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Task 3. Complete the sentence with an appropriate preposition and verb form.

Task 1. Complete the sentence with an appropriate preposition and verb form.

1.Fiona's husband is always complaining ________ her (spend)__________a lot of money on new clothes.

2.Sam is not accustomed____ (treat)_______disrespectfully by his colleagues.

3.Bill isn't used_____ (wear)______ expensive clothes. There is no sense (persuade) him to buy this suit.

4.Claudette is accused__ (fell)_________ a lie. I don't approve _____ her (do) _____ that.

5.We are interested____ (have) ______ good results. I think you are capable (do) better work.

6.The policeman suspected Gerald (give)______ wrong information.

7.Bill surprised us_____ (go)______ away instead________(help) _____us to settle that matter.

8.Phil's mother objects_ (have)_____ a cat in the house.

9.Martha had difficulty (solve)____ that puzzle. She is not experi­enced (do) such things.

10.Janet dreams (become)____ an actress one day.

11.What's the reason your (be)____ tired?

12.Edith Grant is not experienced___________ (combine) work and study.

13.I was involved_____ (plan)______ a new campaign for a food company.

14.Sarah was very excited_ (go)_______ to the circus.

15.Jack is in charge__ (make)______ the Christmas deliveries.

16.There is no sense____ (wait)______ for the bus. It won't come.

17.The manager blamed Silvia_ (lose)_____ the deal.

18.I don't approve___ {waste, he)___ time reading this boring book.

19.We suspected him___ (be)________ informed about the results long before.

20.Sue is used___ (work)______ with the television on.

Task 2. Complete the sentence with an appropriate preposition and verb form.

1.Jean had a good reason_ (not, go)______ to school yesterday.

2.My aunt insisted____ (know)______ all the truth.

3.Janet is accustomed___ (have)_____ a big dinner.

4.Frank has no excuse _____________ (be) late.

5.Martha is excited______ (leave)___ for Japan.

6.Samantha is believed (be). honest at all times.

7.I'm interested__ (learn)_____ more about my new job.

8.Jim is looking forward_ (hear)_____ exam results.

9.Sue is always complaining__________ (have) a headache.

10.Alan should take advantage_______ (live) in the city.

11.I'm sorry _____ (break) your window.

12.Paul won't have much difficulty_______ (get) to know people in Italy.

13.The noise from downstairs prevented Mary_____ (sleep).

14.The coach congratulated the team____ (win) all their games.

15.Jason often dreamed (be)____ famous when he was younger.

16.Lucy is thinking__ (study) _____ medicine.

17.Kevin insisted __________ (be) paid at once.

18.The weather was awful yesterday. My father didn't blame me___ - (want, not) to go sightseeing.

19.In addition_ (go)____ to university full time, William has a part-time job.

20.Did Charles succeed_________ (find) a place to live?

Task 3. Complete the sentence with an appropriate preposition and verb form.

1.Helen is going to visit her grandparents during her school holidays. She is looking forward (eat) her grandmother's apple pie.

2.The thief was accused_____ (steal) a man's wallet.

3.Mr. Jones is used__ (sleep) ______ with his window open.

4.Mr. Peters was suspected (be)____ a spy. People blame him ____(not, want) ___to tell the truth.

5.Susan is not accustomed________ (live) in the country.

6.Nothing can stop Jim___ (go) _____ to the football match.

7.Julian wondered who was responsible___________ (take care of) the children.

8.The robber was guilty (steal)____ a gold ring.

9.I'm glad Roger has succeeded___________ (persuade) him to phoneKathy.

10.Graham's health keeps him_________ (travel)

11.The storm prevented us _____ (complete) _____ our work in time.

12.Alice had a good reason_ (not, go) on holiday.

13.Maria is looking forward______ (go) swimming in the sea.

14.Edward has never complained______ (have) a toothache.

15.Walter was worried_ (miss)____ the train.

16.In addition ______________ (work) in a hospital, Hanna works as a babysitter on Sundays.

17.What kept Alan_ (come)___ to mum's turkey-curry buffet?

18.Sidney succeeded (climb)____ the top of the mountain.

19.There is no point__ (remain)____ in this town. I insist (move) to another one.

20.David congratulated me_ (enter)_____ university.

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