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II. Read the following words, paying attention to the pronunciation of these words.


Sophisticated, mosquito, suffocate, pursuit, miraculously, portable, surly, conversely, tedious, enormous, essence, headache.


III. Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combination.


Hard-up students; sophisticated; to suffocate or freeze; to whisk away; for a modest outlay; insulated tent; to enjoy absolute freedom; tremendous mobility; conversely; to put up a tent; surly; to mope around; to hump great weights; tedious; to adopt a completely different way of life; essence.


IV. Give synonyms to the following words:


To discover, to suffocate, outlay, tremendous, conversely, adult, modest comfortable, to want, to offer.


V. Form antonyms with the help of negative prefixes:


Comfort; sophisticated; modest; comfortable; attractive; active.


VI. Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.


1. to ramble a.a way planned or followed from one place to


2. hardship b.a place where people stay in tents on holiday;

3. route c.go for a long walk in the countryside;

4. to trek d.great difficulties, problems;

5. camp e.go on a long and difficult journey, especially on



VII. Agree or disagree with the following statements using appropriate phrases.


1. The adults have at last discovered that the boy scouts have been on to a bad thing all these years.

2. For a modest outlay, you have a comfortable, insulated tent.

3. The portable furniture is light and comfortable.

4. You see, camping hasn't so much to offer.

5. For a large sum you can enjoy comforts which few hotels can provide.

6. Low-cost holidays make camping an attractive proposition.

7. And there is sheer fun of it especially if you haven't a family.

8. You are active all the time and you are always close to nature.

9. Nothing is nice and peaceful.

10. Camping provides you with a real change for everyday life.


VIII. Fill in the prepositions where necessary.


1) The adults have ... last discovered that the boy scouts have been......a good

thing all these years. 2) No wonder the great rush is .... 3) You have none ... the headaches ... advance hotel booking or driving ... and ... a city looking ... a room. 4) Modern camp sites are well-equipped ... hot and cold running water. 5) It's so exciting to arrive ... a camp site, put... your tent and start getting a meal ready. 6) I've never suspected that you are so keen ...hiking. 7) Have you decided where to go ... your summer holiday? 8) Besides it poured ... rain for 3 days running. 9) We camped ... the foot... some hills. 10) A hiking holiday depends... enjoyment... the weather.


IX. Give the detailed retelling of the text.

X. Read and memorize dialogues.


Helen:I can't make out how you can go hiking, Paula.

Paula:Why, what's wrong? I'm run down, bored with everything and everybody. Only a complete change of air and surroundings will satisfy me, I believe.

Helen:Are you ready to put up with hardships?

Paula:Well, I know for sure that I'm not going to make a mountain out of a molehill. A fortnight of fresh air and exercise will do me a world of good, I suppose.

Helen:Good? You are subject to colds.

Paula:I need a bit of hardening, I think. That's what makes me go hiking.

Helen:Oh, that accounts for it.


Ann: Have you heard the news?

Nick:What news? Anything exciting? Out with it!

Ann: Irene is planning to go mountaineering.

Nick:Irene? She isn't the one for camping out, I'm afraid. Fancy her carrying a heavy rucksack. She'll never put up with any lack of comfort, if you ask me.

Ann: I don't think she will. She is sure to complain of hardships the very first day.

Nick:Well, I've never thought she is keen on mountaineering.

Ann: Keen on mountaineering? I think you are being very silly. It's Peter who is keen on mountaineering and she is head over hills in love with him.

Ann: Ah, that accounts for it.


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