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F. Creative Consolidation

1. Make a synthetic review of the information in the article “Dirty Work Ahead”, supporting it with the information from other sources.

Write an article advocating the necessity of eco-labeling. Refer to the interview with Marc Keiser and the practice of some companies in this sphere.


Make a 350-word project on one of these issues.


 Prepare a presentation of a new product which is not dangerous for the environment, it is however more expensive because of higher production cost.

 Devise a campaign in mass media, aimed at stopping the use of products damaging for the environment.

 The role of the governments in preventing manufacturers polluting or damaging the environment.

Raise the Issue

➢ Pollution, scarcity of supplies and fatal diseases often top the list of most serious challenges of the modern world. Our day-to-day existence is however replete with dangers which are usually underestimated. You have undoubtedly guessed right what these dangers are – stresses. Mention some of them. What do you do to reduce their detrimental effect?

A Words in Context

1. Tick the word closest in meaning to that of the each boldfaced word. Use the context of the sentences to help you figure out each word’s meaning.

derogatory (adj)Any derogatory remark let alone persistent unforgiveness works to the detriment not just of our spiritual well-being but our physical health as well. Researchers say that the most selfish thing you can do for yourself is to forgive other people.

Derogatory means a. critical b. mistaken c. complimentary

denunciation (n) My mother, a zealot for exercise, is loud in her denunciation of my indolent ways. “Must you be so sedentary?” she says “Don’t just sit around all the time like a lump of mashed potatoes!”

Denunciation means a. appreciation b. ignoring c. criticism

exhilaration (n)People with strong social networks of friends,

neighbors and family apt to exhilaration,

happiness and high spirits – tend to be

healthier than loners.

Exhilaration means a. commitment b. liveliness c. sadness

exorbitant (adj)Malaria costs Africa exorbitant $12 billion a year in lost output.

Exorbitant means a. convenient b. traditional c. extremely high

extricate (v)Meditation is hardly likely to extricate from diseases but it can undoubtedly help how to step back from pain and worries of life.

Extricate means a. get rid of b. distinguish c. excuse

macabre (adj)According to recent studies, drinking very hot tea or coffee with milk appears to have most macabre consequences – it raises the risk of esophageal cancer.

Macabre means a. confusing b. mocking c. gruesome

platitude (n)Whenever officials of major pharmaceutical companies speak about fake cheaper drugs produced by developing countries their arguments are full of platitudes, banalities such as “We have to invest money into expensive research”. However when millions of people’s life is at stake, nobody cares.

Platitude means a. good advice b. lie c. unoriginal remark


quandary (n)Developing countries quite often find themselves in financial quandary because of the price of medication for AIDS or malaria. Anti-malarial insecticide can cost $5 – as much as a typical African country spends on health care, per person, each year.

Quandary means a. state of confusion b. anger c. confidence

staunch (adj) Staunch supporters of healthy life style abide by balanced and low-calorie diet complemented by exhausting exercise.

Staunch means a. busy b. unsteady c. faithful

stigma (n) In the past seeing a psychiatrist might harm a person’s reputation, but now there’s little or no stigma attached to seeking help for psychological problems.

Stigma means a. dishonor b. insight c. argument

rejuvenate(v)Although mind-body techniques haven’t been shown to rejuvenate people suffering from cancer – returning them health – or affect survival rates, they do improve patients’ attitudes, making life with their disease easier.

Rejuvenate means a. set free b. excite c. give new life to

validate (v) There is no real doubt about the dangers of smoking; the claim that smoking is a serious health risk has been validated by many studies.

Validate means a. misinterpret b. confirm c. invent

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Make the sentences more formal using the words from the previous exercise instead of the underlined ones. Make any other necessary changes to produce a correct sentence. | Write the word next to its definition. The sentences in the previous exercise will help you decide on the meaning of each word.
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