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II. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (gerund or infinitive).

I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (gerund or infinitive)

1 I am looking forward to (see) you.

2 He dreads (have) to retire.

3 I arranged (meet) them here.

4 He urged us (work) faster.

5 I wish (see) the manager.

6 It's no use (wait).

7 He warned her (not touch) the wire.

8 Don't forget (lock) the door before (go) to bed.

9 My mother told me (not speak) to anyone about it.

10 I can't understand her (behave) like that.

11 He tried (explain) but she refused (listen).

12 At dinner she annoyed me by (smoke) between the courses.

13 You are expected (know) the safety regulations of the college.

14 He decided (disguise) himself by (dress) as a woman.

15 lam prepared (wait) here all night if necessary.

16 Would you mind (show) me how (work) the lift?

17 After (walk) for three hours we stopped to let the others (catch with us.

18 I am beginning (understand) what you mean.

19 He was fined for (exceed) the speed limit.

20 The boys like (play) games but hate (do) lessons.

21 I regret (inform) you that your application has been refused.

22 I couldn't help (overhear) what you said.

23 Mrs Jones: I don't allow (smoke) in my drawing-room.

Mrs Smith: I don't allow my family (smoke) at all.

24 He surprised us all by (go) away without (say) 'Good-bye'.

25 Please go on (write); I don't mind (wait).

26 He wore dark glasses (avoid) (be) recognized.

27 Before (give) evidence you must swear (speak) the truth.

28 I tried (persuade) him (agree) with your proposal.

29 Your windows need (clean); would you like me (do) them for you?

30 Would you mind (shut) the window? I hate (sit) in a draught.

31 I can't help (sneeze); I caught a cold yesterday from (sit) in a draught.

32 Do stop (talk): I am trying (finish) a letter.

33 His doctor advised him (give up) (jog).

34 My watch keeps (stop). ~
That's because you keep (forget) (wind) it.

35 Without (realize) it. he hindered us instead of (help) us.

36 People used (make) fire by (rub) two sticks together.


II. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (gerund or infinitive).

1 He hates (answer) the phone, and very often just lets it (ring).

2 If you go on (let) your dog (chase) cars he'll end by (be) run over.

3 I prefer (drive) to (be driven).

4 I advise you (start) (look) for a flat at once.

5 Would you mind (lend) me 5? I forgot (cash) a cheque.

6 (Lie) on this beach is much more pleasant than (sit) in the office.

7 She likes her children (go) to the dentist every six months.

8 By (neglect) (take) ordinary precautions he endangered the life of his crew.

9 An instructor is coming (show) us how (use) the aqualung.

10 I have no intention of (go) to that film; I couldn't bear (see) my favourite actress in such a dreadful part.

11 I suggest (telephone) the hospitals before (ask) the police (look) for him.

12 After (hear) the conditions I decided (not enter) for the competition.

13 Some people seem (have) a passion for (write) to the newspapers.

14 He expects me (answer) by return but I have no intention of (reply) at all.

15 I tried (explain) to him but he refused (listen) and went on (grumble).

16 By (offer) enormous wages he is persuading men (leave) their present jobs and (work) for him.

17 He postponed (make) a decision till it was too late (do) anything.

18 Imagine (have) (get up) at five a.m. every day!

19 Try (forget) it: it isn't worth (worry) about.

20 There is no point in (remain) in a dangerous place if you can't do anything (help) the people who have (stay) there.

21 The horse won't be well enough (run) in tomorrow's race. He doesn't seem

(have recovered) from his long journey.

22 At first I enjoyed (listen) to him but after a while I got tired of (hear) the same story again and again.

23 It is usually easier (learn) a subject by (read) books than by (listen) to lectures.

24 It wouldn't be safe (start) down now; we'll have (wait) till the mist clears.

25 After (discuss) the matter for an hour the committee adjourned without (have reached) any decision.

26 It's not much use (have) a bicycle if you don't know how (ride) it.

27 He didn't dare (leave) the house because he was afraid of (meet) someone who might (recognize) him.

28 I distinctly remember (pay) him. I gave him 2.

29 Did you remember (give) him the key of the safe? ~
No, I didn't. I'll go and do it now.

30 Please forgive me for (interrupt) you but would you mind (repeat) that last sentence?

31 I know my hair wants (cut) but I never have time (go) to the hairdresser's.

32 He made a lot of money by (buy) tickets in advance and (sell) them for twice the price on the day of the match.

33 She rushed out of the room without (give) me a chance (explain).

34 He keeps (ask) me the time and I keep (tell) him (buy) himself a watch.

35 He has a theory that it is possible (tell) the time in daylight by (look) into a cat's eyes.

36 I'd hate (be) beside a volcano when it started (erupt).


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