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The total deposits ratio in national and foreign currency in 1999


* Source: Statistics agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Only for the IV quarter of deposits of individuals grew by 26.2% or in dollar terms - in the $ 87 million
The increase in total deposits in the banking system shows improving confidence in it, in the first place - through the implementation of the National Bank and the Government of its obligations under the conversion of deposits of physical persons and legal entities. Of course, the important role played and the creation of guarantee (insurance) term deposits of physical persons, and the adoption of the law on bank secrecy.
From April 1999 to February 2000 deposits grew by more than 2.4 times (excluding exchange rate effects, growth - by 94.2%) and amounted to 174.5 billion tenge. Deposits have increased by 94.0% (excluding exchange rate effects, growth-48.7%) recorded positive growth in virtually all respects the obligations in the second-tier banks in 2000. In this case, as in 1999 the most significant effect on the dynamics of commitments has the growth of deposit base (an increase over 2000 - 122.1 billion or 61.8%, in foreign currency equivalent - 54.8%), while the proportion of deposits attracted by banks in the amount of total liabilities of the banking sector in 2000 increased from 72.9% to 73.3%.
The main reason for the rapid growth of banks' deposit base was the introduction in November 1999 the system of compulsory collective guaranteeing deposits of individuals and increase confidence in the banking sector as a whole. It should be noted higher growth rate of fixed-term deposits from customers over the pace of growth of demand deposits. Thus, the term deposits from customers increased in 2000 to 91.4 billion, or 2.4 times (on January 1, 2001 - 156.2 billion or $ 1.1 billion), while demand deposits - only to 34.4 billion tenge, or 29.9% (149.4 billion or 1.0 billion dollars).
During 2000, deposits of individuals increased by 36.7 billion tenge, or 66.7% (on January 1, 2001 - 91.7 billion tenge, or $ 635 million) urgent - to 30.9 billion tenge, or 91.2% (64.8 billion), to demand - to 5.8 billion tenge, or 27.5% (26.9 billion).
The share of banks participating in the system the Deposit Guarantee, in the aggregate deposits of individuals increased from 89.1 to 92.7%, including the term with 87.7 to 92.7%. A more significant increase in time deposits, which are objects of guarantee, is a direct consequence of the introduction of deposit insurance.
In turn, corporate deposits also increased by 89.4 billion tenge, or 71.6%, including the term - to 60.5 billion tenge, or 3 times (91.4 billion), demand deposits - by 28.6 billion or 30.5% (122.5 billion).
In November 1999, were approved by the Rules of compulsory collective guaranteeing (insurance) contributions (deposits) of individuals in banks, and in December 1999 established JSC "Kazakhstan Insurance Fund (Insurance) contributions (deposits) of individuals in banks Republic of Kazakhstan. In early 2000, 16 banks are members of the collective guarantee (insurance) term deposits of physical persons. During 2000 the number of banks participating in the system increased to 18, and in 2001 - up to 20. The main objective of the Fund is to protect the interests of bank depositors by guaranteeing (insurance) of deposits from individuals in the case of compulsory liquidation of banks participating. That is, the money people invested for a fixed term in the above banks are insured. This means that if any of the systems will force banks liquidated, then stored in the bank of the population will be reimbursed by the Fund.
Improved the system of protection of deposits - in April 2000 have been amended in the banking laws on banking secrecy in relation deposit accounts of individuals.
Thus, a set of measures for the protection of citizens' deposits in banks has led to increased public confidence in the banking system. In particular, the 2000 deposits from the public (including non-residents) in the banking system increased by 66.8% to $ 91.7 billion (the equivalent of foreign currency - about $ 635 million). That is, the increase in household deposits amounted to 36.7 billion tenge, while in 1999 - 23.4 billion tenge.
Stage 4 (from 2002)... The fourth stage can be characterized as a stage of intensive growth. It is assumed that the Kazakh commercial banks have entered a phase of rapid growth since 2002, as the country developed all the prerequisites and conditions for the development of the deposit market.
In 2002 the National Bank continued its work on transition banks in the Republic of Kazakhstan to the international banking standards, in terms of capital adequacy, asset quality, management level, accounting, management and communication.
In more detail the contributions of the population in the Kazakh commercial banks can be viewed on Table 2.1.



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The total deposits ratio in national and foreign currency in 1998 | Table 2.1. Deposits of the population between 1998 and 2012.
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