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Write a letter of advertising products and services of a firm.

Part VI

Going Abroad. Business Trip

1. Study the following words and phrases:

- to arrange business deals

- to book a flight

- embassy visa department

- medical insurance documents

- to reserve a hotel in advance

- driving licence

- fixed quote

- to pay duty


2. Read and translate the text:

Being a businessman you have to travel much, to meet many people, to arrange business deals and personal relations. It means you will often arrange business trips. Before you have a business trip you should do the following steps: prepare all business documents necessary for your meeting with a foreign partner

If you visit your business partner for the first time, you should take advertising materials representing your firm and its products. Today many people make all their travel arrangements over the phone. They call the travel agent and book their flight, and then give their credit card number to pay for the plane ticket, if you are going to travel by plane. It is the fastest way of traveling and it is helpful if you are short of time, but it is rather expensive.

If a visa is necessary, some travel agents take their customersí passports to the embassyís visa department. You should also have medical insurance documents with you when you are going to visit your foreign partner.

Itís not a good idea to carry a lot of cash with you, so travellerís cheques are a safe way to take money abroad. It is easy to change them at the bank for foreign currency.

When people travel they almost always stay at hotels, so you should make a hotel reservation in advance by letter, telephone or e-mail.

If you travel abroad you should go through customs inspection. The customs officials check your luggage and ask you to fill in the customs declaration form. Some of your things may be subjected to duty, some of them are duty free. If you have foreign currency you would indicate the sum in your declaration.


3. Dramatize the following dialogues:

Mr Maliarchuk is going to have a business trip to London. He is having a meeting with the business partner on 12 November. He is making his last arrangements.


Buying a ticket

Cashier: Good morning. What can I do for you?

VM: I want to fly to London. Are there any seats available on

Wednesday, next week?

Cashier: Are you flying alone, sir?

VM: Yes.

Cashier: What class?

VM: Economy.

Cashier: Just a moment, sirÖ Iím afraid this flight is full. But

there are a few seats for Friday.

VM: Fine.

Cashier: What is your name, sir?

VM: Viktor Maliarchuk.

Cashier: As a rule, we sell Ukrainian citizens return rickets. You

can buy an open return.

VM: O.K. How much is it?

Cashier: Itís one thousand, one hundred and fifty-five hryvnias,

including airport taxes.

VM: May I pay in cash?

Cashier: Certainly, sir. Here you are. Flight PS501.

VM: What time is it due to depart?

Cashier: It leaves at 8.55 a.m., but you must check in one hour

prior to departure, sir.

VM: And what time does it arrive to London?

Cashier: 10.30 local time. Thereís two-hour time difference, you


VM: Thank you very much.


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