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Read and translate the text.


Every year many young men and women enter Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in Belarus. The Gomel State University may be the aim of many applicants although there are many more institutions all over Belarus where students get their higher education in various subjects.

I am a student of the Gomel State University named after Francisc Scorina. It was opened in1969 on the basis of the Pedagogical Institute. It is the second university in Belarus.

As the University we remain committed to the highest standards of all our degrees and diplomas and our undergraduate teaching will continue to take place in an environment of scholarship and research. The quality of our teaching and the learning experience of our students have been constantly recognized over recent years.

20 Doctors of Science and Professors and about 300 Candidates of Science work at 50 chairs of the University. Over many years our University combined higher education founded upon traditional values with new approaches and flexible attitudes. Thats why we have many different departments: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, History, Philology, Foreign Languages, Law, Economics, Geology, Physical culture and so on.

Our University is large enough to offer top quality modern facilities for students, and yet has retained a friendly atmosphere in which students feel they are an important part of a community. 4 forms of training are offered at the Gomel State University: daytime training, correspondence courses (or extramural department), preparatory courses and postgraduate courses.

The applicants go in for entrance tests in June and July before the new academic year begins. An examination in Belorussian and Russian language is compulsory.

If the applicants want to have a good command of the subjects in which they will take exams, they attend preliminary courses. Another aim of the preparatory section is to help those who finished school many years ago to become students.

The students of extramural department combine work and studying at the Gomel State University.

Most students receive grants. The amount depends on the results of the previous set of exams. Our University trains future teachers of different subjects, engineers and research workers.

The first two years of study are generally the most difficult. A new student may have up to 30 hours a week of seminars, lectures and classes.

Our University has good conditions for study. It has a rich library. The students can find a great variety of books there. Reading halls, different laboratories and modern equipment are at the disposal of students.




Read and translate the text.

2. Translate and learn the words in bold type and also the following words:

1) to pass an exam in

to fail a test in

2) a class in

a seminar on

a lecture on

3) a timetable

4) to attend classes

to miss classes

5) to do a subject

6) to do well (poorly) in a subject

7) a students record book

8) to give a mark (a credit)

9. to get a nine in

10. full (part) time students

3. Give antonyms to the following words:

to attend classes, to be absent, to fail an exam, in writing, part time students, to be bad at a subject, to have a good command of.

4. What do we call:

A student that studies by correspondence, a student of the day department, the oral check-up of the students knowledge, young men and women who try to enter Universities, a course of study at a University, a document where the examiner registers marks.

5.Complete the following statements:

1. If you want to pass your exams well, you must 2. Helen entered the university in 1985, so in 1990 she . 3. If you do not know what lectures you have tomorrow 4. If you want to have a good command of the language you must .

6. Explain the words in English:

An applicant, a students record book, preliminary courses, full time students, part time students, to have a good command of languages, curriculum.

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