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Cancellation of the money system

The main defects of the money system were described above. Resource-based economy doesn’t have such things like money, trade or barter. It uses system of the unique access to resources.

Somebody thinks that if people have free access to resources they will accumulate everything they can. But, there is no logic to assert it, because resource-based economy means absence of motivation to behave such way. When you live in money system it is obvious that you will appropriate everything you can, because you will be able to sell it in future and then to buy any others goods by money you gained. As we already said, there is no such thing as money in resource- based economy. You cannot exchange resources on money. Barter is also obsolete for this system, because everyone can receive resources by free in appropriate access bases. These bases are something like modern supermarkets, but you don’t need to pay there. You just need to order what you need and you will get your order after a while.

If you suggest that we don’t have enough resources you are mistaken. By the global survey of Britain community of engineers, about 60% of all food products produced in the world is thrown to dump. The same quantity of cloth is also destroyed just because it doesn’t response to modern fashion trends, which are intruded the manufacturers of this cloth. Most electrical devises and cars get to the scrap heap very fast because of ‘’planned obsolescence’’ we described above. We, all inhabitants of the planet Earth, can provide enough resources and satisfy requirements of everyone RIGHT NOW. All that we need is to change our social and economic system.

When we come to resource-based economy we will have an opportunity to increase our manufacturing power by means of mechanization and automatization. But we will talk about it in the next paragraph.

Sometimes people think that in such society we will propagate ourselves very fast and have the problems with extra population and depletion of resources.

But analyze of demographical situation in the world shows opposite. We see the families with a big number of children exactly in the countries with low social level (the countries of Africa, India, Singapore, China and other). At the same time in developed countries parents have only one or two children.

Anyway, it is not difficult to reduce the population without murders and violence. All you need it just a responsible mind and certain sustainability. Last researches in psychology confirm that reproduction instinct is derived from self-preservation effect. If the people feel confidence their propagation is less active. But, if society is educated and responsible, we can change demographical situation very simple and without sacrifices. The nature cared about ability to control our population without pain and violence.

Let’s imagine that all family in our generation has only one child. Even today the families with one child are usual and popular situation. When two parents dye there is only one offspring left. We can reduce the population of the planet just by one generation (about one hundred years). Anyway, every family and every human will have its descendant in such situation.

It is called an intelligent and responsible approach to the management of the planet resources.

2. Labor automatization

Resource-based economy offers to use mechanized labor in order to provide enough resources and products to inhabitants of the Earth.

Usually, people reared in money society don’t agree with such reforms, because they think they will not have nothing to do in such new society. But, there is no logic in such asserts, because when a human is free from monotonous work, he receives unlimited abilities to be engaged in many different kind of interesting and useful activities. We will open the whole potential of a human and find the best application for it.

Our current social system kills any desire to work and develop at the very beginning of our life. Our modern educational system is appointed to rear the people in the way they will be useful for government. You are intruded the patriotism, nationalism, religious credos and elements of obedience. At the same time, any trials of riots, expression of own viewpoint or disagreements are prevented at the very beginning. You are accustomed to dictatorship. When you finish the school you go to university in order to get a JOB. Situation in the university is the same you had in school. After so many efforts and years of study you get to job where you make a few repeated operations every single day. One day you will notice that all actions you do at your job can be replaced by robot. At the same time, you notice that everything you were taught in school and university is absurd and useless, because you come to the work where you are paid and it is not that work you were going to work when you were in university. Is it familiar situation for you?

Anyway, after nine hours of absurd work you come back home with a single desire to flee from this system and never come back to it again. Modern system destroys any desire for self-development and self-improvement. So it seems it is clear now that people which are accustomed to such system will ask you something like: ‘’what will we do if we are not compelled to work?’’.

You will do whatever you want to do and whatever you think you must to do.

I am a good worker, but I am a bad slave.

(Olexiy Siriy)


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