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Administering Ear Medication


Medical Equipments:

Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Cotton-tipped Applicator

Cotton Balls


Non-sterile gloves



Nursing Procedures:

Determine the allergies for any medication

Check the written order on MAR

Wash hand

Calculate the dose

Identify patientís armband

Explain the procedure to the patient

Place patient in a side lying position with the affected ear facing up

Don non-sterile gloves

Straighten the ear canal by pulling the pinna down and back for children or upward and outward for adults (Pull ear up and back for adults, down and back for children)

The drops are instilled into the ear canal by holding the dropper at least ½ inch above the ear canal

Instruct patient to maintain the position for 2-3 minutes

Place a cotton ball n the outermost part of the canal

Apply to other ear 5 min. later

Wash hand

Record the drug, number of drops, time administered, and medication on MAR


Administering Nose Drops

Medical Equipments:

Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Medication with Dropper

Emesis Basin (optional)

Non-sterile Gloves


Nursing Actions:

Check the allergies that patient may have

Determine the written order on MAR

Wash hands

Check patientís identification armband

Explain the procedures to the patient and provide privacy

Ask patient to blow nose unless contraindicated

Inform the patient that he/she may feel a burning sensation to the mucosa or a choking sensation, or both, as the drop trickles back into the throat

Place patient in a supine position and hyperextend the neck and position the head to the site that facilitates the drop reaching the expected site

Instruct the patient to breathe through mouth

Squeeze medications into the dropper

Insert the nasal drops about 3/8 inch into nostril and keep the tip of the dropper away from the sides of the nares.

Instill the medication as prescribed and observe for signs and discomforts

Ask the patient to maintain supine position for 5 minutes

Discard any unused medication remaining in the bottle

Position the patient to a comfortable position and proved the patient with the emesis basin and tissue to expectorate any medication and flows in to the oropharynx and mouth

Remove gloves and wash hands

Record the medication given, doses, and time on MAR

Observe the patient for side effects for 30 minutes after administration


Nasal Sprays:

Have patient sit up

Insert tip of container into nostril

Have patient take a deep breath as you squirt

No need to tilt head back


Lung Sprays:

Have patient stand up

- this lowers the diaphragm and allows for better lung expansion

Shake the inhaler well

- shake for 15-30 sec.

Let patient place the spacer device on the inhaler

Instruct patient to breathe out to the end of a normal breath

Ask patient to tilt chin up

- do not hyper-extend!

Let patient place spacer tube in mouth

- instruct patient to seal lips around the tube

Ask patient to activate inhaler

- patient must inhale slowly and deeply over 5 seconds

- be sure patient doesn't use the nos

- patient must hold breath for 10 seconds - before exhaling

Wait for 2-5 minutes before next puff

Give water to rinse mouth after all doses are taken


Topical Meds:

Open wound - sterile technique

- Sterile cotton swabs or tongue depressor

Nitro paste:

- Use a unit dose patch

- Shiny area up, remove sealed portion

Prepare own nitro paste:

- Tear off piece of nitro paper

- Light print showing thru is the side you want up

- Start at beginning of line, squeeze slowly so med. is no bigger or smaller than top of tube

- Fold paper in half (med over all paper)

- Open and place on patient

- Tape in place-move around patient in clockwise manner

- If ordered chest only, the alternate side to side

- Look for previous patch before applying your patch

- To remove:

Wet one end of paper towel

Take off, wipe, and dry area

Watch for reactions to this medication - headache and lightheadedness


Vaginal Suppository Administration:





Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Prescribed vaginal suppository

Disposable applicator

Non-sterile gloves

Water soluble lubricant



Nursing Actions:

Identify any allergies or medical condition that contraindicate the use of drug

Obtain necessary equipment

Check the written order on MAR

Wash hands

Follow the five rights of medication administration

Instruct patient to void

Place patient in a dorsal recumbent position with knees flexed and hips rotated laterally on in a Simsí position if the patient cannot maintain the dorsal recumbent position

Insert suppository into vaginal canal

Patient remains lying for 10-15 min after insertion to ensure absorption of medication



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