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EXERCISE 2. Insert the article if necessary.

1. ... teachers are like weather, one minute good, one minute bad. 2.Opening ... fridge door, Jake took out ... beer, opened it and drank ... cold beer from ... bottle, enjoying it; ... beer always tasted better from ... bottle. 3. She is n ... diet, so she ordered ... calorie-free dinner. 4. ... evidence of ... happy marriage is when ... husband and ... wife obviously enjoy each other's company. 5. We'd like to have wedding in ... fall, in ... early October, just as ... foliage begins to turn yellow. 6. Emma's eyes rested n ... memorandum again. Here was ...opportunity she had been waiting for and she seized it. 7. ... red suits her; she's got ... great style. It's ... special kind of chic only ... French seem to have. 8. is ... music man and makes ... constant travels from one end of ... globe to ... other. 9. My Grandmother was ... true original. Strong of character, she truly ruled our family with ... iron hand. In ... velvet glove, of course. 10. Maxim was at ... centre of her thoughts. was her world - ... sun, ... moon, ... stars. 11. ... woman must b ... genius to create ...good husband.. (Balzac) 12. "... Royals" is ... serial, which portraits ... life of ... members of ... Royal Family in ... United Kingdom.

EXERCISE 3. Underline the most suitable option. dash (-) means that n article is included.

) Helen doesn't like the/- cream cakes sold in a/the local bakery.

b) he/- handball is fast becoming a/the popular sport worldwide.

) We could see that the/- Alps were covered in the/- snow.

d) It's /- long time since I met /- lovely person like you!

) Diana has /- degree in the/- engineering from the/- University of London.

f) At the/- present moment, the/- mn seems to have the/an uncertain future.

g) The/- problem for the/- today's students is how to survive financially.

h) he/- French enjoy spending holidays in the/- countryside.

i) Please do not turn n a/the water-heater in a/the bathroom.

j) Sue bought a/the Picasso I was telling you about the/- last week.


EXERCISE 4. In each space put / r the, r leave the space blank.

It has bn announced that for (1) third consecutive month there has bn (2) rise in (3) number of (4) people unemployed, rather than (5) fall that had bn predicted. (6) rise was blamed n (7) continuing uncertainty over (8) government economic li, and couldn't m at (9) worse time for (10) Prime Minister, who is facing (11) growing criticism over (12) way (13) present crisis is being handled. (14) MPs are increasingly voicing (15) fears that despite (16) recent devaluation of (17) pound and cuts in (18) interest rates, (19) government still expects (20) recovery of the nm to take three or even four years. make (21) matters worse, (22) number of small businesses going into (23) liquidation is stil1 at (24) record level, and (25) housing market is showing n signs of recovery. Some backbenchers expect (26) general election before (27) end of (28) winter unless there is (29) rapid change of (30) fortune.

EXERCISE 5. Fill in the gaps with a, an, the, - (nothing).

1 ___diplomat is ___ person who n tell you to go to hll in such way that you actually look forward to ___ trip. Caskie Stiett

2 ___ dog is ___ only thing n earth that loves you more than you love yourself. Josh illigs

3 ___ Americans like ___ fat books and ___ thin women. Russell Baker

4 ___ accountant is ___ mn who is hired to explain that you didn't make ___ money you did. Aoyous

5 ___ actor's ___ guy who, if you ain't talking about him, ain't listening. Attributed to arl Brado

6 ___ optimist is someone who thinks ___ future is uncertain. Aoyous

7 ___ death is ___ nature's way of telling you to slow down. Aoyous

8 ___ equality is ___ lie ___ women are better. Aoyous

9 ___ birds do it; ___ bees do it; even ___ educated fleas do it. Let's do it. Let's fall in ___ love. Cole Porter

10 I always pass n ___ good advice. It is ___ only thing to do with it. It is never any use to oneself. Oscar Wilde

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