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Spindle relay output, easy to use software such as mach3 to control spindle start and stop

Semi-flow control functions, and effective to stop the motor when the current is reduced to a minimum

Interface with a fan, you can add fan under your choice.

With 4 way 0.8-3.5A (peak) rated output of two-phase adjustable-current bipolar stepper motor drive

Standard parallel port interface, support for MACH2, KCAM4 series software;

With limit switch,can connection 4 aixs limit switch

9. Support four microstepping 覧1、1/2、1/4、1/16;

V single switching power supply,microchips to use as a 5V power supply, stable and heat small


TB6560T4V1 Appearance


5. Interface and its definition:

25-pin parallel port control is defined as follows:

DB25 control pin (PIN) The pin of the drive board Comment
EN All axes enable
STEPX X(First axis) pulse signal
DIRX X(First axis) direction of the signal
STEPY Y(Second axis)pulse signal
DIRY Y(Second axis)direction of the signal
STEPZ Z(Third axis) pulse signal
DIRZ Z(Third axis) direction of the signal
STEPA A(Fourth axis) pulse signal
DIRA A(Fourth axis) direction of the signal
LIMIT-1 Limit input interface 1
LIMIT-2 Limit input interface 2
LIMIT-3 Limit input interface 3
LIMIT-4 Limit input interface 4
STEPB- B(Fifth axis) pulse signal
DIRB- B(Fifth axis)direction of the signal
18-25 GND  


The setting of current,microstepping and current-decay mode adjustable

6.1、Current-decay mode setting:

Board marked D1D2 (match with DIP swtich 1 and 2) to set the value of switching current-decay

D1/D2: ON/ON覧100%; ON/OF覧25%;

OF/ON覧50%; OF/OF覧0%;

D1 D2 Working mode
ON ON Fast decay
OF ON 50% of fast decay
ON OF 25%of fast decay
OFF OFF Slow decay



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