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Choose the right variant.


1. _____ beforehand, we _____ the catastrophe.

a) did we know, would prevent

b) would we know, had prevented

c) had we known, would have prevented

d) should we know, had prevented


2. I don’t know how _______ him. I wish I ________ his name.

a) address, did not know

b) to address, knew

c) addressing, would know

d) to address, should know


3. I look forward to ____ a rest. I _____ as if my head ___ splitting.

a) having, feel, were

b) having, feel myself, were

c) have, had felt, were

d) have, am feeling, is


4. He couldn’t remember his mother ____ . But would everything ___ ____ if mother hadn’t died?

a) dying, be, dirrerently

b) to die, have been, as different

c) dying, have been, different

d) die, has been, so different


5. “Oh, Mary,” she said. “I wish you ____ with us, for we had ______ fun”.

a) had been, such a

b) were, so ____

c) would be, so a

d) had been, such ___


6. I remember his colour ___ away in a moment and he seemed ___ as if he ____.

a) go, breathing, had been running

b) to go, to breathe, ran

c) going, to breathe, had been running

d) have gone, to be breathing, was running


7. The vase is beautiful. You ____ _____ to match ___ you ____.

a) wouldn’t find, another, unless, had tried

b) wouldn’t have found, the other, if, would have tried

c) shouldn’t find, the other, unless, tried

d) wouldn’t find, another, if, tried


8. If you _____ the medicine the doctor prescribed you, you ___ ___ now.

a) had taken, would feel, much better

b) took, would feel, much more well


c) would take, would feel yourself, much more better

d) had taken, would have felt, much more good


9. I remember it so ____ as if it ____ only yesterday.

a) clear, happened

b) clearly, had happened

c) clear, would have happened

d) clearly, would happen


10. If you ___ the article I recommended you, you ___ how ___ such questions.

a) had read, had known, to answer

b) read, would know, to answer

c) would have read, would know, answer

d) had read, would know, to answer


11. I must be off now. If it ____ not so _____, I ____ a little longer.

a) were, lately, would stay

b) were, late, would stay

c) had been, late, would have stayed

d) wouldn’t be, lately, stayed


12. ___I___ the story from his own lips I ____ that he was capable of ___ action.

a) if, had heard, would never believe, such

b) unless, had heard, would have never believed, such an

c) in case, have heard, would never believe, so an

d) provided, had heard, would have never believed, such


13. In order to make our demands effective and to get the authorities __ them we suggested that there __ no return to work today.

a) to fulfil, be

b) fulfil, should be

c) fulfil, would be

d) fulfilling, were


14. I am going to have my kitchen ___. It is necessary that every crack ___ covered; also between ___ floor and __ door.



a) to repair, will be, the ___

b) to be repaired, is, ___ the

c) repaired, should be, the, the

d) being repaired, be, ____, ____


15. John demanded that Andrew ___ to the house with him to ___ tea.

a) would return, ____

b) returned, the

c) return, ____

d) should return, the


16. She wished he ___ what he ___ to say, and let ___.

a) would say, has, her to go

b) said, had, she go

c) had said, would have, she going

d) said, had, her go


17. He thought how hard the wind ___ and how the cold sharp rain ___ in his face at that moment, if he ___at home.

a) was blowing, would be beating, were not sitting, comfortably

b) is blowing, will be beating, is not sitting, comfortably

c) blew, beat, was not sitting, comfortably

d) had blown, had beaten, were not sitting, comfortable


18. I ____ to your place with pleasure ___ nothing ___ me.


a) will come, unless, prevented

b) will come, if, prevented

c) would come, unless, prevented

d) would have come, providing, would prevented


19. When they ___ ___ lunch he suggested that they ___ a stroll to ___ Luxembourg museum.


a) have finished, the, should have, the

b) finished, ____, had, _____

c) would have finished, a, would have, ____

d) had finished, ___, have, the



20. You never did anything ___ to ___, If you ___ you___ more support now.

a) well, someone, did, would have

b) good, anyone, did, would have had

c) well, anyone, had done, would have had

d) good, anyone, had done, would have

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