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The Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement was founded in 2008. When Peter Joseph made his first film ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE in 2007 where he strictly and uncompromisingly criticized our current social system, the world has heard about Zeitgeist ideas. This movie revealed the real causes of social problems by means of scientific methods and natural logic. Namely, the real nature of the money and monetary system, fallibility of market economy and interpretation of religion were considered from the view of science. Separate part of this film was dedicated to events of September 11 in 2001 in USA.

The movie has received many awards, but its main merit was a change of world view and awakening of consciousness of society.

As result, The Zeitgeist Movement has been created.

After 2008, the second part of the series appeared which was called ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM. Soon the world had an opportunity to see the third part of the series, named as ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD which was released in 2011. Nowadays, The Zeitgeist Movement goes on to spread its ideas many other video-materials, such as different video-lectures, Culture in Decline Series, Interreflections and so on. You can find them in free distribution on official video-portal of the movement or in Youtube.

The ideological space of the movement has been expanded very soon. The ideas were more and more developed, improved and opened for society. The tool for realization of these ideas was an activism of members of The Zeitgeist Movement.

Firstly, the first task was to research and criticize of how we arranged our society. People were united by critical treatment to our current system where inequality, injustice, ignorance, slavery and exploitation, fall values, indifference and many other problems are accepted norm. All these defects exist in our society very long time and we understand that treatment of the symptoms of this disease has no sense. Our sick society is one single system, which cannot go further as its based on faulty basis. Thats why its important to find and treat the root of this disease instead of its symptoms.

To reach this goal we analyzed all factors, basis and principles which our society is formed of. During analysis we used scientific method which consists of research of cause-effect relations. The essential element of such research is that we must receive exact result without ambiguous interpretation. Such results must be the same during repeated experiment in the same conditions.

So, we defined the following causes of decline of our society:

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