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At the begining of world war II in 1939 the carriage of passangers and freight by air, although groving rapidly



1. What does the ICAO stand for?

(International civil aviaton organization)

2. When (at what time) does the civil aviation begin to develop and what were the reasons for it?

At the begining of world war II in 1939 the carriage of passangers and freight by air, although groving rapidly

3. What problems should be solved/overcome in the post-war period to develop the aviation?

(The problem of commercial rights, what arrangements had to be made for the airlines of one country to fly into and trough the territories of another, what could be done to maintain the airnavigation facilities installed during the war)

4. Say a few words about the Chicago conference. When was the Chicago conference held? What country hosted this conference? How many countries participated? What were the reasons for Soviet Union not participating in this conference? What were the main topics of the discussion?

( from 1 november throught 7 december 1944 the United States hosted the Chicago Conference. 52 allied , assiciated , or neutral countries participated in the conference. The main topics of discussion were the Five Freedoms of air: 1.fly over foreign territory without landing.2 land for technical, non trafic, non comercial reasons. 3. Load passangers, cargo, mail in the airlines country of origin and disembark them in foreign country.4 The freedom to take on board passangers , mailmand cargo in a foreign country and transport them to the airlines country of origin.5 The freedom to transport the passanger s from one foreign country to another foreigh country.)

5. What are the Fine Freedoms of Air? Name them.

6. Did the Chicago conference reach the multilateral agreement on all Five Freedoms?

(the Chcago conference failed to reach multilateral on all five Freedoms)

7. What is Air Transit Agreement? What freedoms does it consist of? Was this agreement adopted multilaterally or bilaterally?

(The air transit agreement were adopted multilaterally in Chicago and later bilaterally by additional countries.)

8. What does PICAO stand for? When was it organized? (1945) In what year was it replaced by the permanent advisory body? (1947)

9. What are the purposes of the ICAO?

(The purposes of the ICAO are to ensure safety, support civil aircraft design , support the development of airways, airports and air navigation facilities)

10. Where was the headquarters of the ICAO?


11. What are the structural elements of the ICAO?

(Assembly, council, air navigation comission,secreteriat, ICAO Panels)

12. What are the functions of:

a) the Assembly;(operating budget)

b) the Council;( to adopt SARPs)

c) the Air Navigation Comission;(addopting the international standarts and approving the procedures)

d) the Secreteriat;( assisted in the work of...)

e) Regional Structure;( to keeping up to date regions)

f) ICAO Panels?

13. Into how many air navigation regions was the world divided? For what purposes?

(There are nine ICAO air navigation regions. For global hormonization of air navigation system)

14. What other international Civil Aviation Organizations do you know?

(IATA, IFATCA, Eurocontrol)

15. What is: - IATA (International Air Transport Association);

- IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association);

- Eurocontrol?



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