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Why do we call mobile phones “celluar”?

What does machine code mean?

Machine code is symbolic languages to communicate instructions to the computer. For example, assembly languages use abbreviations such as ADD, SUB, MPY to represent instructions Low-level languages

Machine code and assembly languages are called low-level languages because they are closer to the hardware. They are quite complex and restricted to particular machines

High-level languages (give some examples)

To make the programs easier to write, and to overcome the problem of intercommunication between different types of computer, software developers designed high-level languages, which are closer to the English language.

What do you know about C language? (include C++language)

C was developed in the 1980s at AT&T. It is used to write system software, graphics and commercial applications. C++ is a version of C which incorporates object-oriented programming: the programmer concentrates on particular things (a piece of text, a graphic or table, etc.) and gives each object functions which can be altered without changing the entire program. For example, to add a new graphics format, the programmer needs to rework just the graphics object. This makes programs easier to modify.

Give some information about BASIC language

BASIC was developed in the 1960s and was widely used in microcomputer programming because it was easy to learn. Visual BASIC is a modern version of the old BASIC language, used to build graphical elements such as buttons and windows in Windows programs.

What is the main destination of a compiler or an interpreter?

Programs written in high-level languages must be translated into machine code by a compiler or an interpreter. A compiler translates the source code into object code – that is, it converts the entire program into machine code in one go. On the other hand, an interpreter translates the source code line by line as the program is running.

What is the meaning of markup languages?

It is important not to confuse programming languages with markup languages, used to create web documents. Markup languages use instructions, known as markup tags, to format and link text files.

Describe HTML and XML languages

HTML, which allows us to describe how information will be displayed on web pages. XML, which stands for EXtensible Markup Language. While HTML uses pre-defined tags, XML enables us to define our own tags; it is not limited by a fixed set of tags.VoiceXML, which makes Web content accessible via voice and phone. VoiceXML is used to create voice applications that run on the phone, whereas HTML is used to create visual applications (for example, web pages).

What is mobile phone?

Mobile phones, or cellular phones, are devices that enable communication to all types of telephones while moving over a wide area called the coverage area.

Why do we call mobile phones “celluar”?

The term ‘cellular’ comes from the fact that the phone calls are made through base stations, communication towers or antennas, which divide the coverage area into cells. As you move from cell to cell, the calls are transferred to different base stations belonging to the same or a different telephone company. This capability of mobile phones is called roaming. The phone is said to be out of range when it cannot communicate with a base station.

Give some information about first generation phones( 1G)

1G, First Generation phones started in the 1980s when Motorola introduced the first hand-held phones. They used analogue technology and the main drawback was the small number of channels that could be used at a time.

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