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If they had never met Sheldon Cooper

(mixed conditionals)

Teacher’s handout

At least Leonard, Howard and I would have always been friends.

Hey, how come [Ì1] you three never got an apartment together?

We talked about it, but Howard was in a pretty serious relationship with his mom.

I lived with her to save money.

Yeah, you didn't have to buy groceries 'cause you were breast-feeding.

Aw, so I guess if it weren't for me, you'd still be living with her, huh?

Not exactly.

What do you mean, "not exactly"?

Well, things would be a little different.

Howard, where's my lunch?! I'm starving! I know you're starving.

The neighbors know you're starving.

There's starving people in Africa who know you're starving! That's it?! There's not enough food! Well, you cleaned out [Ì2] Earth! I don't know what else to do!

How is this any different?

You didn't let me finish.

Here you go, Mother.

You're a good boy, Howard! Such a good boy!

Wait-- did she die or did you kill her?

Eh, tomato, tomahto. The important thing is she's dead.

Hey, so how come you two didn't move in together?

This guy wanted a place of his own because he was sure he was gonna be a ladies' man.[Ì3]

Yeah, I was wrong. But I do think you and I would have had a great time.

Come on, Leonard, dinner.


Hang on. [Ì4] Why would I be fat?

You'd have no girlfriend to see you naked, you'd try to fill the void with [Ì5] food, and I'm an enabler [Ì6] who once deep-fried a pancake.

Why can't you be fat, too?

What do you want to do for dessert? I think there's still half a cake from breakfast.

No, there's not.

Hey, guys.


What are you doing?

I just wanted to be in anyone's story.

Yeah, but why are you fat?

'Cause Leonard was fat.

Amy, what about you? What do you think you'd be doing if you never met Sheldon?

It's hard to say, my life would be so different.

You can say "better". Sheldon can't hear you.

I don't know.

Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me. There's tears in the frosting. Happy birthday to me.

I'll stop now.

1. Phrases

a) Hey, how come you three never got an apartment together?

1- How do you three come here?

2- Why did you come here?

3- Why?

b) Well, you cleaned out Earth

1- You’ve cleaned rubbish out of the Earth

2- You’ve eaten all food on the planet

3- You’ve destroyed the Earth

c) … he was gonna be a ladies' man.

1- A womanizer

2- He likes helping only ladies

3- He has a lady

d) Hang on.

1- Put this on a hanger

2- Wait

3- Stop

e) …you'd try to fill the void with food

1- You’d try to eat a lot of food to feel happier

2- You’d try to keep your fridge empty

3- You’d buy only low-fat food

f) I'm an enabler who once deep-fried a pancake.

1- I’m a helper

2- I can cook pancakes

3- I like pancakes



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