The government is spending much money on (university and college education).

(a) the three R’s

(b) show-and-tell

(c) the old boy network

(d) higher education


4. The young man decided to go to (a farming college) after he graduated.

(a) a cow college

(b) an Ivy League college

(c) a town-and-gown college

(d) an honor roll


5. The final exam was (very easy) and everybody passed easily.

(a) off campus

(b) as easy as ABC

(c) back to basics

(d) from the old school


6. I decided to (study hard) for the final exam.

(a) make the grade

(b) call the roll

(c) hit the books

(d) know my ABCs


7. I was supposed to go to school but I decided (not to go).

(a) to learn by rote

(b) to live in an ivory tower

(c) to have my nose in a book

(d) to play hooky


8. I received (recognition for my effort) in my attempt to write a short story.

(a) an A for effort

(b) a show of hands

(c) a cap and gown

(d) an eager beaver


9. I was able to (receive official recognition for) the math course that I took last summer.

(a) cover a lot of ground for

(b) get credit for

(c) take the roll for

(d) get through


10. I was asked to (read all of the book) before the next class.

(a) learn the book by heart

(b) publish or perish

(c) read through the book

(d) read the book out loud


11. I worked hard all weekend to (write a paper) for my history class.

(a) crank out a paper

(b) meet the requirements

(c) pass with flying colors

(d) brainstorm


12. I spent most of the morning (reading a book).

(a) on campus

(b) goofing off

(c) counting noses

(d) with my nose in a book



C) drew a blank; 2. (b) bookworm; 3. (d) higher education; 4. (a) a cow college; 5. (b) as easy as ABC; 6. (c) hit the books; 7. (a) an A for effort; 8. (b) get credit for; 9. (c) read through the book; 10. (a) crank out a paper; 11. (d) with my nose in a book

Match these idioms with their equivalents:

  A for effort   A   worse or lower than average  
  below average   B   be satisfactory and of an expected level  
  cover a lot of ground   C   learning from daily life and work rather than going to university  
  higher education   D   realize that someone tries one’s best to do something even though they may not be successful  
  make the grade   E   education after graduating from high school - usually college or university  
  teach someone a lesson   F   complete a lot of material in a class or course  
  university of life   G   do something to someone in order to punish them for their bad behavior  

Answers: 1. d, 2. a, 3. f, 4. e, 5. b, 6. g, 7. c

Choose the correct variant:

1) It is hard to believe but Benjamin got ___ average marks in all his exams.

on high




2) Most of the students in my group are ___.





3) You should study hard during the term to ___ a credit for this philosophy course.





4) These words are to be learnt ___ heart for the next lesson.

close to




5) In the library people read ___ themselves.





6) Deborah started working to learn about life in the school of ___ knocks.





7) Have you ever thought about working your ___ through college?




Answers: 1. above, 2. bookworms, 3. get, 4. by, 5. to, 6. hard, 7. way

Complete these sentences with idioms:

John did really well on the last exam. In fact, he ___.

a) aced it

b) highlighted it

c) erased it

d) raised it


2. I hardly ever see Jolanda outside of class because she’s always studying. This semester she’s really keeping ___.

a) her nose to the grindstone

b) eyes on the ball

c) hard studies

d) her head in the book

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